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Getting to Know Difference Between Filmmakers vs. Videographers

Filmmakers are not the same as videographers. Filmmakers are storytellers who often create movies out of nothing. Because they’re really good at their craft, they can make unforgettable films. Filmmakers make excellent wedding videos, and it’s often effortless for them to enhance love stories that are already there. However, videographers can’t easily transition into making movies, much so films. Most try but only the best succeed.
Moreover, videographers earn more than filmmakers do. Filmmakers only make money if a big movie production company hires them. This only happens to the best of the best. Videography, on the other hand, is a lucrative career.
That’s why we should stop comparing filmmakers to videographers to each other. If you’re going to associate one with another, you can compare a videographer to a photographer. Both of them capture moments and see the spark that’s between two people. They’d capture that and put it in a 4×6 photo frame, or in 60 frames per second video. That’s what videographers do.
Now that you understand a little more about the differences between a filmmaker and a videographer, below are six tips to make an unforgettable wedding video.
1. Establish open communication with the couple and the vendors.
A good videographer can re-spark the chemistry that the couples had when they first met each other. In fact, a good videographer will demand that the same spark be visible during the shoot. They will direct the pair to be as casual as possible – laughing at each other’s jokes or responding to each other’s touches. Opening communication is essential because all of those actions will be captured in the video. During the wedding, you must be informed about everything that’s going to happen. There are times that couples surprise each other in front of everybody. Make sure you capture those moments because they cannot be repeated.
2. Keep on your feet.
You will have to cover what the groom and bride are doing. You also have to catch sweet messages that other people have to say about the couple. When the ceremony begins, you will have to move around often. For this reason, having a have a team of at least three videographers and two photographers are essential to ensure that every essential moment is captured. There should also be two people to carry all the gears for you. They can also be your runner if you need something terribly important.
3. Audio is crucial.
Audio helps make an excellent video. You need to have a perfect sound so that people can appreciate the video. If you failed to record the exchange of vows or the recording was poor quality, the whole recording will not be worth it. This is why audio is critical. You need to have a good microphone hovering over the couple when they exchange their promises of everlasting love. You also need to have lapel mics attached to those who need to say something sweet to the couple.
4. Traditional shots are necessary.
The couples will be looking for their “wear this ring” clip or the “first kiss as newlyweds” clip. Be sure that you covered the right angles for these moments.
5. Keep the shots stable.
The video that you will produce will be for a paying client. Most paying clients do not appreciate shaky videos. Because of this, you should use a camera with built-in stabilizers or use a camera gimbal to help you achieve steady shots.
6. B-rolls are equally important.
This is the secret to a fully comprehensive video output. Cover as many shots as possible. You can assign your second unit cameraman to do this while you focus on the important parts of the event. They should be able to capture the waves on the shore, the movements of the clouds, the hand gestures of the parents, the facial expressions of the guests, and many more. B-rolls make editing easy. They add colour to the video and make it more attractive to the couple who will re-watch it every anniversary.
The tips above are the essentials that no good videographer should ever forget. There are critical items that you shouldn’t miss if you want to create an outstanding video for weddings. If you impress your clients, you’ll surely receive more bookings in the future.
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