2 Types of Music to Use for a Wedding Video – What to Know

April 9, 2020
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April 9, 2020 Dreamcraft

2 Types of Music to Use for a Wedding Video – What to Know

Wedding videography isn’t complete without the perfect music to complement the memorable footage of your special day. There are two types of music you can put in your wedding video: real music footage and dubbed music. It’s crucial to know the difference between the two, so you can discuss with your wedding video service what you want to achieve with your wedding video.

1. Real music footage

This music type refers to the actual music played and captured on video during your wedding day. It can be the processional march song or the song that played during the couple’s first dance as a married pair. When the wedding videographer captures the scene with the music played in the background, it is likely included in the final output. The method incorporates the audience’s reaction in the background, which makes the wedding video contain a more genuine touch of human emotions.

In some cases, the editor might dub over the actual footage with the same music for a cleaner and purer finish. However, you might compromise the atmosphere of emotions from the background. It might also be a request from a client who likes a crisper and cleaner finished output.

Most videographers would recommend maintaining the actual music to preserve the atmosphere using the wedding day. The videographer must record the actual music footage with quality equipment to minimize noise and distractions. Part of an experienced wedding videographer’s job is to adapt the recording settings to cater to the spontaneous music played at various volumes and frequencies.

For example, loud music can play currently, but there will be fluctuating incidents where soft music plays next. During these instances, a professional can predict and adapt the recording settings to make sure the sound stays constant and appropriate at all times. Otherwise, there will be instances where the music might be too harsh and loud on the finished video or would be too difficult to hear.

2. Dubbed music

This music type refers to any music added to the final montage, which is not recorded during the wedding day. They are typically added during the editing process to add emotions to clips that didn’t have music playing during the time of the shoot. In essence, these could be behind the scenes footage, wedding plan settings, pre-nuptial shoots, and more.

The best part is that the bride and groom can pick the dubbed music to place in the montage. The song could have a significant meaning with the couple’s relationship like their favourite song, the song playing on their first date, or the song playing during the proposal. If you’re lost on what to pick, you can ask for advice from your hired wedding video service.


Music is an art in itself. If it’s coupled with memorable footage, it becomes a masterpiece to showcase a special event, especially a wedding. Music help establish an emotional connection with its audience as it takes people on a journey and a roller coaster ride of emotions. The married couple can pick partícular song choices that hold significant meanings in their relationship. In doing so, they can let the audience have a glimpse of their love story through the lyrics of the chosen song.

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