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3 Videography Styles Recommended by Wedding Experts – What to Know

If your wedding is coming up soon, you might be stuck trying to decide the videography style you want for your wedding video. Know that deciding on a particular style is not an easy task. You can’t completely delegate the task of deciding to your videographer because it should match both your and your partner’s personality and style. To that end, it should be your decision as a couple.

To give you a glance at the different styles, here are three of the best videography styles that are recommended by wedding experts.

Traditional concept

This concept is primarily about covering most of the events of your wedding in a strictly chronological sequence. It is a good basic option that does not rely much on filming or editing. Without any alterations in the video, your videographer can easily release the final output. However, the final output will most likely be a very long video, which won’t be appropriate to share with friends.

It is a simple video concept with the sole purpose of documenting the entire event. It will be good to have a copy of the whole wedding coverage, but if you prefer something more fun and eye-catching, this style may not be the best option for you.

Music video concept

In a music video concept, the main focus is the music. This type of videography style is a more creative and amusing option because you can choose one music that will serve as your wedding theme song. You can also stitch together multiple pieces of music that each have a distinct feel to represent the different stages of the wedding.

The video can run for as short as three to five minutes on average. It will only feature the highlight events of the wedding. Let’s face it, you don’t have to show everyone all the details of the wedding right? The best part of this style is that you can easily share the video with your close friends and family who will want to relive the moments with you.

Story-driven concept

A story-driven concept highlights the emotional parts of the wedding. The aim of this videography style is to take the viewer on the dramatic journey of the couple. Unlike a music video concept, this style includes a more substantial dialogue, which includes the speeches, interviews, or reading of vows.

The story build-up may also include how the bride and groom met, and how they arrived at the moment where they are finally announced as husband and wife. With many story points of view, the video can last from 6 minutes up to 25 minutes, depending on the preference of the couple.

Many couples prefer this concept as it can capture all the most significant moments of the wedding while bringing out the surge of emotions. It is a timeless wedding memorabilia that newly married couples will want to watch as many times as possible.


Your wedding videography style should reflect your personality as a couple. It will be great to share your story in a fun and creative way. To make sure that all your best moments are captured, get in touch with our wedding videographer in Melbourne to make your ideas become a reality.


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