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Our Wedding Tips // How to Ask Your Guests to Ditch Their Phones

While preparing for your big day, we bet you hired professional photographers to capture all the best moments of your wedding on celluloid. Since you want the ceremony and reception to go as smoothly as possible, you and your spouse-to-be decided to implement a “no cellphones allowed” policy. That’s where the biggest challenge comes in.
Chances are your wedding guests may be itching to take photos themselves. Your family, friends, and colleagues are sure to take out their smartphones and do whatever it takes to get good shots. Now the question is, how do you set boundaries without offending anyone? How can you get your wedding guests to comply with the no cellphones allowed policy?
Well, it’s actually simple, painless, and easy! Here are some ways you can tell your guests to ditch their phones during the wedding:
Signs speak for themselves
Wondering how to tell your wedding guests to keep their phones and not use them during the wedding? What better way to do so than to put up signs at the entrances? Signs are a quick and easy reminder for your guests. As soon as they come in, they’ll know what to do right away. Be sure you get the message across clearly yet politely. As much as possible, make the signs conspicuous so they won’t be ignored.
No other way than to announce
You can also announce that guests aren’t allowed to take pictures during the wedding. You can tap the officiant to remind everyone to please put their phones away before he or she begins the ceremony. You can also have the DJ or MC to inform the guests while they are looking for their seats. It won’t hurt to politely say phones aren’t allowed. Your guests will surely understand.
Scribe the message in programs
You will most likely hand programs to wedding guests upon their arrival. For sure, they’ll browse these to see how the wedding ceremony and reception will go. Why not take advantage of these programs? Include a brief note stating that phones need to be put away during the ceremony. Inform them that there are professional wedding photographers who will take photos. If possible, make the text of the note bold and highlighted.
Notes on seats and benches
It’s a possibility that guests might miss the signs at the front or forget the reminder by the time they find their seats. What do you need to do now? Why not leave a note on each seat reminding everyone that phones aren’t allowed? They surely won’t forget that at all as they will have to pick up the note before sitting down. That’s a great reminder!
Display aisle phone bowls
If all else fails, you can incorporate a jar, bowl, or container into the decor at the end of each aisle where guests can put their phones during the ceremony. Make sure the bowl or container fits perfectly into the decor. Have someone looked after the bowls so that none of the phones will get lost. But chances are the guests might be wary enough of the container that they’ll do what they need to, which is to keep their phones away during the ceremony.
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