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Modern Versus Traditional Wedding Videography

You only get married once, which is why you want to make sure that the commemorative wedding video comes out as you dreamed. After all, you’ll be watching it over and over again for the rest of your life. Remember your special day with a well-edited film.
Depending on what kind of style you are hoping for, you will want to find a videographer who excels at creating what you want. Most of the time, couples choose their videographers based on whether they’re looking for someone well-versed in modern cinematography or someone who tends to use more traditional methods. Here’s what you need to know about each:
Modern Cinematography
If you want a more cinematic quality to your wedding video, a modern style will make it look like it’s a movie straight from Hollywood. You want to find someone who understands your expectations and your vision. You might want to find someone who can add a little artistic touch to your video. Modern filmmaking means high definition cameras, steady-cams, sliders, aerial drones, and other advanced equipment.
You might even want to add voiceovers later in post-production. To successfully pull off this type of cinematography, you will want to get a team to help you, rather than just trying to make one person juggle all the equipment. Getting footage will be a huge part of it, but the larger part will be all the editing that goes into it.
Your director will be working for a while on your video, making sure that it has only the best parts of hours of footage to create a video that focuses on the story. The word really is "cinematic," and they will show this through their editing. This style of video will give you a great video to share with your friends online, enjoy with your future kids, and just rewatch by yourselves to remember your special day.
Traditional Videography
With traditional videography, you will have a simple film with minimal editing, a static position, and artistic elements. It’s straight forward and usually is of lower quality, but gives off vintage vibes. It will feel more like a home movie, which can sometimes be romantic, depending on the footage taken.
You could have a bunch of footage of the whole wedding, rather than a fully edited version with snippets. This home movie style can be a great way to get all the footage. It can be a documentary-style video as well, where all the parts of the wedding can be captured. Several hours of footage will have to be looked through and curated for the best, but after the struggle, the final film will be amazing for great memories.
Since every part of the wedding will be captured, you will be able to essentially rewatch your event from start to finish. This may feel boring and drawn out for too long, but some couples might prefer to watch their wedding back to its full authenticity. This style of wedding video will allow them to do just that. It will also be a lot less costly since you don’t need to hire a whole crew lugging a ton of fancy cameras and equipment. You also won’t need to wait for editing to be done – it will be ready to enjoy right away!
As simple as a traditional film may seem, it may still be a good idea to invest in a videographer who knows what they’re doing. After all, drunk Aunt Karen might not have the steadiest hands.
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