October 2, 2019 Dreamcraft

4 Creative Themes for your Wedding Video

Weddings are often similar to a movie. You are the star of the movie while the entourages are the supporting actors. Much like the films you’ve watched, you want to narrate this highlight of your life dramatically. Here are some creative story themes that can explore to make your special day more meaningful.
1. Romantic and traditional theme
Traditional wedding videos focus on the most important moments of the ceremony and the reception, which includes the wedding march, exchange of vows, wedding speeches, and your first dance, to name a few. This option requires clear frames for every scene with minimal editing or transition.
Although traditional wedding videos result in a sequence that is a few hours long, new methods package these footages into a series of highlights. Unpleasant moments like stumbling while dancing is removed, giving you a final video that showcases only the best moments from your matrimony.
Aside from the main wedding video, you can also star in a teaser video that works as a reminder and an invitation for your friends and family who are excited for the next chapter of your life.
2. Cinematic theme
Style is the main difference between a traditional and a cinematic wedding video. The videographer will not only focus on what’s happening during the ceremony. Rather, they will also capture the preparations and the iconic items such as the rings, the bonding moments with the entourage, and the entrance for the wedding itself.
More production time is needed for this type of video because of the editing enhances the storyline. These shots will make the wedding video feel like a movie. Every shot is essential and dramatic, which makes it more enticing to watch. Similar to the traditional video, however, the final cut will look like an hour-long film with matching background music and voice-over spiels.
3. Documentary theme
This style of wedding video will have an even longer running time because of the interviews done with the couple and their immediate family. This journalistic touch helps them shake off some nerves while moving amidst the cameras that will be following them throughout the day.
Unlike the flexibility of the cinematic video storyline, the documentary-style video tells the narrative from start to finish without jumps or flashbacks. Less editing is needed because videographers will capture pre-wedding footage first before the arrival at the venue and the ceremony itself.
Documentary-style wedding videos are perfect for couples who are vocal in sharing anecdotes and their affection for each other. It allows them to share their emotions before, during, and after the matrimony.
4. Old school film theme
Couples who have an affinity for antiquity will love this theme. The video is rendered in a specific tone and colour, much like how movies from previous decades were made. This wedding video works best for vintage or rustic motifs and focuses on filming the candid moments during the ceremony.
These are only four of the endless themes that are available for your choosing. If you desire to explore more options, working with a creative wedding videographer will help you achieve your desired look. Whether you’re looking for a full-length movie or snippets from the wedding, their experience gives them the credibility to capture the essential moments.
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