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Wedding Videography Styles To Consider in 2019

You’ve seen these on YouTube – the corny wedding videos with the soppy music. Wedding videos can be a lot more interesting these days with the help and expertise of modern videographers. Here are some trends, ideas, and styles of videography for weddings that are sure to spice up your wedding video:
Family and Friends
Sure, a wedding is all about the bride and the groom, but how about the family members and close friends that came to be a part of your special day? You don’t just want to capture the moments between the bride and groom, but also get the whole family’s reactions and remember everyone that came to celebrate with you! If you’re getting married in a forest or a large field, you will also want to get that amazing scenery as well. With aerial shots, you can get the whole family in the picture, and there are many fun and cute photo poses and ideas you can choose from. Maybe you all can form a heart that will be captured with the drone up above.
Adding a voiceover can bring a little more emotion into your video. It could be your best friend talking about memories of you and your spouse-to-be in your early dating years while a cute compilation of videos from college play. You could also ask your videographer to get sections of your beloved friends and family in an interview style. Snippets of what they have to say would add a little more intimacy to your video. A heart-warming wedding video should leave you with more than a few tears of joy in your eyes. The voiceover and interview style will add a little more personalization to your wedding video. It will be amazing to look back at how all your friends and family looked during that time and to hear what they said!
Start it Off Right
The introduction to the video doesn’t have to be getting ready or setting up for the wedding. It could be your favorite clip or a montage of when you were younger and how you met. Make it interesting and unique to you and your fiance. You want this video to be special, and you want to personalize it so that it is unique – something that you two will never tire to watch over and over again.
Drone Shots
This one is particularly popular nowadays. Amazing shots from above, at a distance, will really elevate your video. If you have a beautiful venue like a tall church or a beach, this will be a must! Capture the beautiful scenery of your wedding and get a shot of the whole family.
Stop Motion Picture
A typical stop motion video will have pictures, captions, music, and little-to-no talking. This can be a cute and fun way to tell the story of how you met in a unique and romantic way. It may come off a little old school, but that adds to its uniqueness. You can also do a stop motion video of your wedding, or maybe just snippets of stop motion. Your guests will surely be remembering this one!
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