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What to Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer – Our Guide

The wedding video may seem like an indispensable part of a wedding, but not everyone may enjoy its benefits. Filming a wedding event is not so common in the early ’80s or ’90s. Even when video equipment became accessible, many people prefer wedding photos instead of videos. Some people prefer an intimate wedding without distraction. Others don’t feel comfortable in front of a video camera. It’s completely normal to question the need to hire a wedding videographer and ponder its practicality.

Before you hire a videographer, read ahead to find out the things to consider:

It Will Entail Additional Costs

Hiring a videographer will entail additional costs on top of the other wedding details. Many people think it’s a worthy investment, while some question its practicality. The popular concept is that its a worthy investment because of the bulk of memories that you can preserve through a wedding video. Without it, you will have no memories to look back to that will allow you to watch the series of events that happened. It’s also a great way to document speeches from your parents, guardians, or sponsors.

On the other side of the spectrum, it may not be practical because you can also keep memories through photos. If you’re someone who appreciates photos more than videos, you may want to press hold on booking a wedding videographer. However, if you want documentation that can cover everything in your wedding, then a wedding video is for you. After all, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you can never repeat what happens at your wedding.

It Can Cause Distractions During the Event

If you prefer a more intimate wedding, then you might have limited space in your venue. You may think that hiring a set of videographers will only cause the venue to be overly crowded. Their presence can cause a distraction for you, as they can block you from guests. It might also get in the way during important conversations with family or friends.

Instead of creating candid moments with your loved ones, a videographer can make you feel stiff and conscious. If your dilemma is the possible distraction of a videographer, you can hire one who will take extra precautions about causing distractions. Don’t let minor issues keep you from recording essential life memories. Instead, it would help if you briefed your videographer about all the dos and don’ts of your event. Make sure they understand their boundaries and remind them to respect your personal space.


The disadvantages of a wedding video can be avoided by hiring a good videographer. The problems brought about in filming the video may not be attributed to the video itself but the services of the videographer. To make sure that you are comfortable with filming your wedding video, find a videographer that is professional in dealing with his clients.

A great videographer will encourage you to act naturally in front of the camera, instead of feeling conscious of your every move. If money is your concern, various package options can fit your wedding video budget. To help with your budget concerns, feel free to talk to your videographer to customize a package that is affordable yet can cover the essential highlights of your special day.

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