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Using Cinematic Storytelling to Master Being a Wedding Videographer

With a massive influence from movies, wedding videographers are now going for cinematic storytelling to better compel audiences and clients with a certain appeal of emotions that only their work can bring to the table. Could this style of work be a trend that helps you satisfy the needs of your customers while boosting the quality of your portfolio’s content?
Once regarded to be a style reserved for Hollywood film studios and high-bracket directors, cinematic storytelling is a visual creation style that can now be achieved with modern technology by using the right cameras off the shelf, different interchangeable lenses, and high-quality post-production video editing software.
Cinematic storytelling is much easier to tell apart compared to other styles of videography. The overall quality of the video footage is better, emotions during a special wedding day are conveyed so well that those watching it might tear up a bit, and the solemnity of a milestone as big as getting married is preserved so well that the video does it all justice.
The advantage of using cinematic storytelling as a videographer
If there’s any part of cinematic storytelling that needs any more emphasis to show that it’s the best option when working with your next set of clients, it’s going to be the overall quality. You can use the quality of cinematic storytelling to show your skills and abilities as a videographer, or it can be used as a great way to represent yourself all over the internet (and can even help you go viral online). It’s also a great way to reel in more clients who are willing to invest in the quality of their immortalized memories.
After all, who would want a wedding video that looks like it was filmed with a flip phone, right?
Tips on how to get cinematic storytelling in your wedding videos
With a few simple tips and tricks (that may take some extra learning aside from reading this article), you’ll be able to master the desired cinematic storytelling effect in your future work. Wedding videography is a competitive industry and you’ll have to do anything to stand out, which is why cinematic storytelling is the way to go.
Here’s what you should remember to get the desired finish for your work:
// Use the right editing style and effects
Masterfully using a specific video editing software can help tremendously with achieving a perfect cinematic storytelling finish that can make any wedding look ten times more magical.
Plenty of examples of wedding day coverage videos (and cinematic storytelling videos in general) can be found online to show what a tight editing process can do. Brushing up on techniques and learning about new effects through videos online can help you complete your next wedding video perfectly.
// Remember that light is your best friend when it comes to cinematic storytelling
Nothing tells a story better than the proper use of light. Light in the context of wedding videos can be used to tell a story of love that is unlike any other by creating a more dramatic effect that solely using a voiceover can’t achieve.
With the right music accompaniment, using light to convey emotion can help set the overall tone for a video to tug on the heartstrings while helping your clients enjoy their cherished memories over and over again more many more years down the road.
// Pay attention to color
One of the essential parts of achieving cinematic storytelling in your video is to use colour grading extensively. With a detailed approach that takes colour theory into mind, using colour grading can help add an undeniable appeal and an awe-inspiring finishing touch that can make a massive difference in the final output of your wedding videos.
Critically-acclaimed movies use colour grading far beyond just “making it all look pretty.” All of them use colour in different ways to help set different moods throughout the movie — which is a note that you should be taking if you want to come up with a fantastic output.
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