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How To Prepare Your Cinematic Wedding Film

A cinematic wedding film is able to capture the most important scenes throughout your wedding day by replicating the emotions and feelings experienced in your big day. By using the best lighting, focus, angle, and tone, you can rest assured that the end result will be something that you can treasure forever. If you’ve already hired a wedding videographer, good on you! This means that you’re on the right track.
As your wedding day approaches, you might worry about a million different things. On top of all the preparation that you need to see through, you also have to think about looking your best on the big day. This article will guide you through the process to ensure that the only thing you need to focus on is walking down that aisle to the love of your life with the perfect smile on your face!
1. Create a Realistic Schedule
You have to make sure that the schedule of your wedding day is as detailed as possible. It’s always a good idea to include breaks and cushion time into your schedule as well. This will ensure that if the schedule happens to run a little behind, you still have some spare time to work with your videographers for more beautiful shots. Remember – your videographers will need some time to change their lenses and adjust their audio settings between events. Thus, you should plan for a short interval before each event to make sure that your team of videographers will be able to get ready in time to capture the action.
2. Choose the Right Setting
As your videographer will have to capture the moment while you’re getting ready, you should choose to get ready in a room that is exposed to as much natural light as possible. You can have your hair and makeup artist setup close to a window. In addition, a group shot with your bridesmaids can be taken in this room so that everyone will look their best under this natural lighting!
3. Know the Rules of the Venue
There are some rules and regulations when it comes to certain venues, especially when it’s a religious setting. For example, if your ceremony will be held in a church, then you need to make sure that there aren’t any strict restrictions for taking videography inside. If there is, you need to inform your videographers so that you can come up with another solution. It’s important that you respect the venue that you are using as your videographers do.4. Set Aside Personal Time
You will want to save ten to fifteen minutes for your videographers so that they can get a specialty footage of you and your partner. It is up to you which specific moment you want to be captured the most. It could be that intimate moment when you exchange personal letters to each other. Alternatively, you can choose to capture the moment when you’re going to your partner for a surprise gift, which can be a sweet moment that is just between the two of you without any relatives and guests.
5. Be Prepared For the Perfect Speeches
The core of your cinematic film will be, of course, the speeches. All the people who are closest to you will get to share their feelings towards you, and these are the stories that you will want to keep forever. To make sure that everything goes as smoothly and effortlessly as possible, you should ask your emcees to be properly prepared with their readings. Once the ceremony is over and the filming is complete, you can finally relax and wait to see the beautiful film of your biggest day!
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