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3 Tips on How to Properly Use a Drone to Film Your Wedding – Our Guide

Drones are an excellent way to capture an event in a whole new way, adding unique and stunning scenes to the final video. Weddings are one of the most important and beautiful events to ever happen in anyone’s life. What better way to capture this beautiful moment than with drones that float above the sky snapping pictures in incredible angles and reaching places no one can reach? Well, that’s a lot easier said than done. They might end up becoming more of a headache to get right if you aren’t prepared to use them.

Because of this, we’re here to give you three tips on how you can use your drone properly to tape your wedding:

1. Drones Are Flying Objects

Remember, drones aren’t invisible objects that can phase through matter. They’re physical objects that produce a lot of noise as well as cause substantial damage if rammed into other things. In other words, you don’t want to ruin your wedding’s quiet moment with a loud buzzing sound from the device, let alone ruin the wedding by crashing the drone into the wedding cake.

If you want to use drones, plan. Implement as many precautions as possible and identify how you can adequately use the drone to capture the most amazing shots without disrupting the ceremony too much.

2. Capture the Beautiful Environment

Drones offer plenty of beautiful angles in which you can tape your weddings, especially if the ceremony is held in a stunning venue.

While most might opt for a top-down angle most of the time, it is better if you choose for multi-angled shots. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, rather than having a top-down shot of everyone’s head, angle it in a way that will capture the bride walking down the aisle with the stunning sea as the background. Angles like these can truly change the feel of the video, allowing for more emotion and detail to be captured with each shot. Just be sure to do plenty of planning of how the drones should take the wedding. Often, if you leave this as a last-minute resort, the shots it will take will be decent at best.

3. Plan Your Wedding in a Large, Open Venue

Whatever you do, do not pair a drone with a small, enclosed wedding venue. That’s just asking for trouble, and you won’t be able to utilise the drone to the fullest of its abilities.

Remember, safety is number one. The last, last, and last thing you want to happen is to crash the drone into an object and watch it hurling down towards one of the guests. Not only is the drone costly, but you’ll get in serious trouble for injuring people.

That said, ensure that the venue for the wedding is large and open. Vineyards, beaches, hillsides—weddings at places like these not only allow the drones to fly freely but surrounds the special event with the stunning beauty of nature. In other words, the drone can get to flying, and the surroundings can get to creating an unforgettable wedding.

Final Thoughts

When using drones for a wedding, remember these tips and keep them in your heart. That way, not only will you stay out of trouble, but it’ll ensure that you make the most out of the drone’s capabilities. Have it capture the wonders of the ceremony and the aesthetics of the surroundings, all in fantastic video shots that’ll help you relive the day and fill you with the emotions you felt when you finally got together with the love of your life.

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