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How to Avoid Cringeworthy Wedding Photos on Your Big Day

Wedding photos can be a source of present and future embarrassment. One wrong pose or expression can make you a laughingstock for online news feeds and the future generation. Chances are that your knowledge of this fact is further fueling your anxiety as you await the coming of the big day. Fortunately, there is no need to panic as there are a few simple things that you can do to look fabulous, yet dignified in those wedding photos. Let’s take a look.
Practice for the big day with an engagement shoot
The engagement shoot will serve as a rehearsal for your wedding day. It will be an opportunity to let the photographer learn more about your personality as you learn more about how they work. When you and your photographer are familiar with each other, you will be more relaxed and natural when having your photos taken on the wedding day itself.
One important thing that you can practice during the engagement shoot is poise and proper posture. You have to learn how to stand up straight to make your body appear more svelte in front of the camera. You also have to get used to touching each other or holding an object for the duration of your event. This is because free hands and dangling arms can look awful on film if you don’t know what to do with them. The photographer can help you practice the best angles to ensure that you look your best.
Capture intimate shots away from the crowd
You and your partner might feel rather awkward with someone else looking on as the two of you pose intimately for the camera. If you don’t want grandma, the kids, or other wedding guests to ruin your cozy shots, ask the photographer to take your private couple photo session nearby but away from the scrutinizing eyes of others.
Inform the photographer of any particular problems beforehand
Avoid the awkward atmosphere that will arise between guests or family members who are not on talking terms with each other by making sure your photographer is in the loop. This way, they can do what needs to be done to keep those people separated from each other during group pics. Make sure that you also inform your photographer if you have guests with disabilities who might need assistance during shoots.
Relax and smile
On the morning before your wedding ceremony, drink lavender teas, cherry juice, or chamomile tea to calm yourself down. You can hold a bouquet or your dress if you feel your hands are shaking from nervousness as your photos are being taken. Remember – it’s the happiest day of your life! Laugh, smile, and enjoy yourself.
Focus on getting natural shots than fixed shots
Instead of pausing now and then to stare blankly into the camera lens, tell the photographer and their assistant to take your photos while you act and behave normally throughout the event. When you’re constantly aware of your main photographer taking your photos, you may freeze up and pose rigidly. If the assistant photographer is prepped for candid shots, you may be able to more natural photos that you’ll love.
To get more of those natural shots, you can tell the photographer to take their shots from a few feet away so that the photography experience itself feels less intrusive. The photographer’s camera has zoom and focus functions, making it possible for them to take close-up shots without having to be much too close.
Always interact with each other
Still poses can make you look and feel strange. You need to do something to prevent “dead air.” Instead of sitting throughout the wedding party, make sure that you walk around, dance, embrace each other, kiss from time to time, and play games. Before the wedding, it will help to discuss a program of activities for the event with your photographer, emcee, or wedding organizer so that you can capture that once in a lifetime fun, relaxed mood.
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