January 16, 2020 Dreamcraft

How Editing & Visual Effects Make a Wedding Video More Special – What to Know

You should never underestimate the power of video editing. Even terribly shot footage can look significantly better when it gets edited well. Editing plays an important part in enhancing video recordings, and it can improve your wedding movie too.

Whether you want a romantic video or a fun, cheesy film, editing can translate the mood of your special day into the film. Good editing will make it seem like the camera was never there, allowing the viewers to relive your wedding day from home.

The Importance of Editing

The structure of a wedding celebration is very similar in countries all over the world. There is the ceremony, a reception, and guests celebrating the special day. What differs between different videos are the personalities, reactions, and emotions of everyone attending the event. It is the job of the video editor to edit the footage in such a way to reflect that atmosphere and ensure that the wedding video has its own uniqueness.

A well-edited video will be no longer than 50 minutes and has the appropriate pace, music, and effects to suit the romantic day. Emotional and enjoyable, you want a wedding video that you are proud of and is re-watchable. Your wedding video will keep you interested throughout its entire duration. This can be achieved with quality editing.

Effects Can Enhance The Footage

If you prefer your video to have specific effects, you can make a special request, and your video will be edited to suit your taste. Transition effects help to give your wedding video a particular style or pace. Good editors will utilize specific transitions to tell a story about the special day, making the video flow smoothly.

Colour Correction Makes a Difference

Colour correction is also significant. When you use multiple cameras in various locations, the colours can differ dramatically. This is especially relevant if your wedding day starts in the morning and ends at night; the vast change in lighting will require a professional editor to adjust the colour schemes and make them blend better together. Another issue with wedding day filming is that due to the rapid nature of the day, some footage will be underexposed while others will be overexposed. Colour correction will fix these and correct the exposure of each clip. You will know your video was edited by a professional when the footage moves from scene to scene without a sudden change in colour or tone. This is a long and time-consuming process, so make sure your editor has experience and good attention to detail.

Audio is Equally Important

So far we’ve only discussed the visual aspects of the wedding video. However, sound also plays a vital role in making your wedding video special. Make sure the sound equipment your videographer uses is sufficient to record high-quality audio. Your editor should be able to reduce the effects of unwanted sounds like wind or static and adjust the volume to the perfect level. You want to be able to listen to the murmur of an excited crowd but also hear the bride and groom’s vows. A good editor will edit the sound clips accordingly and ensure the sound is in sync with the visuals.

There’s no better way to reminisce about the beautiful memories of your wedding day than with a well-made video. With proper editing, your video can go from great to spectacular! If you are looking for a wedding videographer service in Melbourne, consider working with experts like those at Dreamcraft Films so that the final results are as professional as possible.


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