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Pre-Wedding Video Tips and Ideas

With all your wedding preparations and activities in full swing, it can be overwhelming and daunting for you. At this juncture, chances are you’re sweating out at the small details and toiling hard at the bigger ones. You only have to push through to the end because you want your wedding day to be perfect.
Before heading off to the big day, don’t forget the pre-wedding video. You might want to consider having a pre-wedding video as a perfect way to capture the essence of both of you as a couple. A pre-wedding video is a fantastic way to create a living, moving memory of your courtship, love, and engagement. It tells a story of your relationship before you and your partner will finally tie the knot. For sure, this can bring an extra facet to your wedding memories.
That said, having a professionally shot pre-wedding or engagement video is an ideal opportunity amid the hectic schedule of your wedding preparation. However, fret not. Here’s what you need to consider to make a difference in your pre-wedding video:
Pre-Wedding Video Tips and Ideas
When you decide to have a pre-wedding video, there are many things that you need to consider. These may include your videographer taking time to know you as a couple, how you and your partner will react with each other, and how the emotions will be captured in the film. Hiring a professional videographer who has excellent reviews and feedback can ensure you’re getting a quality pre-wedding video. Make sure that your videographer will take into consideration the following essential aspects:
Outfits Make a Difference
The outfit of the couple is something that requires detailed planning, as it can have a huge impact on the subject in the video. For instance, herringbone and paisley patterns and thin stripes are not good options for clothing to wear. Chances are they react badly under a camera lens for your pre-wedding video shoot. Decide on the perfect outfits that will augment the subjects on the video.
Acting Naturally
In photography, you will have to pose and act appropriately to create a masterpiece. However, when it comes to a wedding video, it is better to act naturally and un-posed. Doing so will create a genuine story, reminiscent of the couple’s real journey towards marriage.
The Power of Smile and Laugh
You don’t know how powerful a smile and laughter can bring. That said, lots of natural, relaxed expressions are essential to make an incredible pre-wedding video. Try and have some fun with your partner before the shoot to create these moments during the video shoot.
A video is about telling a story. You will want to convey real emotions and happenings during the shoot. That said, it’s best to bring your natural selves to the filming. Make sure you include any spontaneous moments. In the end, this will help your videographer tell your unique love story.
Respect begets respect. As a rule of thumb, be respectful to your partner, family and friends and those that might or might not see the video. Don’t embarrass anyone or make inappropriate remarks. Maintain positivity so that others will be pleased with the video as well.
With all these in mind and set in place, your pre-wedding video will surely be able to last as memories for years. During your tight schedule and overwhelming wedding preparation, a great pre-wedding video will leave you sufficed and loved.
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