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Finding The Right Song For Your Wedding Video

We’ve all been there; it’s the middle of the night, and YouTube recommends you a wedding video. For some reason you watch it, and now you’re crying. There’s just something about watching a genuinely happy couple come together with sappy love songs in the background. The first dance is when the waterworks come in.
If you’re sobbing right about now, their videographer did their job right. They captured the best part of the wedding while capturing the couples’ love and happiness through the lens of a camera. They also chose a great song for the soundtrack. Music will make or break a wedding video. You already had your perfect wedding day; now you want to make sure that the video you share to all your friends and family will come out perfectly too. Here’s how you can choose the perfect song for your wedding video:
Find Inspiration
Watch more wedding videos and listen to what songs they use. Watch movies about weddings or just romantic comedies, read articles on weddings and look up some wedding playlists on Spotify. Give your videographer your ideas and list of songs you like the most. Usually, filmmakers can give you some ideas since they have experience creating films for many weddings.
Check Out Music Libraries Online
There are tons of music libraries online that you can look at. They may have good songs that match for weddings. Wedding filmmakers will usually use these anyways. Check out the library and playlists they have under the wedding category. Browse through and listen in case you find something you actually like. You might find something that’s of quality and copyright-free. Look for something that has a good tune and gives you the feels in order to set the overall mood of your wedding video.
Personalize It
If you and your partner have a "song," consider just using that. If you have multiple, pick the one that you both like the most or have listened to the most times. Ask your videographer if you can license the song for your wedding film. Maybe you can get someone to sing a wedding cover of it. Maybe you’re both singers and want to make your own cover of it for your music video. You can get creative and really personalize your video.
It might be fun to get a studio for a day and sing together. You can also choose a song that just means something to both of you. It doesn’t need to be a song that you dubbed as your song as a couple, but it could be a song you both heard on the radio that reminds you of a fun road trip or even a song that you both knew at a restaurant or coffee shop. Any song that brings and represents romance to your relationship will do!
Let Your Videographer Pick
Maybe you don’t have a specific idea for a song and just want a good love song to make the wedding video enjoyable to watch. That’s fine, too. Your videographer will surely know a bunch to recommend. That’s their job, and they listen to them every day. They can give you a list of recommendations based on your wedding style and the moments captured.
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