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4 Services That Should be Offered in Every Wedding Video Package

If you’re a professional videographer, one of the biggest pieces of advice that can help when raising funds for passion projects, trying to live comfortably, or reaching your financial goals is to try doing weddings.
The reason is simple: weddings are big money makers. Whether you’re a videography newbie or an industry professional, wedding videography is definitely an option in your client range or area that has a higher demand compared to any other type of work on the market.
That being said, when trying to approach getting into the lucrative side of the industry, setting your prices and settling for offers aren’t the only parts you have to worry about — it’s what you actually include in your wedding video packages.
Now, we’re not saying that we’re slighting your skill to any extent. When we say the stuff included in your wedding video packages, we’re referring to the actual content that you place into the wedding video packages that you hand over to your clients after payments have been made and finals cuts have been exported. Getting your wedding video package’s contents right will help you to save your valuable time and effort while allowing you to satisfy your customer’s with professional-looking, clean cut content.
What you should be including in your wedding video packages
In order to help you get started on the right path in the wedding videography industry, there are a few particular things that you should include in your wedding video packages. Let’s take a look.
Digital Files: In the digital age, it’s important to note that it’s rare to come across a client who wants a DVD. They’re easy to break, take up a lot of space, and prone to disappearing forever. Whether or not your client would prefer having everything in DVD form, it’s best to include the actual digital files of all the output for the wedding video coverage so that everything is a lot easier to move around, duplicate, and keep for longevity so that your clients’ precious memories don’t get lost through the motions of time.
A highlight video: Let’s face it- nobody wants to sift through one to two hours of video to find the parts of their wedding that they want to look back at. To ensure that your customers will be a lot happier with the work that you’re putting out, offer the option to have a highlight video made packed with all the pinnacle moments during their wedding. Adding this option will definitely make for a win-win type of situation, as giving your clients a highlight video will make things more convenient for them to post online, which means free advertising for your services as well.
An additional shooter/videographer: If there’s anything that could be any more obvious in a wedding video, it’s the fact that the videographer had too much on his hands. In order to come prepared for every part of the wedding and capable of capturing the whole ceremony in all its glory, offer the option of having another videographer on board at a minimal cost for the best output possible.
The option to shoot the reception: What most wedding videographers get wrong in terms of constructing their packages is that they don’t include an option to shoot the reception — the event when quite a few significant moments happen that most couples will want to look back on over the years. Include a reception coverage option so that you can have much happier clients who will thank you for capturing all the important moments of their ENTIRE wedding celebration.
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