March 13, 2019 Dreamcraft

How To Keep Your Wedding Guests Busy

So your wedding is coming, and you want people to have the time of their lives. In order to keep people engaged and active at your wedding, you will want to add some features that will encourage guests to get involved while they’re at your wedding. Here are some things you can do to give your guests something to engage on at your wedding:
Create a wedding hashtag
You should allow your guests to use their phones while they are at your wedding ceremony or even during the reception. Start a wedding hashtag and encourage your guests to use it on social media. This way, you can look back and reminisce on all the images people took at your wedding in order to relive the celebration even after the ceremony.
Create a time capsule
Get your friends and family involved at your reception with a wedding time capsule. Have a table with cards and colors available for your guests to write you and your spouse-to-be a note or wedding wishes for your future together to put into the time capsule. You can keep this capsule safe somewhere just so you could open it years later and read over their thoughts and wishes.
Make a wedding playlist to share with everyone
You can make an interactive playlist on Spotify to allow guests to pick music to play. Or make it like a jukebox-themed stage where people can select the music that comes on for the dance floor. Plan a dance-off, rap battle or fun musical games for your guests to play. Better yet, if you get a DJ or emcee, your guests will definitely stay entertained.
Maybe you can even get a band to play at your wedding for you. Try to make the entertainment at your wedding or reception as engaging as you possibly can in order to keep your guests entertained and happy.
Make a wedding guest book with your loved ones
Have a Polaroid camera available for people to take pictures and stick into your wedding guestbook. You can have them also write notes and thoughts for your future on this guestbook so that you can go back and read them even after the wedding is over.
Create an album of your wedding to look back on. Polaroids are perfect for snapping a photo right then and there. Get your friends and family together for a group picture or take some selfies with all your guests.
Make a photo booth area
Make an area with something fun like a background or a flower wall that your guests can use to take their pictures in order to post them with your hashtag on them. Give your guests a good photo opportunity to pose in front of and take pictures with you.
You can make this object the centerpiece or statement of the wedding. Just make sure that it’s something that your guests will never forget and that people will be happy to engage with. Be sure to remind your guests to take a picture in front of what is featured so they could use your wedding hashtag, too!
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