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4 Things That Will Make Your Wedding Film Extra Special

Hiring a professional videographer for your wedding film ensures that every special moment is captured, allowing you to watch everything again to relive the moments. It is your videographer’s priority to make the film as artistic and cinematic as possible. However, aside from the expertise of the videographer, some other elements make every wedding film unique and personal. After all, every couple has a different story to tell.
There are some things that your videographer might need from you to make your wedding film extra special and personal. Meanwhile, some of the elements can be captured naturally during the ceremony and reception.
1. Personal Letters
Letters are personal and intimate. Couples can write a letter to each other that they can read aloud during the ceremony or reception. The letters can also be read while the bride and groom are in their separate hotel rooms while preparing for the wedding. The letter can be about anything. It can be an anecdote about how you first met, the first time you travelled together, even a time when you had a conflict that you resolved and made you realize how you can’t bear the thought of being apart from each other. The letter can even be a mix of anything! Catching the special moment of the couple reading their letters on film will make the overflow of emotions eternal. Shots of the letters themselves can also be added to the film for additional flair.
2. Vows
It’s crucial to add the wedding vows to the video as these are the promises that you make to each other. The declaration of vows is also one of the most emotion-laden moments in the event. This part of the ceremony is just minutes before you finally become officially married! Reliving this moment makes you remember that one-in-a-million experience in your life. If integrated into the film correctly, the vows can give the wedding film many unique character and emotional resonance.
3. Music
The choice of music is very crucial in any memorable and high-quality wedding film. Videographers should ask the couple about the selection of music they’d prefer, although of course, certain lines need to be drawn — skip the metal for now. The choice of music will depend on the vibe that you want to get from your wedding film. Do you want it to exude pure joy and optimism? Then you might want to go for upbeat songs that have a moderate tempo. Meanwhile, if you’re going to keep it romantic throughout, mellow love songs will do great. If you want something in between, a piece of relaxing acoustic music can do the trick.
4. Speeches
Similar to the letters and vows, speeches also give wedding films a more personal and emotional vibe. However, this time, the speeches are from the couple’s loved ones and friends. For instance, if the bride’s father gives an emotional speech, it must be caught on film! Meanwhile, if a friend of the couple shares a story during a toast that made everyone laugh, it would be fun to capture that on film as well.
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