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6 of the Year’s Hottest Wedding Photography Trends – What to Know

The only thing that is inevitable is change. What may have been fashionable for wedding photography two decades ago may be outdated now, although some photography elements of yesteryears may prove to be timeless. If you are one half of a soon-to-be-married couple, you must be conscious of what the modern trends are so that your event remains relevant with the times, if not timeless. If you plan to settle down this 2019, here are some of the global trends in wedding photography that you should be aware of:
1) First glimpse of the bride in her wedding dress
When you’re about to tie the knot, your excitement will be shared with those who have played big roles in your life such as your parents, grandparents, or other caretakers. In recent years, it has become popular to capture the first moment that parents see their daughter in her wedding dress. A photo of your first time in your beautiful white gown will serve as a lovely memento to the family you will leave behind as you establish a family of your own.
2) Solemn, yet casual weddings
Weddings have and still remain solemn and dignified, especially when it comes to the marriage ceremony itself. However, as people realize that it’s the moment and the people that count the most, more and more marrying couples want to loosen the grip of tradition and embrace modernity for their wedding. In addition, more couples want to be practical in terms of the event’s expenses while sharing their big day with the people that matter.
Photography technology has also evolved from bulky daguerrotypes to go-pros and smartphones that you can grip for quick shots, so there is no need to keep still every now and then for a stationary pose. With the convenience that came with lighter and cheaper cameras, there is increasing emphasis on capturing the couple and guests as they naturally act during the event. This style, called documentary wedding photography, has displaced formal photography in favor of informal shots as the latter captures more context and the genuine feelings of the people attending the wedding.
3) More couples realize the need for second shooters
Second shooters essentially work as assistants to the chief photographer. But since the main photographer can only be in one place at a time, they may be unable to capture other moments and emotions in the wedding altogether. Thus, couples want to make sure that every moment is covered by enlisting the help of a second shooter at their wedding.
4) Social media is playing increasingly important roles
Social media can be a boon or bane for a couple. Some couples find the idea of posting photos online even before the wedding itself to be unpleasant. For them, those photos spoil the moment not just for everyone in the wedding but for those were unable to attend their special day. Thus, one gimmick that has picked up a considerable following is asking guests to log out from their social media accounts so that not a single photo leaks until the wedding concludes.
On the other hand, there are couples who simply want to show off their love to the online world. If you are one of those couples, you can create a unique hashtag for your event that will allow your friends and relatives online to see and follow your photos as your wedding unfolds. You can ask the wedding guests to use the hashtags when they upload their pics on social media.
5) Selfie shots and photobooths
In today’s society where the world increasingly revolves around “me,” selfies have become an inevitable trend in wedding photography. ‘Media’ in ‘social media’ begins with “me,” as such, couples have become selfie savvy as you can see with the deluge of wedding selfies that shows on your newsfeed. Photo booths, in particular, have gained popularity with amazing backdrops such as flower walls and have become indispensable at wedding festivities since this is where people can take their self-gratifying shots and have a great time.
6) Online albums and electronic memorabilia
CDs have given way to USB drives, cloud technology, and social media when it comes to making and distributing wedding albums. However, that doesn’t mean physical copies of albums and souvenirs are no longer in vogue. In fact, there are smartphones apps such as Artifact Uprising which allows users to produce hard copies of wedding albums they upload online. With these apps, couples and wedding guests alike can make their own memorabilia and souvenirs.
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