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Why is Wedding Videography Popular in 2019 // Here’s What to Know

Nowadays, a growing number of couples are choosing to have video coverage for their wedding ceremonies. This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise—after all, there are countless wedding videography services available in the market for every budget.
From the 2000s, countless weddings have been covered with the services of a wedding videographer. Long gone are the days of cheesy wedding footage that looks like it was shot with a toaster because getting a professional wedding videographer was near impossible (unless you intentionally styled it so).
Regardless of whether or not you’ve chosen to hire a videographer to cover your special day, you may be wondering why doing so is becoming so common. Keep on reading to find out! Why is everyone going for wedding videography?
Wedding videography is becoming a non-negotiable for modern weddings. Its popularity has shot up, cementing it as an essential part of the event. Although it may seem a bit overwhelming, the popularity of wedding photography has not gone without reason and can be traced back to several factors:
Firstly, modern videography equipment (cameras, microphones, tripods, and more) is far more affordable than what it used to be. Thus, it’s much cheaper to avail the services of a professional videographer today compared to a decade earlier.Secondly, affordable videography technology comes with pre-packaged settings. As such, it is much easier to shoot high-quality footage with a cinematic feel, especially when it comes to putting together an amazing video in a short amount of time. Lastly, modern video editing software makes it much easier to pull off all types of settings and artistic touches with a few clicks and drags of a button.
What can you get out of a wedding videographer?
Now, it might seem like doing your own wedding videography or asking a friend to run all the shots for you might seem like the most cost-effective way to do things. However, an amateur simply can’t trump the quality of a professional videographer’s output.
Professional videographers have been trained to capture every important aspect and emotion of your special day, from the pre-ceremony preparation to the laughter and joy shared among all attendants at the reception.
How can a wedding videographer do justice to the emotions of your big day?
The answer to this question is quite simple: They know what moments to look out for, what settings to use, and the tricks and technical skills that they need to capture the magic of your wedding. Wedding videographers work with the all-important aspects of quality, ensuring that all emotions are captured in high-definition with clear, crisp audio.
While technical skills are definitely a given when hiring a wedding videographer, artistic touches are also part of the package. With overall direction, a wedding videographer can capture every meaningful part of your special day, even the events and moments that you didn’t know about at first. A wedding videographer’s services may require a bit of a bigger budget, but the quality of their work and the way they capture priceless moments are undoubtedly worth it.
If you are looking to hire a professional wedding videographer, check out the works of Dreamcraft Films. We specialise in wedding videography and cinematography, capturing your moments, frame by frame!

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