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How To Get Good Footage Of The Guests At Your Wedding

Getting good footage of the groom and bride are important for your wedding video, of course, but you can’t forget the faces of your friends and family who traveled far and wide to attend this special day of union. Guest messages can be a great way to enhance a wedding video, making it more personal and intimate. Here are some ideas for shooting guest messages:
The best guests to get some shots of are the ones that were there during the meeting of the bride and groom. You want to get that moment replayed in words. You should also get the family’s reaction and their telling of funny or silly stories of the bride or groom. This can add a little humor and fun as well as more of a personalized touch to a wedding video.
Candid Shots
Guest messages are the best when they are authentic and unscripted. Capturing the heartfelt words of the bride and groom’s loved ones talking about them or to them without them being present can be a great addition to any style of a wedding video. Another fun shot you might want to get is drunk relatives who want to share a genuine message to the bride and groom. This could end up being pretty humorous, adding a bit of a spark into the wedding video. If the groom and bride don’t want any drunk shots, try to avoid this one. You will want to make sure you understand their vision and that you can follow it through with the footage you get. Try to get a few clips of children at the event and see what they have to say about love.
Preparation Footage
The bride and groom should let people know to be on their best behaviour and in their best dress because there will be cameras there. If guests know that they will be videotaped, they will know to prepare for what they want to add to your wedding video. Whether they want to be funny or heartfelt, letting them know beforehand is a great way to get them to engage with the cameraman. You will also be able to prepare props for the video.
You want your videographer to try to capture these moments early on in the party. Depending on the bride and grooms tastes, you might want to try to get everything before the drinking starts. That is unless they want a few drunk testimonials. Either way, you will want to attempt to capture all the footage you need before the guests get too tired and start preparing to go home. Get these shots while everyone is mingling and comfortable.
Interview Style
If the happy couple is looking for more of a documentary-style wedding video, you might want to ask questions and get the answers from family and friends of the bride and groom. This is a great time to get some shots of children answering the questions. Try to find a child that might be a little more outgoing with some witty answers. Those are always great additions to wedding videos. Get some love advice from the elderly couples to add to the footage or ask the best friend about some funny memories and stories about the happy couple. This is sure to make for some great memories to look back on later!
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