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3 Reasons Why You Should Have A First Look At Your Wedding

No matter how prepared you may be during the wedding planning process, it’s possible for stress to still come on the big day itself. Fortunately, there are various ways that you can overcome the stress and anxiety as you hope for everything to go according to plan with the help of your wedding videographer.
The idea of having your wedding videographer—out of all people—ease your wedding day stress may sound far-fetched, but planning a first look with them can help tremendously. It can take a significant load off your back by creating a detailed wedding day timeline aimed to streamline and guide your wedding day coverage. A professional wedding videographer will recommend planning weeks before the wedding as a means to have soon-to-be-wedded couples relaxed and stress-free on their big day. It’s an essential combination for the best-looking photos and videos possible.
A first look refers to the intimate moments that the bride and groom get to see each other for a little bit before or during the wedding. It provides great photo opportunities and a moment of privacy. When incorporated properly into the entire flow during the wedding day itself, planning the first look can make a significant positive difference in your overall experience.
Why every wedding should have a first look
Planning a first look comes with a number of benefits that can significantly help with mapping out the various photo and video opportunities for your big day. Let’s look at a few reasons that including the first look as part of your wedding day is one of the best decisions you can possibly make:
1. First looks can help with getting rid of your jitters
Once the last layer of makeup is put on and your dress is buttoned and zipped up for the walk down the aisle, you’re most likely going to have an overwhelming feeling of reality kicking in.
The anxiety that comes about in the moments leading up to meeting your better half at the altar mixed together with years of memories can be debilitating to the point where everything feels numb. With the help of a first look, however, you can see your other half and calm the nerves down a bit to get on with the rest of your wedding day.
2. A first look provides a valuable opportunity during your wedding day
As intimate as a wedding day is supposed to be between the husband and wife, you’re most likely going to spend most of your time being surrounded by happy guests. From making sure all needs are met to entertaining guests who have flown from various distances, being a bride or groom is more of a hosting gig than it is an event of solitude.
3. The first look opens up a window of photo and video opportunities
The reason that wedding photographers and videographers are hired in the first place is that every couple wants to have their special memories immortalized in high-quality photos and videos. Which is why it’s best to opt for a first look right away when consulting with your photographer and videographer. A first look provides a perfect chance to capture amazing bride and groom photographs, with raw emotions that flow once you get to see your better half for a bit.
As menial as it may sound, having a first look during your wedding day can make things a lot easier for you, your better half, and both your videographer and photographer. Coordinate with the photographers and videographers to find the perfect shots for your wedding.
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