February 14, 2020 Dreamcraft

Essential Elements of a Good Wedding Video – What to Know

One of the greatest milestones in a person’s life is their wedding day. You spend months planning everything from the bridal entourage to the venue, reception, photography, videography, among other things.

Wedding videos used to be simple—with one of the guests holding a camcorder, walking around, interviewing guests, and making their best wishes to the newlyweds. Times have changed and wedding videos have evolved. They have become more bespoke, more modern, and more personalised for a design-driven crowd. Social media has also made a huge influence on how a wedding video is made, with so many styles and themes to choose from, such as:



Traditional or Conventional



The Blended Package

The question is, what makes a good wedding video? How do videographers create high-quality wedding videos? What makes their videos different? Here are some key elements that make wedding videos amazing:

Good angles

Back in the days, a wedding videographer would have a camcorder in hand or a tripod standing in the aisle strictly following the bride and the groom. Those days are over. Most videographers will have a team covering every angle and everyone at the event. You might even notice that the shots would jump from one angle to another a lot. One moment, it will be a close-up shot of the bride, the next a wide shot featuring all the guests at the reception area. Having a minimum of two videographers can make a difference to the final output and guarantee that no special moments are missed.

Professional audio

Considered the queen in the wedding film industry, audio is a crucial element in creating a high-quality video—it can truly make or break the film. No matter how stunning the shots are, it will be pretty useless if the vows are unclear and garbled, or if the toasts are blown out, the music sounds chaotic, or you cannot hear the officiant. When you are looking for a wedding videographer in Melbourne, pay close attention to their audio.


Proper gears are essential to achieve high-quality coverage at your wedding, and yes, they can be pretty expensive. Cameras, lenses, tripods, headphones, microphones, and lighting are the most basic gears videographers need to have. Skilled professionals will have the best models and state-of-the-art gadgets to ensure that quality is at its maximum level.

Cohesive storyline

Have you ever seen a movie where the plot does not make sense at all? It’s not good, right? The same concept applies to a wedding video. If the story seems to jump from one point to another without any connection at all, and the shots don’t seem to flow seamlessly, then the video will be pretty worthless.

Most of the time, the bride and groom would inform the videographer of the storyline they have in mind. However, the real storytelling work normally takes place in the editing—long hours post-wedding, checking every bit of the footage, and thoroughly piercing them altogether.

There are so many processes involved in creating an amazing wedding video. Just remember that the videographer should be able to tell your love story to the audience. Everything will be about you—the newlyweds. For professional wedding videography in Melbourne, contact Dreamcraft Films.


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