3 Things You Should Do Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer

August 13, 2020
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August 13, 2020 Dreamcraft

3 Things You Should Do Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer

There can be a lot of chaos behind planning a wedding. With so many details to take care of, from catering to arranging the décor, it can be easy to forget the significance of one of the most special days of your life.

Fortunately, all your efforts will pay off to create the wedding of your dreams—and there’s no better way to capture the magic of the day than by hiring a wedding videographer. Before settling on a videographer, there are a few things you need to consider: does their artistic vision match yours? What about their videography style? What equipment will they be using?

Here are X things you need to do before hiring a wedding videographer:

Figure Out What You Want

The most important thing to do before finding a videographer for your wedding is to figure out what you want your video to look like. It doesn’t have to go down to the exact details as the videographer may have a few tricks that you may end up preferring. However, it’s good to have a vision for it so you can determine whether or not your idea matches your videographer’s.

For example, if you prefer a cinematic vibe to your film with dramatic angles and edits that evoke a Hollywood feel, you’ll want to check your videographer’s portfolio to see if they’ve done something similar. If you prefer linear, chronological visual storytelling, videographers who specialise in documentaries may be your best bet.

You’ll discover more things you may want out of your video by consulting your friends and family who have gotten married recently. You can even ask your vendors for their picks, as they’ve most likely worked with other videographers while handling other weddings.

Shop Around

Now that you know what you want from your videographer, it’s time to shop around. It may be tempting to settle for the cheapest company you find, but you wouldn’t want to cut corners on memorialising your wedding forever!

Even if you may have found someone that ticks all your boxes, it’s best to continue your search until you have a shortlist of about five or so companies. The goal is to find a service that offers the best quality packages at a reasonable price—preferably one that’s been widely recognised by other wedding blogs and magazines.

Ask All Your Questions

Another important thing to consider about creating your wedding video is making sure you have all your questions prepared. If you’ve found a videographer whose vision resembles yours, ask for their footage and portfolio from completed events. These should go beyond the highlights that are usually uploaded to their social media. Observe the editing, the soundtrack, the angles, and the specific moments that were captured. This is an indicator of what your own video will look like.

You may also want to ask them about the equipment and technology they use during the day of filming. You’ll want to make sure that their equipment is first-rate and produces the best quality sound and picture. Asking a few videographers this same question will give you a better picture of what equipment is in use and which ones are top of the line.

It’s also important to find out what exactly their services will cover during your wedding day. Will they produce a short montage? Or will they include a feature-length film? Understand their payment terms, the number of shooters that will accompany them, their cancellation policy, and other pertinent details.


Hiring a wedding videographer is crucial to recording the enchantment and beauty of your wedding day. You’ll want a company that approaches each project with passion and dedication and treats every detail with love. You’ll also want a company that applies that same care to their expertise and advice.

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