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3 Reason Why You Should Capture Your Wedding on Video

Remember the days when wedding videos were blurry, sometimes shakey? Those days are over! If you’re planning to get married and want to capture it on video, fortunately for you, with modern equipment, wedding videos now come out with higher quality than ever before. Forget about those VHS cams propped on tripods or asking for someone’s vertical footage.
Today, $5,000 cameras can do just as well or even better than 2002’s $70k cameras. Now, ordinary people can capture high-quality footage.
Turn your wedding into a Hollywood cinematic film and watch it all again in its glory, filled with bright colours and stunning slow-motion scenes where you and your loved one are the stars of the show. Here are three reasons why you should capture your wedding in high-quality:
1 – Beautiful Story Telling
With a photo, you obtain a single scene. Although it tells a story, it lacks other aspects. With videos, you are reminded of all roller-coaster of emotions you’d gone through as you watch through the footage.
You start from the beginning, where the ladies are doing their hair and makeup, and your mother is fixing up the wedding dress. Over at the gentlemen’s, they joke and laugh as they tie their shoes and button up their suits which they will toss away in the upcoming dance party. The rest of the footage? You get the idea.
2 – Capturing the Essence
It is most crucial that a videographer records the cleanest audio and the steadiest of videos. A wedding ceremony is beautiful, filled with sacred words. A photo can only show you what happened and that you were right there, but it does not show the sounds and words. Sure, it is nice to have photos, but that’s not the only thing you want.
You want to hear the sound of sniffles, the vows, the words of promise, the cries, and the laughter. You want to see the light shimmer as your significant other walks down the aisle. When you’re in the ceremony, time goes by so fast that before you know it, you’re sitting down on the lawn with your loved one watching the beautiful sunset.
3 – Reminisce the Ceremony
You just got married! Now is the time to sit back, relax, and watch the footage stress-free with your significant other. After rigorous planning, rushing around, phone calls, and all the hassles, it is finally over.
Your video shows only the best bits in the ceremony. Post it online for others to see and watch as the likes and shares pile up. Your wedding video is now a keepsake that you and your loved one will treasure.
Despite the cost of the film, don’t let it stop you. The cost will fade away as time goes by, but the value of the video will last. As your kids grow, remember the video and the beautiful emotions you went through that day.
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