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Wedding Photo & Video – Should I Hire a Team That Does Both?

When you’re planning a wedding, you want to make sure you’re working with reliable teams to make your wedding run smoothly. This begins with your wedding planner, and then your glam team, your kitchen team, and lastly, the team in charge of taking memories and moments: your photography and videography team.

One of the common concerns most couples have is whether they should hire the same team for photography and videography or hire a separate company for both. Wedding video services are entirely different from photography services, and there is a lot that you should consider.

If you need a bit of help with deciding whether you should hire a combined or separate team, here are a few things you need to consider when you’re weighing your options:

Styles may be different

Unless you can schedule a meeting with your wedding videographer and photographer, it may be tricky to come up with an output with the same style. There are cases where you might like the videographer’s style compared to the photographer’s, which may be an issue concerning the output.

Continuity of output is incredibly important, and this is one of the benefits you get from hiring a combined wedding and photography team.

Skills may vary

Another issue you need to consider is that the level of expertise may vary when you hire separate teams for documentation. You should know that not all wedding companies will offer both videography and photography services. You may need to do a bit of research to find the perfect company should you wish to combine both teams.

When you hire a separate company for both services, you’ll have to worry about the level of skills, which could ultimately affect the results of your photos and videos. Finding a company that has the same level of expertise and can give you quality output is more convenient and cost-efficient.

Convenience is important

Convenience is an essential factor in weddings. You want to make sure that you’re not worrying about anything on your wedding day and that things are going according to plan.

When you hire a combined team for your wedding and videography services, you won’t have to worry about communication. This will be much easier for you to manage, and you won’t have to think about wedding photo and video issues on your wedding day.

Techniques are essential

When you work with two separate companies, editing and post-processing your videos and photographs may be tricky. As mentioned earlier, continuity is incredibly important.

When you work with a combined team, you are guaranteed that they have their style and techniques down. They will follow a precise process in coming up with your wedding videos and photos to ensure continuity and consistencies with the finished output.


Unmistakably, working with a combined team for your wedding videography and photography is more convenient. This will make sure that your wedding photos come out the way you desired and are consistent with what you envisioned. Finding the perfect company to work with can be tedious. However, you must make time and weigh your options. When you finally find a company to work with, you can trust that your team will capture the right moments and not miss anything on your wedding day.

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Dreamcraft Films – 3 Reasons Why Hiring a Wedding Videographer Is Worth It

Hiring a wedding videographer may seem like an unnecessary expense on your already long list of vendors. After all, you already have a photographer, right? While it may seem like practically the same thing—they both document your wedding, after all—their contributions to taking stock of your day are incredibly different.

That being said, we have definitely had our share of couples who have come to us and expressed regret at not hiring us for their own weddings. After all, when all is said and done, it’s the documentation of your big day that’s going to stay with you. When that time comes, you might wish you had a professionally-done wedding video to accompany your photos as well.

If you’re thinking of doing away with videographers for your wedding, here are three reasons that we hope will convince you otherwise.

  • Wedding videographers can be discreet

Many people dislike wedding videographers because some people think they interfere with the moment. Many people are less agreeable to videographers blocking the view of a couple’s first kiss as man and wife or other important moments, such as the wearing of the wedding rings and exchanging of vows.

While there is some truth to this concern, most videographers have found ways to fully document an event without having to block an audience’s view. This is particularly true for videographers who prefer a more documentary style of shooting. This means for most of the time, you may not even notice the videographer’s presence until you see the finished video.

  • Photos capture moments, but videos depict life

When it comes to shooting your big day, videographers and photographers form a great team to make sure you get to relive the magical experience. That being said, photos and videos do very different things!

Photos capture moments and freeze them in time, making your big day seem timeless. The best wedding photographers capture the essence of important moments and can evoke emotions that you didn’t know were there.

Meanwhile, videos bring you right back to that exact moment when you and your spouse first spent time together as a married couple. Your wedding video will depict moments that would otherwise not have been possible with static images, such as your father struggling to hold back his tears as he gave you away, or your best friend’s close-to-incriminating, but highly memorable, wedding toast.

These are precious moments that you can relive exactly as if the wedding was yesterday if you hire a wedding videographer for your big day.

  • You can have your wedding video finished on the same day as your wedding

You’d think digital photography was going to be as fast as it gets when it comes to capturing and displaying your wedding’s moments. However, even with the magic of digital photography, your photos will take a few weeks to be ready. This is because photographers will have to sort through thousands of photos taken that day and choose only the best-looking ones, subjecting them to laborious post-processing after that.

Meanwhile, with wedding videographers finding ways to streamline their creative process, and the powerful portable computers available in the market today, same-day edits have become one of the highlights in wedding receptions.

Your wedding videographers can capture all the important moments and highlights of the day, like your wedding ceremony in the morning and all the intimate moments between friends and family. Before the night ends, they’ll then edit and create a five-minute montage with their footage that can be shown to your guests at the wedding dinner.

Your guests will love seeing themselves in the moments that lead up to your wedding, allowing them to take part in the joyous occasion.


Having a wedding video will let you relive the magic and thrill of your wedding day, several years down the road. Time gets us all in the end, and things may change for better or for worse. However, you’ll always have your wedding video to remind you how it felt to get married to your partner again.

Are you looking for a wedding videographer in Australia to document your wedding day? Dreamcraft Films offers wedding video services in Melbourne, Australia. Our team of award-winning photographers and videographers will capture all the precious moments for you to enjoy. Contact us today to learn more!

Dreamcraft Films – Include These 5 Element for an Extraordinary Wedding Video

Include these 5 Elements for an Extraordinary Wedding Video

A film is a great way to commemorate your wedding, which is one of the most special days of your life. However, it is also prone to cliches and can come across as shallow or dated. The key to creating a timeless proof of the couple’s love for each other is by showcasing their personalities, and  here are five things to incorporate in a wedding video to make it unique.

Read a letter out loud

Have a letter as a highlight of your wedding film. Whether as narration over b-roll or part of a program, reading letters to each other is a romantic way to profess your love. It is also a neat solution for couples who shy away from spontaneous speeches.

A handwritten note is a personal, intimate way of sharing your thoughts with someone. Letting others know your feelings by putting them on paper is easier than speaking in front of a crowd. Some people even prefer to write their thoughts down and read that aloud as a speech.

Personalise your vows

Custom wedding vows allow guests a glimpse into your dynamic as a couple. Your promises to each other will reflect your values, shared passions, and wishes for the future, and your wedding ceremony is the best place for you to recommit to those. Vows can create emotional resonance in your film, and become a fond reminder of why you chose to marry each other.

Don’t forget your favourite music

Most films use music to drive the narrative. Wedding films should have a mix of the wedding videographer’s and the client’s picks. The couple could include music that is meaningful to their relationship or songs that correspond to important dates in their time together.

Suppose the couple is not that particular about the music. In that case, the filmmaker could give them a questionnaire or interview them to know more about their personality, which he can use in choosing tracks.

Select your speakers carefully

One thing that sets speeches apart from letters or vows is that it is a window into how other people view the relationship. The personality of the speaker will also lend itself to the final film. If the father of the bride makes a goofy speech, it can make the video lighthearted.

Similarly, an emotional tribute from another relative could give the film a poignant turn. Whoever you choose as a speaker should be someone who knows your journey together, and who can speak about their hopes for your future as a married couple.

Include your proposal video

Some couples do not have a proposal video, and that’s alright. For those that do, however, including it in the film for the wedding ceremony is an excellent way to come full circle. If you have a skilled filmmaker, he can even call back to some elements in the proposal film, to highlight how far the relationship has come.


Every couple’s love story is unique. Although the parts are roughly equivalent—meeting, falling in love, and staying together—the details are what makes each story special. A video of the wedding is a great way to preserve the romance and magic of making a lifelong promise.

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Dreamcraft Films – The Five People You Need for Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, it can be tough to know where to start. There are hundreds of items to check off your to-do list, including finding a reception hall, hiring vendors, and narrowing down a guest list. Even if you have a wedding planner, couples need to give crucial input and insight into the preparations to have a memorable and meaningful ceremony and reception.

While your wedding day will be one of the most significant events you will host in your lives, most people have never had any party planning experience. Getting the ball rolling can be overwhelming, to say the least.

One way to start your planning on the right foot is to form your core team—a group of five people who will play critical roles in your wedding event—save for the soon-to-be-married couple, of course. Once you have the following people on board, you will find that the rest of the details will fall into place and make decisions much more manageable. Your core team should consist of:

  • Your officiant

The officiant will preside over the ceremony. Depending on your preferences, you might have a religious minister or a civil servant solemnise your marriage union. You must have a registered marriage celebrant for your marriage to be considered legal and binding. For most couples, the availability of the officiant will determine the date of the wedding ceremony.

  • Your event planner

Your planner will likely be the busiest person on your team. Many people recruit their best friends to help them plan the day, but it is highly recommended that you hire a professional instead. Planning a wedding is a full-time job that demands attention to detail and excellent organisation skills. Look for someone trustworthy and has a history of successful events under their belt. You can ask for a referral from a friend or family member who was more than satisfied with a planner’s service.

  • The caterer

One of the main highlights of the day for your guests, aside from witnessing your declarations of love, is the food that you will serve at the reception. The caterer is often the person that most couples disagree on, due to different tastes and preferences. Caterers are used to playing referees for brides and grooms, and many of them are skilful at creating delicious compromises.

  • Your venue stylist

Most reception venues are bare halls that need to be dressed up to match the occasion. The venue stylist should be able to take your vision for the day and make it into a reality through decorations, floral arrangements, and other party paraphernalia. You’ll want someone on your wedding team who can create a beautiful, festive atmosphere that reflects your style as a couple.

  • Your wedding videographer

Your wedding only comes around once, but you will want to remember it forever. You can immortalise your special day and look back on it as many times as you like with wedding videography and photography. Camera phones just won’t do the day justice. There are also going to be too many things happening at the same time that you can’t rely on a family member’s casual snaps to get those precious moments on film. Hire a professional wedding videographer so that you can relive the day over and over again, from the time you dress up until the last guest leaves.

A final tip

Regardless of whether you are having an intimate wedding or a grand one, to have a successful event, you will want dependable and responsible partners who are experts in their craft. You might already have some people in mind for the positions above, but remember that you probably aren’t the only couple getting married.

Many of the best suppliers, service providers, and event officiants are often booked up to a year in advance. Be sure to give yourselves ample time–at least nine months to a year–to plan your wedding. When you have enough lead time, you increase your chances of hiring the best people to make your wedding dreams come true.

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Dreamcraft Films – Farewell, Traditions_ 3 Rules You Need to Break

Announcing your engagement will likely have left everyone in tears—unfortunately, that’s where the questions came pouring in. With monstrous planning to do, people will likely have stepped in in an attempt to help you. There will be flowers, your princess white gown, matching bridesmaids gowns, and so much more other things, most of which you do not desire at all.

Your wedding plan to-do list will be undeniably long, but having to work with “wedding rules” you do not fancy can quickly leave things out of hand, and you’ll find yourself unable to breathe throughout the chaos.

Before trying to figure out where to get borrowed, blue, old, and new, take a step back and go through each wedding tradition. Get rid of those you’re pressured to take, especially if they don’t mean anything to you. Modern weddings have become akin to a spectacle—always to impress and scrutinize, rarely ever to enjoy.

Your wedding is the happiest moment of your life, so any wedding rule-breaking will be most welcome. With that being said, here are some of the oldest tricks in the book, better left yellowing in the pages of history. It’s time to put a stamp into your celebration—and fast:

1 – Your outfit needs to be white and a dress

Your mother will have worn a dazzling white gown reminiscent of a Disney princess, but binding yourself to such shades will not make you feel like a bride. Go for colours that speak to your soul, such as a blush mermaid gown, or perhaps an embroidered bohemian dress. If blue gowns bring out the best colours in your eyes, what’s stopping you from doing so?

And if gowns aren’t your cup of tea, you have the liberty to wear whatever you wish. Wedding coordinates pieces are available today, as with chic jumpsuits perfect for the powerful woman that you are. So long as you feel most yourself, you’re the perfect bride.

2 – You must walk down the aisle to that immortal tune

While “Here Comes The Bride” fully personifies just what a wedding should be like, times are changing. Traditions work for others, but if the tune isn’t just working for you, choose an entrance song that’s magical for you and your groom.

You can choose Mozart, Harry Styles, and even classics like Queen and David Bowie. The idea here is to celebrate your special moment, and since music is a huge part of that, the immortal tune wedding rule will need to be broken.

3 – Your wedding must be expensive to be beautiful

Social media continues to cover grand weddings and celebrations, making planning ruthless and more often than not, expensive. People now regard weddings as some sort of competition to flaunt, with hydrangeas covering the dance floor and towering cakes to admire. Spending a bulk of your money on throwing a wedding party may be understandable, but splurging too much is completely unnecessary—stick to what makes you feel you’re most comfortable.

If it’s simple flowers with more leaves and a two-tier cake, then so be it. The idea is to have fun, have a grand time, and revisit your videos and photos when all of it is over. When you look over the footage, you’ll remember how the entire day felt like, not how the carpet looked or how the flowers dominated the scene.

Capturing Your Best Moments—Even With Rules Broken

As the world continues to progress further, the age of social media continues to pressure brides and grooms to throw weddings of the century. While this depends entirely on the couple’s wishes, the idea of a wedding should be a reflection of your love and matrimony. It should be meaningful, and if a grand wedding cannot give that, it’s time to break the rules.

We’re all about breaking wedding rules, but one thing’s for sure: you’ll want to get the best documentation of your wedding. Fret not, Dreamcraft Films knows exactly what you need. As a wedding video service in Melbourne, we’ll help you craft the perfect wedding video, highlighting your best moments for the years to come. Reach out to our talented team today!

Dreamcraft Films – How to Write Your Wedding Vows – Our Guide

Planning your wedding involves serious work. As a couple about to walk down the aisle, you may spend months making sure you have the right dress, or the suit fits you perfectly. You’ll spend hours debating the advantages of event venues versus hotel ballrooms, or whether you should hire a wedding videographer or not. You may even argue about whether to get chocolate or lemon cake and how many layers of it you should have. However, all these details are small matters compared to the main focus of the day, which is the moment you exchange your vows.

Preparing your declaration of love is probably the most important item on your checklist, but often, many brides and grooms tend to leave them for the last minute. Some people decide to do their speeches extemporaneously, but perhaps that defeats the purpose of making vows.

Vows are supposed to be lifelong promises that you have carefully crafted, analysed, and reflected on. They aren’t words to be taken lightly. They also aren’t made for entertaining the crowd or drawing a laugh. Vows should come from a place of thorough consideration, not blurted out in the spur of the moment.

If you are going to walk down the aisle soon, take some time apart from your would-be spouse to write your vows so that you don’t make the mistake of writing down whatever comes to mind on the morning of your wedding. Give yourself a moment to think about your love story, how it began, and the kind of life you want to build together in the future. If you need help crafting the words, here are some tips that may help:

  • Visit with your pastor or a mentor

In every relationship, you will need someone to turn to for guidance and encouragement. Your officiant may be a religious leader or a layperson. You may have asked them to preside over your union because they are a source of wisdom and authority in your lives. They may be able to help you reflect on your future and your relationship with your spouse-to-be. Have a conversation with them. They may be able to offer insights and give you inspiration for your vows.

  • Reflect on couples’ marriages you admire

You may have been to plenty of weddings before and witnessed countless sappy exchanges, but when it’s your turn to declare your love before your friends and family, you may find yourself at a loss for words. Think about the couples you genuinely admire and what words they used at their wedding. Weed out the platitudes and schmaltz and talk about how you will work hard to be the best partner you can be.

  • Look through your photographs as a couple

Nothing helps inspire a person more than a trip down memory lane. Reflect on your favourite moments together, and consider the tough times as well. Your vows should come to mind when you think about how happy your future spouse makes you feel and how you want to reciprocate that feeling in them for the rest of your lives together.

  • Write for the future, not the past

When you write your vows, make it about a future you will build together. Leave out the past problems. You shouldn’t bring them into your marriage anyway. Make promises from a place of happiness, not out of fear that either of you will disappoint one another or commit mistakes.

  • Rehearse them in front of a mirror

Once you have a draft of your vows, try saying them in front of a mirror. Imagine your partner in front of you as you make these promises. Ask yourself if they reflect how you truly feel, or if you may be saying them just to check off a traditional tick box?

Getting into the right mindset to write your vows is essential. Don’t leave your vows to the last minute when everyone is buzzing about the wedding day fixing your hair or tucking back bridesmaid dresses. The vows are the crux of the wedding, consider them as carefully as you would your wedding videographer or catering menu. Once you get into the right frame of mind, you will find that the words will flow as freely as you feel your love for your partner.

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3 Things You Should Do Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer

There can be a lot of chaos behind planning a wedding. With so many details to take care of, from catering to arranging the décor, it can be easy to forget the significance of one of the most special days of your life.

Fortunately, all your efforts will pay off to create the wedding of your dreams—and there’s no better way to capture the magic of the day than by hiring a wedding videographer. Before settling on a videographer, there are a few things you need to consider: does their artistic vision match yours? What about their videography style? What equipment will they be using?

Here are X things you need to do before hiring a wedding videographer:

Figure Out What You Want

The most important thing to do before finding a videographer for your wedding is to figure out what you want your video to look like. It doesn’t have to go down to the exact details as the videographer may have a few tricks that you may end up preferring. However, it’s good to have a vision for it so you can determine whether or not your idea matches your videographer’s.

For example, if you prefer a cinematic vibe to your film with dramatic angles and edits that evoke a Hollywood feel, you’ll want to check your videographer’s portfolio to see if they’ve done something similar. If you prefer linear, chronological visual storytelling, videographers who specialise in documentaries may be your best bet.

You’ll discover more things you may want out of your video by consulting your friends and family who have gotten married recently. You can even ask your vendors for their picks, as they’ve most likely worked with other videographers while handling other weddings.

Shop Around

Now that you know what you want from your videographer, it’s time to shop around. It may be tempting to settle for the cheapest company you find, but you wouldn’t want to cut corners on memorialising your wedding forever!

Even if you may have found someone that ticks all your boxes, it’s best to continue your search until you have a shortlist of about five or so companies. The goal is to find a service that offers the best quality packages at a reasonable price—preferably one that’s been widely recognised by other wedding blogs and magazines.

Ask All Your Questions

Another important thing to consider about creating your wedding video is making sure you have all your questions prepared. If you’ve found a videographer whose vision resembles yours, ask for their footage and portfolio from completed events. These should go beyond the highlights that are usually uploaded to their social media. Observe the editing, the soundtrack, the angles, and the specific moments that were captured. This is an indicator of what your own video will look like.

You may also want to ask them about the equipment and technology they use during the day of filming. You’ll want to make sure that their equipment is first-rate and produces the best quality sound and picture. Asking a few videographers this same question will give you a better picture of what equipment is in use and which ones are top of the line.

It’s also important to find out what exactly their services will cover during your wedding day. Will they produce a short montage? Or will they include a feature-length film? Understand their payment terms, the number of shooters that will accompany them, their cancellation policy, and other pertinent details.


Hiring a wedding videographer is crucial to recording the enchantment and beauty of your wedding day. You’ll want a company that approaches each project with passion and dedication and treats every detail with love. You’ll also want a company that applies that same care to their expertise and advice.

Looking for a company that fits the bill? Get in touch with us at Dreamcraft Films! We are a creative video production agency in Melbourne that specialises in wedding videography. We’ve been nominated as the top five wedding video production companies in Victoria and have been featured extensively in several online wedding publications. Contact us today to get started on documenting your dream wedding!

Dreamcraft Films – Why Hire a Wedding Videographer for Your Elopement

If you are planning an elopement, one of the main reasons why you may want to do it is you want to have an intimate and private wedding celebration—a day that is all about just you and the love of your life.  You may want to be stripped away from the stress, pressure, distraction, and anxiety involved when having a traditional wedding. However, that does not mean you shouldn’t capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment in your life in video.

Hiring a wedding videographer could be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. This is because skilled and knowledgeable videographers who are backed by years of experience are more than capable of immortalizing your special day.

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a professional videographer for your elopement:

  • You will avoid having any regrets

You might think that hiring a videographer is an unnecessary expense. After all, you can just ask your family member or friend who is handy with the camera to take videos of you during your wedding day. However, having a professionally taken wedding video filled with some of your life’s most precious moments is worth your every penny. It is a worthwhile investment that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Don’t miss your only chance to capture your special day. You might regret it in the future if you don’t hire a videographer for your wedding.

  • You can preserve your memories

Videos put you right back in the very moment of your big day. You can watch what transpired during your wedding and relive your most favorite moments over and over again.

By hiring a professional videographer who specializes in wedding videography, you get to showcase your relentless love for one another, showcase your love story, and preserve your special memories.

  • You will get to hear your wedding vows again

Wedding vows are one of the highlights of your wedding. They are the promises you make to each other. These vows let you express your plan to navigate your life as a married couple, the meaning of being married and committed to your significant other, and anything else you would want to say to your lifelong partner.

No relationship is perfect, and as years go by, you and the person dearest to your heart are bound to face challenges and obstacles along the way. Having a beautiful wedding film that encapsulates the love and passion you share allows you to relive your happiest days and can remind you of how much you mean to each other. This can also serve as a reminder of how far you have come as a married couple.


Your elopement is a once-in-a-lifetime moment in your life that deserves to be remembered and relived more than just once. The perfect way to achieve that is by hiring a professional videographer who can capture your most special moments beautifully. Work only with an expert who understands your vision and is more than willing to translate your love and story to a charming and heartwarming wedding film.

Relive the joy, love, and thrill of your wedding day by seeking our wedding video service in Melbourne. Contact us to book our services!

Dreamcraft Films – 5 Valuable Tips to Help Create Your Dream Wedding Video – Our Guide

As a couple approaching your lives’ biggest day, you will want everything on your wedding day to run smoothly. Other than that, you will also want to make sure that these precious moments are captured and made immortal in a beautiful wedding video.

During your preparations, you are probably on your quest to find a wedding video service that you can rely on for this big task. While they are responsible for providing you with the best service to achieve your dream video, you also have a part to play in the overall outcome.

In this article, we will share five valuable tips to make sure you’ll get a film that you’ll want to watch and relive for years to come:

1. Set a budget for it

A survey showed that 98% of all newlyweds regretted not getting a wedding video. There are many reasons couples decide to forgo a videographer for the big day, one of them being their finances.

A videographer will be able to record your most special moments with the special people in your life. It is often said that good times pass by so quickly, and the same goes for your big day. You may be involved in all the happiness, love, and emotions that the day can go by in a whirlwind. Once you set a considerable budget, the good thing is that you can always relive the magic of that day with professional videographers.

2. Choose the wedding videographer you truly want to work with

After setting a budget, the next point you should know is that not all videographers work the same and offer the same quality of output. Because of this, you must do your part by researching your options carefully and looking up their previous works. Choose the one whose style and previous works resonate with what you have in mind.

3. Book them right away

Couples often make the mistake of waiting too long to book a videographer for their big day. If you want to save yourself from the possibility of being turned down and having to find another provider in a tight timeline, it’s best to book early.

More often than not, professional videographers limit the number of projects they accept each month to ensure the best quality. Get the chance to work with the one you want by booking them as early as possible!

4. Coordinate with your videographer

Your videographers can help you turn your dream video into reality, but only if you fill them in on the plans that you have. Don’t assume that they already know what to do. Rather, share with them your ideas and how you want your videos to turn out so they can strategise on how to achieve it.

Moreover, if you and your partner are conscious about being filmed, share this with your wedding videographers, so they can help you relax and feel at ease, which is important in capturing your most genuine smiles. On top of that, talk to your videographers if you are planning any surprises for your partner so that they can catch everyone’s priceless reactions!

5. Set a realistic timeline

It’s all right to aspire for lovely ideas for your footages, but you must also consider your wedding day’s timeline and how everything will fit into the schedule. Keep in mind that he videographers will need time to move from one location to another, let alone set up their equipment, so you must also consider this in your planning. Give the videography team enough time to work their magic so that you can get the wedding film you wish for.


Wedding preparations can be stressful and overwhelming, but you can save yourself the trouble and stress by keeping in mind the tips shared in preparing for your coverage. As long as you have found the perfect videographer for your big day and have done your part, you can leave it to the experts and enjoy your magical day.

Need an outstanding wedding video service in Melbourne to capture your big day? You can count on our expert videographers at Dreamcraft Films to go above and beyond your expectations. Get in touch with us today to see how we can turn your most magical moments into cinematic films!

Dreamcraft – 3 Elements of Your Wedding Video That You Can Customise

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for you and your partner, so it’s only natural that you want to capture every precious moment that you can tirelessly watch and enjoy in the future. Aside from the fact that there are many skilled wedding video production teams that you can hire to ensure that you get professionally-made footage, did you know that you can also customise your wedding video to make it reflect your vision?

You can do so by coordinating with your videographer as early as possible to achieve the wedding video you have always dreamed of! Here are three elements of your wedding video that you can tweak according to your preference:

1. The length of your wedding video

Wedding videos often vary in length. The wedding videos you’ve most likely seen are wedding highlights that usually only last for 3-6 minutes. This video style includes the best parts of the day, all edited with a creative spin to it. These are the videos that you will share on social media for your friends and loved ones to watch.

On the other hand, a full-movie edit is a documentary-style video that runs for one to two hours. Moreover, this is a high-quality film that recaps your whole wedding day, starting from the preparations to the full ceremony and even the reception. Unlike the wedding highlights video, which is perfect for sharing on social media, this video is usually meant only for your family so that you have a full record of that wonderful day.

2. The song to be used

You also have a say in what mood you want to create in your wedding video. If you want to achieve a dark and dramatic atmosphere, you can suggest songs with stringed instruments and lots of dynamics to create varying degrees of intensity throughout the video. Conversely, if you want to achieve something more lighthearted, you can choose songs with a happier melody.

Keep in mind that using songs with lyrics is not recommended because they can mask the vows or other speeches. However, if you have a song that has a significant value for you and your partner, you can coordinate with your videography team to have it included as a special part of your film.

3. The colouring and lighting

Along with your song choice, other elements that significantly impact your wedding videos are the colouring and lighting that will be used. You should let your wedding videographer know as early as possible about your preferences when it comes to the brightness and the tones. Some prefer warmer colours, while others prefer colder tones. Some prefer darker videos with shadows and high contrasts to add a dramatic effect, while others prefer brighter videos for a fresh look.

Discuss this element with your videographer to make sure they’re on the same page as you are, or better yet, find videographers who have produced works that are close to your vision. Take a look at their portfolios to get an idea of what their style is.


Getting professionally-made videos is excellent. Nevertheless, you are still free to coordinate with your wedding videographer to customise your video according to your preferences and make it even better! After all, it is your day, and you deserve to keep those picture-perfect moments immortalised in videos that truly reflect your love and personalities.

If you’re looking for a wedding video service in Melbourne, we have got you covered. We’ve been nominated as top 5 Wedding Video Production in Victoria and have been featured in online wedding blogs/magazines over the years. Get in touch with us today!

Dreamcraft – 3 Ways to Make Your Rehearsal Dinner Truly Unforgettable – Our Guide

Most wedding videos will centre around the ceremony and the reception because it’s a beautiful way to encapsulate one of the most magical milestones of your life. Having this media option is also an excellent way to remind you of the exciting and romantic moments of your wedding day years into the future.

During your actual wedding day, you and your partner might be too busy attending to your guests and ensuring that everything goes smoothly that you may forget to enjoy the moment. This is why having a wedding film will ensure that every moment is captured for posterity.

At the same time, do you remember the last rehearsal dinner you attended? Were the speeches more jovial and honest, because everyone in the room truly knew each other? If so, then you should spend a little bit more time planning your rehearsal dinner.

In this article, we will share three ways to make your rehearsal dinner truly unforgettable:

1. Keep the guest list short

The rehearsal dinner is not the wedding reception, so it makes sense to keep the rehearsal dinner only for your immediate families and your closest friends. It’s a time for you to celebrate this momentous occasion without all the frills of the big day, but with the warmth and affection brought about by the people closest to you.

2. Capture it on film

What most people don’t realise is that rehearsal dinners are often the first time that all your loved ones get together in the same room and truly realise the joy of the occasion. Guests are more comfortable, and many will share the stories and jokes that are likely too personal for the big reception.

You’ll also want to capture the tears that your mother shed as she first contemplated that you were really getting married. These are events that will likely happen only once, and you’ll want to have them captured on the video to remind you of how precious these moments can be.

3. Show a great video

The rehearsal dinner is the perfect time to whip out the old photos of you and your partner and make a slideshow. Choose your best photos from your childhood and even the photos of you and your partner from when you began dating, and include pictures with your friends. You can even show footage of your wedding proposal to cap off a nice journey told in a series of photos and videos.

Pop in a good song that tells the story well, and you’ll have the perfect rehearsal dinner video. Just make sure to keep the video short and sweet (at most three minutes), and have a box of tissues handy for the inevitable tears to come.


Despite its humble name, the rehearsal dinner is not just a time to practice for your actual wedding day. It often sets the tone of your wedding and lets your guests know what can be expected. Capturing these intimate moments will make produce a much richer story that will make your final wedding video personal and real. The rehearsal dinner video will be less about making the perfect wedding, but it will be about the people you love.

Dreamcraft Films is an award-winning team of wedding videographers in Melbourne. If you want to capture the beauty of your big day that will last for years to come, get in touch with us today to see how we can help make that happen!

3 Essential Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Your wedding day can perhaps be the most memorable part of your life, so you’d want to do whatever it takes to capture every single detail. While photos are an ideal way to capture all your best moments, nothing beats the magic of videos. The best videographer can capture scenes you’d want to watch over and over, such as the father and daughter dance or the first bridal kiss.

Choosing a wedding videographer is no easy task, however, as the wedding footage is an investment. You’ll want to conduct adequate research on what you wish to see, and what your videographer should be like. The end goal is to come up with a glorious representation of your day, one that you’ll be re-watching for years to come.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up everything you must consider before booking a wedding videographer. Wedding preparations are overwhelming enough as it is—your videographer search doesn’t have to add to the stress!

1 – Initiate a conversation, not a sales pitch

During the appointment, you’d naturally talk about the products, services, pricing, and packages. It’s inherently a financial decision, but remember that this is your wedding. It’s your special day, one that warrants knowing and communicating what you want.

Prices and packages are important, but your videographer will want you to talk about schedules and everything about your wedding. With this in mind, remember to initiate a chat. You’d want to create a conversation that will help both parties understand what needs to be done. Their expertise will also help, so listen carefully. There’s always room for improvement and blending concepts, so take a leap and make that happen!

2 – Know what moments you wish to be covered

As you ponder on your options, remember to have a list of all the key moments you wish to be covered. You’ll need to finalise the hours of booking, the type of clips you want, and which moments need to be filmed—would you like other details to be filmed, along with the bridal and groom preparation, ceremony, and reception?

All of this depends on your needs, but your videographer needs to know the full scope and details of the work. Packages will be readily available for you—you’ll just need to finalize all the moments you want to be captured!

3 – Communicate

Your videographer is an artist—they’ll look at their pieces as artistic endeavours, and you’ll want them to be as creative as possible. They’ll want to tell your wedding day story, but they may have a specific vision in mind—one that could be at odds with yours. For this reason, you must always communicate with your videographer.

If you have a certain idea of what you wish to see in your videos, let them know. Talk about the songs you wish to use, among other things. Knowing how your dynamics work early on will speak volumes about what should transpire in the future. Initiating an open conversation helps you weigh your options before signing any contract.

The Bottom Line

Your wedding day should be an entire celebration of love and marriage, and you deserve to experience it in the best possible way. Capturing all the best moments can be done through photographs, but watching it unfold through videos is an experience you’ll want to have for years to come.

Finding the right videographer to capture fleeting moments of magic may seem like a daunting task, especially when placed on top of your other wedding obligations. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be—as long as you communicate and have a good grasp of what you wish to be done, you’ll be well on your way to a magical wedding day.

For the best video production agency in Melbourne, Victoria, Dreamcraft Films is the place to call. We specialise in wedding video productions, and our works have been featured in various online magazines and blogs!

Dreamcraft Films – The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Professional Wedding Videographer

With the rise of same-day wedding edits among millennial couples, hiring the right wedding videographer is a big decision to make. On your wedding day, you’re entitled to a wedding video that is everything you want it to be. As wedding videographers continue to up their game and skill level, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices to just one or two. With so many things such as style and package inclusions to consider, take a look at these do’s and don’ts before making your final decision.

DON’T: Cover the entire history of your relationship

Most wedding videos span from 5 to even 20 or 30 minutes long, so recapping your entire relationship isn’t necessary. Chances are your loved ones will already know most of it anyway, especially if you’ve been posting about it on social media. Instead, incorporate a few milestones to introduce your video, and keep this segment to about 3 minutes long.

Consider taking a documentary-type approach to the rest of your video, capturing moments before, during, and after the wedding. While some bits of your video might be choreographed, most modern wedding films are very minimally posed. This makes your final product feel more genuine and less staged. When shopping for wedding videographers, be sure to take a look at their previous work and whether they feel natural and authentic.

DON’T: Showcase the entire ceremony

While you may be keen on reliving your entire wedding, it isn’t necessary to include the entire ceremony in your final video. You can definitely have the entire ceremony recorded, but be explicit in differentiating this from your actual wedding video. Where a ceremony video is more of a simple replay, your wedding video is where style and editing come into play.

DON’T: Ask guests for interviews

Especially for couples with a larger roster of guests, conducting interviews can be exhausting for both the guests and the videographer. They can also be uncomfortable and awkward. Not to mention, most of these interviews may not even make it into the final cut. Interviews can also take away from more meaningful moments if your videographer has their sights set elsewhere.

DO: Focus on the highlights reel instead of the raw footage

If you have to pay an extra fee to receive the raw footage from your wedding, you might be better off taking a highlights reel instead. This spans from 10 to 30 minutes long and recounts only your best and most cinematic moments. Most videographers will be entitled to give you the raw footage anyway, but it pays to be aware that these are usually hours long and aren’t cohesive.


Because selecting a wedding videographer can be a stressful process, it’s important to know exactly what you want to include in your final product first. Consult with several suppliers before you make your final decision—this can give you a better idea of what it’ll be like to work with them and what your finished video will look like.

Wedding season is just around the corner, so it’s time to start consulting about wedding videography in Melbourne with us at Dreamcraft Films! We don’t just make wedding videos—we make films that allow you to relive your favorite moments in the most cinematic way.

Dreamcraft Films – 4 Essential Tips for Getting the Perfect Wedding Video – Our Guide

Preserving the memories of your wedding day is essential. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you will want to remember and cherish for the rest of your life. For that reason, you need to count on a dependable wedding videographer who can turn your dream wedding video into reality.

With all the various wedding packages that you can choose from, picking one that perfectly fits your needs and preferences can easily get overwhelming. To help you have the wedding video that you would want to watch over and over again, follow the tips below.

  • Ask for recommendations and referrals

If you are planning to hire a professional videographer but don’t know where to start looking, you may ask for recommendations and referrals from your other wedding suppliers. You can also ask friends and family members who have worked with reliable wedding videographers in the past.

You may also want to research online to broaden your choices and check the reviews and feedback on their websites and social media accounts. Make sure to hire a professional that specialises in wedding videography.

  • Interview potential wedding videographers before hiring them

Being at ease with your professional videographer plays a major role in how your wedding video will turn out. After all, they will be capturing your precious moments on the most important day of your life.

To make sure that you are hiring a videographer who is easy to talk to and work with, conduct interviews with them beforehand. Schedule a day to meet them in person or talk to them via video chat. Don’t forget to ask them the right questions to determine if they are the right fit for your wedding video needs, such as their usual working process.

  • Work with a professional videographer with a style that you love

Professional videographers capture wedding videos differently. They have one-of-a-kind approaches and styles that make their work unique. To ensure that you will get a wedding video that you will surely love, figure out the style that you would want to see on your wedding video and watch various works of professional videographers. Whether you want a documentary-style video or a wedding film with a cinematic feel, you have to make sure to work with a videographer who can translate what you envision into a video.

  • Double-check the details of the wedding video package of your choice

When choosing a wedding video package, you must first need to determine all the inclusions that you would like to get. Read the contract carefully, making sure that all the important information is outlined. That includes the total hours your videographer will be working with you, the number of shooters you are going to work with, cancellation policies, and fees.


Preparing for your wedding is not an easy task. You need to plan and pick out the perfect dress, venue, food, photographer, and of course, videographer. To get a wedding video that you will watch tirelessly for many years to come, make sure to hire a professional videographer whom you can count on.

Capture your most unforgettable moments on your wedding day with our outstanding wedding video service in Melbourne. Contact us to book our services!

Dreamcraft Films – The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Videography

Your big day is coming up and you want every unmissable moment captured on camera. Every bride’s wedding video, among other things, is one for the books and should be exactly what you want it to be. Hiring the perfect wedding videographer in Melbourne is one thing, but half the work goes into letting them know how you want your special moments captured. Read on for a few essential wedding videography tips!

Tip #1 – Know the style of video you want

Wedding videos can be edited into dozens of formats. It’s up to you to decide whether you want your special day to look like a music video, a narrative, a short film, or whatever suits your personality.

The theme of your video can dictate other elements during editing, so you’ll want to sit down with your videographer before your wedding day. Presenting a few pegs of wedding videos you’ve seen online might help give your team a better idea of what it is you’re looking for.

You can also share a few songs you’d like included in the video, or if your videographer has anything similar to work with.

Tip #2 – Give your team a timeline

An excellent wedding film is a combination of videography and photography. If you don’t want to miss a moment, let your team in on your schedule for the day, so they know exactly which moments need to go on film or in photographs. Be sure to invite your videography team over during the beginning of the day so as not to miss out on any preparation shots.

Tip #3 – Hire everyone from the same company

There are dozens of renowned and highly recommended wedding photographers and videographers on the market, but your dream team should come from the same company. This ensures that you avoid clashing with vendors who have contrasting styles and methods that may necessitate reshoots. Not to mention, teams that have already worked together in the past will likely demonstrate a good rhythm when it comes to your wedding video.

Tip #4 – Collaborate with your vendors

Your wedding team doesn’t only consist of your photographer and videographer, but your vendors as well. From your venue to your table settings and flowers, vendors can help enhance your final video product by means of design. They might even make it into a few preparation shots. Who knows? Your video team may even be familiar with your vendor’s work.

Tip #5 – Throw in shots of your preparation

A large part of your wedding day is getting everything together just the way you’ve planned. Capturing sweet moments such as getting your hair and makeup done or your fiance having a laugh with their wedding party can turn out to be a charming addition to your final video. Remember, establishing shots tell the full story, and preparing to walk down the aisle is one of your most defining moments!


In most cases, your wedding only happens once, so you won’t want to leave any moment out.

If it’s about that time of year to find a wedding video service in Melbourne, collaborate with us at Dreamcraft Films! We believe the best films stem from a passion fueled by your special day.

4 Moments During Your Wedding That Videographer Shouldn’t Miss

It’s a not-so-secret secret that the videos of the moments leading up to a wedding ceremony are just as important as the celebration itself. After all, those minutes are filled with exhilaration and anticipation—they’re the ones you’ll love to relive decades down the road.

With your special day coming right around the corner, chances are that you, your spouse-to-be, and your wedding planners are trying to get everything put together perfectly. While it may seem like a last-minute video meeting and detailed strategy are the only ways to get what you want, the truth is that compiling a shotlist will more than suffice.

To make sure that your wedding video is the way you want it and the final finish is as high-quality and memorable as it should be, here are a few shots you should ensure your documentation team takes note of:

The moment that you start getting ready

Of course! Any wedding video that truly captures the magic of the celebration starts with a selection of shots encapsulating the raw emotion in the moments leading up to the grand walk.

The pre-walk process is packed with precious and candid moments that you’ll thank yourself for having filmed because of the part they play in the narrative. From bridesmaids crying and praying together to grooms getting a last-minute piece of advice from their father or mother-in-law to be, those little moments are well worth documenting!

The grand entrance of the bride

Ah yes, another undeniable staple of any wedding video’s own shotlist.

At the pivotal moment of any wedding ceremony, the grand entrance that starts as soon as the door opens is arguably the most moving part of the whole experience (aside from the “I Do’s,” which we’ll get to in a bit). During the walk down the aisle, the tangible emotions in the air will make for an impactful part of the video, especially when the tears of joy, excitement, and laughter begin to fill the room.

The exchange of vows

In any wedding, no moment openly spells and shows the emotional bond that both the bride and groom-to-be have better than the moment they exchange vows. Every sentence and promise given between the soon-to-be-married couple is a moving moment that helps lay the foundation for a lifelong commitment and bond. It’s a tear-jerking part of the story that’s definitely worth capturing!

The Gift and Love Letter exchange

Many couples now choose to draft up letters of everything they’d like to express to their partner before they cement the bond that they have, exchanging them along with a special gift to celebrate the transition. It may not seem like much at first, but this part of the wedding proper makes for some of the most emotional moments shared between two lovers because of how raw the moment truly is!


When done correctly, a wedding video can easily prove to be a token of your special day that immortalizes a special moment in your life as best as possible. By taking note of the right moments to let your videography team work their magic, you’ll be able to assure yourself of the perfect tear-jerking wedding video!

We’re a Melbourne-based wedding videographer that helps couples immortalize the best moments in their lives with top-quality work. Book an appointment with us today to see what we can do!

Why Wedding Videographers Are Essential for Every Marriage

Planning a wedding is a lot like doing an obstacle course where you jump from one logistical requirement to another. After you’ve reserved the venue, booked the catering service, and ordered a custom wedding cake, you’ll eventually reach the bottom item on your list: making the decision to choose between a photographer or a videographer.

“Why choose either a photographer or a videographer?”

A typical response to not hiring a wedding videographer is that the couple has already hired a dedicated photographer to cover the event. Though the same memories can indeed be captured either on a photo, the craftsmanship of a skilled videographer can make the memory of the event more personalized and creative, as they can curate personal montages, gather wedding guest testimonials, and overall give you a scenic perspective of your own wedding.

In this article, we’ll give you three convincing reasons why you need a wedding videographer for your wedding:

1. To see a new perspective

Old married couples will tell you that the grand event of walking up the aisle and sharing vows with their partners is definitely one of the most important milestones of their lives. However, they will also let you know how fast things fly by while they’re in the moment. Experiencing the surge of emotions in that one moment makes them lose track of the other exciting things that are happening around them.

Over time, their recollection of the event can be misremembered. Plus, rings can get lost, and photo albums can lose their impact. A video recording of your wedding is a concrete memento that will last for years to come.

2. To give the event the formality it deserves

Wedding videography back then was more similar to amateur documentaries compared to the storyboarded, multiple-angled, fully-designed coverage videos of today. Wedding videographers are professionals who work not just throughout the day of the event itself but also through the weeks leading to your wedding.

Nothing ruins a ceremony more than having a bunch of guests ruining shots by taking photos with their own phones and tablets. Unfortunately, with the development of more powerful phone cameras, people feel that they’re entitled to snap every moment to post on their social media accounts. Having a reliable and dedicated videography team present at your wedding can give your event the formality it deserves.

3. To relive and share the moment

Reliving the moment is what a wedding video is all about. One practical reason why people refused to avail of wedding videographers back then was because the media format was inaccessible to the public. Not everyone had the patience to go through multiple VHS tapes and CDs to go through an entire wedding in one sitting.

Archiving wedding tapes used to be a hassle, with these older formats requiring delicate care to survive long after your wedding day. However, thanks to modern technology, the recording, archiving, and sharing of digital media has never been easier. Having a digital copy of your wedding allows you to share your precious moments online with people who couldn’t be present at the event. You can share this video with your friends, family, and even with your future kids.


A marriage is a goal that you achieve not just for yourself, but with someone special you want to share a life with. When it comes to milestones in your life, it’s always best to look at things in the long term. Hiring a videographer to have a digital copy of one of the most important chapters of your life is a purchase that’s guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment.

If you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Melbourne, our team of creative professionals at Dreamcraft Films is here to make your memories last a lifetime. Book our services today!

Wedding Videography – How to Choose the Hours of Coverage

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event where you and the people dearest to your heart will be brought together to witness the beginning of your journey with the love of your life. Because of this, making your big day as perfect as possible is important.

While planning for your wedding day is an exciting affair, it can easily get stressful and daunting. Aside from the dress, cake, venue, food, and guests, you need to think carefully about hiring a wedding videographer. After all, there is no better way to document and relive the precious moments of your special day than with a beautifully captured wedding video.

From a few hours to a full day, you can choose how many hours of coverage you will have for your wedding. However, with the many options available, deciding on this can get confusing. If you need help to determine the right number of wedding videography hours, this guide is for you.

  • Develop a timeline for your wedding day

Before hiring a wedding videographer, you need to come up with a timeline of your wedding day. Make sure to consider the distance between the various venues of your ceremony and the reception, the number of your guests, and other activities that are bound to happen. This will help you get a rough idea of what will take place and how many hours of coverage you need.

  • List down the moments that you want to appear on your wedding video

Think about the scenes that are worth featuring on your video aside from the bride entrance, your wedding vows, and your first dance as a married couple. To make sure that your wedding videographer will be ready to capture these feature-worthy scenes, create a list of all the moments that you want to appear on your video.

  • Consider your budget

While hiring a skilled and reliable wedding videographer is an excellent investment, you need to consider your overall budget and ensure that you can afford these services. You have to do your research and compare the various rates of different videographers to get a general idea of the average pricing for a videography package. This way, you can determine the hours of coverage you can afford.


When it comes to planning your wedding, you need to consider not only the major aspects but also the little details that make your special day even more unforgettable. This includes hiring a wedding videographer to have your precious moments preserved in a video that you and your loved ones will cherish forever. By having excellent coverage of your wedding day, you can reminisce about all of the details of your wedding and feel the thrill, excitement, and overwhelming love you experienced that day.

Before hiring a wedding videographer, you need to decide on how many hours of coverage you need. Ensure that you have more than enough time to capture all of the details you want to cover by considering the number of your guests, your budget, the size of your party, the distance between the locations, and the activities that will take place. Finally, hire only a wedding videographer who is backed by years of experience and is capable of turning your vision into reality.

If you are looking for a wedding videographer in Melbourne, then you can turn to us. We are a professional creative video production agency that can cater to your needs. Get in touch with now!

3 Unique Video Ideas for Your Wedding – Our Guide

When the wedding day comes, it is filled with cherished and unforgettable memories that are sure to live on everyone’s hearts for years to come. However, memory can fade over time; that’s why brides and grooms across the world are looking for different ways to capture their special day and commemorate it in full colour.

In addition to photography, wedding videos serve as a beautiful medium to look back at the love and laughter shared with all the right details – from the subtle shifts in expression as you say “I do” to see all the fun happening with your guests behind the scenes.

Using videos is now common in almost every modern wedding, which begs the question: how can you incorporate videos to your wedding and let your audience see your love story?

Tip #1: Create a Short Film Based on Your Love Story

If you want to put the spotlight on the love that bloomed through the years and look back on it with your families and friends, what better way to reminisce than to watch it all on film? You can use a mixed-media style of videography, which combines a documentary, stylistic, and narrative elements to capture your relationship.

It could include videos from your past, photos, along with recreated moments to set up a story leading up to the grandest moment: your wedding day!

Tip #2: Capture Everything in Your Wedding Through a Documentary

If you want to look back at your wedding and see all the details – from moments you’ve missed to the ones you’d like to reminisce, doing a documentary-style video should do the trick. It can follow the bride and groom’s story starting from their preparations, to the moment the blushing bride walks the aisle, to the father-daughter dance during the reception, and everything in between!

Documentaries can also be done in both ways – one a same-edit video for the couple, friends, and family to watch before ending the day. The other can be a more refined documentary, which includes a more narrative direction for those who want to share the happenings of their wedding on social media or for those who couldn’t attend the date.

Tip #3: Surprise the Bride with a Wedding Proposal Video

If you want to take the extra step to express your love, organizing a surprise proposal video is an excellent and tear-jerking way to do it! It allows you and the bride to look back at the life-changing moment and share the proposal with your family and friends.

It’s also an opportunity to bring extra happiness to your bride, along with a beautiful keepsake you can add to future anniversary celebrations.

The Bottom Line

Every bride and groom dreams of having a picture-perfect moment. With that in mind, the videos will serve as a dynamic way to capture each moment, allowing couples to look back at their special day with the same magical touch. Find a wedding video service to professionally assist you!

If you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Melbourne, get in touch with us to see how we can help capture your perfect wedding moments!

What to Ask Your Videographer Before Hiring Them

Having your special day recorded by a professional wedding videographer to rewatch for years down the line is a great investment. When you have a beautifully-produced wedding video, you can relive your moments walking down the aisle, having your first dance, the bouquet toss, enjoying with your friends on the dance floor, the funny best man’s speech, as well as catch other highlights that you might have missed the first time around. These moments can’t be caught to the same effect in a photo, so a wedding video is ideal.

This just means that hiring a wedding videographer is all the more important to capture precious memories. And since hiring one may take up a sizeable chunk of your budget, it’s vital that you do vet them thoroughly before you commit. From their shooting style to how they collaborate with the photographer, here are the essential questions you should ask your potential wedding videographer:

How long have you been filming weddings? How many clients do you take on per year?

Asking these two questions is important to figure out how experienced the videographer is. In the coming years, you’ll look at all the footage to remember all your favourite things from your wedding day, so you want to hire someone who is capable of catching every detail. An experienced videographer can make that happen.

What is your wedding videography style?

You want to get a sense of the style your videographer uses so you can have a clear idea of what to expect. Ideally, their style should match your dream aesthetic. If you have a preferred style but you and the videographer don’t have the same idea of what it means, you risk paying for a video that you don’t like and don’t feel inclined to watch. When you’re vetting videographers, it’s also important that you ask for samples of their work to get a sense of their professionalism and the kind of work they do.

Have you ever worked with my choice of photographer?

On your wedding day, both your videographer and photographer will both be attempting to capture the same moments, so it’s important that they know how to work together to avoid getting in each other’s way. If they haven’t had the chance to collaborate before, make sure that you put them in touch so they can coordinate beforehand. Ensure that they have the opportunity to talk before the big day to discuss the format and how they want to get it all shot.

Will there be a second shooter present?

It’s almost impossible for a single videographer to get all the shots they need without a backup. You want to ensure that they have a second shooter to capture every moment on camera. More often than not, a second shooter comes with the videography package, but it’s good to ask just to make sure that you have all the manpower needed.

In Conclusion

Having a professional wedding videographer means you have someone to immortalize all the highlights and candid moments during your wedding that you can enjoy even after years after the event. Make sure to answer all the listed questions above to land with the right vendor.

If you’re based in Melbourne and want a wedding videographer or wedding video service to capture your special day, get in touch with us today.

Why You Need to Hire Wedding Videographers With Excellent Storytelling Skills

Wedding videos tell the story of the bride and groom. Through top-notch wedding videography techniques, wedding videographers—especially those with remarkable storytelling skills—are capable of capturing the celebration of romance as well as the anticipation, tension, and affection felt by everyone during the wedding day.

If you are tying the knot, then you should not hesitate to invest in qualified wedding videographers. Your professionally made wedding video will allow you and your loved ones to relive all the special moments of your wedding day for years to come.

Get started now in preserving the beginning of your happily ever after! Here are some benefits of working with wedding videographers who are especially talented in incorporating storytelling into their work:

1. They make an effort to understand you and your significant other better

To produce a high-quality and unique wedding video that exceeds your expectations, excellent wedding videographers go the extra mile to understand you and your significant other. They get to know you and your partner better to discover what you want to see in your video so that the video reflects your personalities as a couple.

2. They make you and your better half as comfortable as possible during the shoot

If you or your significant other aren’t comfortable with being in front of the camera, then you must work with wedding videographers who will do their best to make you both feel at ease. They will help you get rid of any nervousness you may feel during the shoot by letting you both tell jokes or whisper the qualities you like about each other. Doing this will help you both react genuinely, which creates a more authentic depiction of a couple in love.

3. They pay attention to details

Experienced wedding videographers are aware that the look of the wedding venue impacts the ambience and mood of the wedding itself. Because of this, they make sure to notice and note the details of the surroundings. They take sample wedding shots in the venue before the shoot to see how these distinctive details will affect the look, feel, and the story of the wedding video.

4. They turn cliched shots into personalized timeless moments

Common wedding shots can, unfortunately, be boring and predictable. The good news is that by working with experienced wedding videographers, you and your partner are sure to enjoy having a wedding video with one-of-a-kind shots.

With the right lighting, props, and equipment, these wedding videographers are more than capable of turning cliched shots into wonderful moments that capture the excitement of your wedding. They can also create shots that mirror the love and passion between you and your sweetheart.

5. They are skilled in blending in with your guests

Guests usually tense up and get intimidated when they see wedding videographers, especially when they are working with big cameras and a complicated setup. To avoid facing this issue, outstanding wedding videographers blend in with your guests, adapt to their environment, and sometimes use smaller cameras. This helps them take more natural shots for your wedding video.


Your wedding video is essential to preserve the memories of the biggest day of your life. This is why it is important to hire and collaborate with skilled and knowledgeable wedding videographers who are backed with years of experience in wedding videography. Doing this helps you ensure that you receive a wedding video that you, your partner, and your family will cherish forever.

Let us capture your precious wedding memories with our exceptional wedding video services in Melbourne. Reach out to us to learn more about what we offer.

Wedding Videography Services – 4 Valuable Reason to Hire Them

When it comes to your wedding, there are just many aspects to do and prepare. Think about the perfect venue, the designs, and decors, invitations, guest lists, food and beverages, photography, and not to mention, the videography.

Speaking of wedding videography, some couples tend to cancel this part, thinking that photos will suffice. What many couples fail to realise is how valuable it is to capture each moment and highlight the best ones through videos. After all, the occasion is one of the biggest days of your life, and it is meant to be preserved and cherished for a lifetime.

In this article, we will share with you four good reasons you should hire a wedding videographer in Melbourne:

1. It is more than just a video

When it comes to videography, you may think of it capturing every moment from the start to the end of the wedding ceremony and reception. You may think that you’ll sit down and watch it together with your partner and children sometime in the future and see what had exactly transpired. However, it’s more than just a video. Today, wedding videography comes with storytelling and captivating editing. You’ll be amazed at how your wedding video will turn out to be like a documentary — something that’s worth watching with your family!

2. It captures sights and sounds

Sure, you may have wedding photography for your big day because photos essentially capture the visual aspects of your wedding ceremony and reception. However, they do not record the sounds of the event. With videography, apart from watching the smiles, you will also be able to hear the booming peals of laughter resonating in the four corners of the venue, with an anecdotal sharing captured during the reception.

3. It covers each moment and highlights the best ones

What’s great about wedding videography is that it captures each moment of your big day. The film will start rolling from the beginning up to the end – from the ceremony down to the reception. Additionally, videographers are skilled at capturing the best moments, such as the wedding kiss, heartfelt messages, and the part when you danced the night away. All these will be edited and turned into the best video ever. In fact, the same-day edits are one of the hottest trends in wedding videography today.

4. It is very experimental with style

Wedding videographers are very experimental these days, yet incorporating perfect concept and style. They start with planning, brainstorming with you, capturing the moments, and go as far as editing. As much as possible, they will want it to be personalised exactly the way you want, and they’ll do what it takes to convey a wonderful message reflected on your wedding video.


At this point, you now should realise that wedding videography is more than meets the eye. With all the valuable reasons outlined above, professional videographers can capture the best day of your life to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

We are a creative video production agency where we create our films with a true passion. If you need professional wedding videography services in Melbourne, Victoria, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

2 Types of Music to Use for a Wedding Video – What to Know

Wedding videography isn’t complete without the perfect music to complement the memorable footage of your special day. There are two types of music you can put in your wedding video: real music footage and dubbed music. It’s crucial to know the difference between the two, so you can discuss with your wedding video service what you want to achieve with your wedding video.

1. Real music footage

This music type refers to the actual music played and captured on video during your wedding day. It can be the processional march song or the song that played during the couple’s first dance as a married pair. When the wedding videographer captures the scene with the music played in the background, it is likely included in the final output. The method incorporates the audience’s reaction in the background, which makes the wedding video contain a more genuine touch of human emotions.

In some cases, the editor might dub over the actual footage with the same music for a cleaner and purer finish. However, you might compromise the atmosphere of emotions from the background. It might also be a request from a client who likes a crisper and cleaner finished output.

Most videographers would recommend maintaining the actual music to preserve the atmosphere using the wedding day. The videographer must record the actual music footage with quality equipment to minimize noise and distractions. Part of an experienced wedding videographer’s job is to adapt the recording settings to cater to the spontaneous music played at various volumes and frequencies.

For example, loud music can play currently, but there will be fluctuating incidents where soft music plays next. During these instances, a professional can predict and adapt the recording settings to make sure the sound stays constant and appropriate at all times. Otherwise, there will be instances where the music might be too harsh and loud on the finished video or would be too difficult to hear.

2. Dubbed music

This music type refers to any music added to the final montage, which is not recorded during the wedding day. They are typically added during the editing process to add emotions to clips that didn’t have music playing during the time of the shoot. In essence, these could be behind the scenes footage, wedding plan settings, pre-nuptial shoots, and more.

The best part is that the bride and groom can pick the dubbed music to place in the montage. The song could have a significant meaning with the couple’s relationship like their favourite song, the song playing on their first date, or the song playing during the proposal. If you’re lost on what to pick, you can ask for advice from your hired wedding video service.


Music is an art in itself. If it’s coupled with memorable footage, it becomes a masterpiece to showcase a special event, especially a wedding. Music help establish an emotional connection with its audience as it takes people on a journey and a roller coaster ride of emotions. The married couple can pick partícular song choices that hold significant meanings in their relationship. In doing so, they can let the audience have a glimpse of their love story through the lyrics of the chosen song.

Are you looking for a professional wedding videographer in Melbourne? Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

What to Do With Your Wedding’s Raw Footage – What to Know

bride and groom drawing a heart shape on the sand

When you’re doing wedding videography research, you may come across the term “raw footage” multiple times. A lot of videographers offer raw footage in their package, but there might be some confusion as to what it is and what one can do with it upon receipt. If you’re wondering what raw footage is with regard to wedding videography, read on.

What is raw footage?

Raw footage is essentially a collection of clips taken by your wedding videographer throughout the whole event. It could include clips from the entire father-daughter dance, toasts from your friends and family, after-party shenanigans, and more. Anything that was not included in the final edited video would be included in your raw footage.

Contrary to popular belief, raw footage isn’t one, long, continuous video of your wedding day, taken from start to finish. Raw footage is raw—full stop. The clips are not stitched together. Since a new file is created every time your videographer clicks the camera, the clips vary in length. Some may last only a few seconds while some may last minutes.

More often than not, you receive the raw footage in chronological order. You may find misplaced clips here and there, but it may be because the videographer had to switch memory cards throughout the day.

Do I need raw footage?

Whether you want to keep raw footage or not is entirely up to you. The best thing about keeping them in your possession is having the option to edit the clips down the line, say, an anniversary. If you don’t collect your raw footage from your videographer from the get-go and suddenly want to get them a few years after, there’s a huge chance that the videographer won’t be able to supply it for you. Videographers usually delete them months after the event or even after they’ve edited the final video.

Another advantage of collecting raw footage is having the option to take it to a video editor in the event that you’re not satisfied with the output of the original editor. If you received a video back from your original videographer and didn’t love the end result, you can take the raw footage to someone else to edit. You may also want to edit it yourself.

What can I do with raw footage?

When you have access to your raw footage, the possibilities are endless. You have a massive pool of video clips to tell a story from different perspectives. If you’re keen on video editing, you can experiment with putting together various clips and incorporating background music, fun effects, and unique transitions. You can make it as funny or as sentimental as you wish. You and your spouse can partake in a creative bonding activity and edit videos of your favourite moments from the wedding. If you want, you can also take the funny outtakes and share them on social media for your friends and family to enjoy. Whatever you do with your raw footage is entirely up to you.

We provide wedding video services in Melbourne. If you lack the technical know-how but want a reputable service to edit raw footage from your wedding, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

4 Tips in Shooting an Extraordinary Wedding Video – What to Know


man kissing shoulder of bride

Your wedding is one of the greatest celebrations in your lifetime. It only happens once in your life, which is why it’s important to capture the emotions and precious moments you want to preserve and relive for a long time with a wedding video.

Wedding videos should be an emotional experience–they are meant to transport you to your special day every time to watch it. To achieve this, you need to work with an experienced wedding videographer who truly understands what you want to see and achieve in your video.

To work harmoniously with your wedding videographer, here are some tips on how to liven up your wedding video and make your wedding video shoot enjoyable and hassle-free:

  • Chase the golden hour

Timing matters, especially when shooting the wedding video that you would want to cherish forever.

To get the best lighting, collaborate with your wedding videographer. Suggest to take the shoot outside and chase the best light–the golden hour, which is the most magical time of the day. It’s the time shortly before sunrise and after sunset when the sun casts a hazy, golden hue, giving your video a dreamy, romantic look.

  • Inform your wedding photographer on the important details

Your wedding happens only once in your lifetime. When your videographer misses taking the special moments during your wedding, there is no re-do.

Although experienced wedding videographers are already familiar with how a wedding day usually goes, you should still provide them with as much information as you can about your big day.

During the consultation, make sure to discuss your schedule and itinerary, including any surprises for the guests, groom, or bride. This way, they will be more prepared to shoot and avoid missing any important moments you want to see in your video.

  • Make audio a priority

Audio is an important component of wedding videography. It can make or break your wedding video, so make sure to give this as much attention as you do with cinematography.

A crisp, high-quality audio lets you tell your story in a compelling way. Help your wedding videographer to stay armed and ready to capture the important parts of your wedding by using microphones, especially during the exchange of vows. Make sure to do a soundcheck first to avoid having muffled audio.

  • Be yourself

When shooting your wedding video, remember that you’re taking footage for your wedding, not a fictional film.

Although your wedding videographer will give suggestions on what to do to make your wedding video more dramatic and cinematic, it’s essential that you and your couple stay authentic. To do this, take candid shots, dance and laugh like no one’s watching, and do poses that reflect who you really are individually and as a couple.


Shooting a wedding video is more than just taking footage and B-rolls. It is about capturing the love that you share with one another and your journey together as a couple. Because of this, hiring a professional wedding videographer who understands your vision and needs should be your priority.

We understand how special this day is to you, and we are more than happy to help you relive the special moments on your wedding day with a specially crafted wedding video. We provide wedding cinematography, wedding photography, and commercial videography services in Melbourne. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you capture your special day.

How to Get Your Money’s Worth From a Hired Wedding Videographer – Guide

Because wedding videography may not be your area of expertise, you don’t want to dwell in the specifics about this aspect for your wedding. Because of this, it is crucial that you hire a videographer who knows what to do to produce the best value for your money.

It’s important to remember that not all videographers have the same expertise. Many videographers are those with cameras and other film equipment prodded on by their friends and relatives to make a living out of it. They are usually amateurs and often produce unflattering wedding videos that saturate the market. They are also usually the ones who are willing to give you a cheaper fee when compared to other videographers. Most of the time, the quality of the final product would not be as you expect.

High-quality services often come at a higher price because of their equipment and experience in the field. A reliable videographer always has a preceding reputation. You won’t often see them promoting their own works on social media because other people will be doing it for them.

The works of professional videographers are often appreciated by the international community, not just in your locality. If you see a video that has over 50,000 likes, and the community is engaging with the post, it is a strong indicator that the videographer is reputable and reliable.

Once you hired a videographer, you will need to work together to produce videos that you can watch again repeatedly after your wedding. Below are several tips that you should know to help the videographer make your dream come true.

1. You don’t have to be best buddies.

A reputable videographer has years of experience in the field and getting to know them personally is not a key factor in the hiring process. Many years after your wedding, you may not even remember your videographer’s face. On your wedding day, let them do their jobs without getting to know their personal lives and preferences. The most important factor is in ensuring that their style of work is what you desire.

2. The “getting ready” part is crucial.

This is the part that you’d want to watch later, so be patient with the photographer. Follow the instructions of the videographer as the direct you through the process. The “getting ready” part is essential in the final product because it is a time where the closest people in your life are relaxing in one place, and it is a time where you’re looking your best.

3. The perfect angles you see on wedding videos are artificial.

If you want to have romantic moments with your partner, your videographer will use lighting and timing. Magical moments where the rays of the sun will shine the brightest as your partner smiles at you rarely happen in the real world. These effects are, at times, enhanced with lighting during the post-production process. However, these moments can be better captured if you’re in

the right place at the right time. Because of this, talk to your videographer regarding the schedule for the video shoot. Whether you want to have golden leaves and the golden sunset, or even if you want snow, be sure that you communicate with your videographer.

4. Your personalities will make the video great.

No editing filter in the world can make the video great if you and your partner do not show your real selves in the video. No one can inject emotion into the footage in post-production like you and your partner can. A wedding is a celebration of your union, which is why both of you should look joyful. Let the happiness of the moment translate into the footage that will be captured.

A reliable videographer can combine beauty and art to create a wedding video that you will want to watch repeatedly after your wedding. That said, you will have to do your parts in making the production phase seamless. Make an effort to make it personal – smile and be happy. This is the only way you can get the most out of your videographer.

If you are in Melbourne and are looking to hire a professional wedding videographer & photographer for your big day, get in touch with Dreamcraft Films to see how we can help!

5 Ways to Better Film an Outdoor Wedding – What to Know

There’s a huge contrast in filming an outdoor wedding and an indoor one. The key player here is the weather. In an indoor wedding, the weather usually does not affect the whole ceremony at all. However, an outdoor wedding is a lot more susceptible to weather changes. As the wedding videographer, you don’t have control over the changes in the natural light, and this makes filming more difficult and complicated.

This is why shooting outdoor events are challenging, especially when everything does not go according to plan. One moment you’re shot is of high calibre, the next, your subject is already either overexposed or underexposed.

In shooting outdoor weddings, it is preferable to film under overcast skies. The even exposure and the naturally-diffused sunlight does a great job balancing all the colours, giving your shot a perfectly saturated look.

However, everything will circle back to the weather not being in your control. There will be times that it’ll make your job more challenging.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can overcome such filming hurdles and shoot outdoor weddings better.

1. Use cameras with easily-adjustable aperture settings

Expect that the weather can change at any given time during the wedding day. Even a partly cloudy day can drastically change the exposure levels of your shots.

A camera in which you can adjust the aperture in a simple and easy way will significantly improve your filming’s efficiency. You won’t have to worry about going through the settings on the camera’s OS just to adjust the aperture and miss filming anything important.

2. Invest in lens filters

Filters such as a UV filter, Polarizers, and ND, are extremely useful for photographers. Adding one to your arsenal will enhance your filming, bringing it to a whole new level. While you can always edit the photo or the footage later, a natural filter will give your material rich colours with less glare and are not overexposed.

3. Shoot at different angles

When filming, it’s best to always keep the editing process in mind while you’re still shooting. Since you can’t take too long in editing, especially for Same-Day Edits (SDE), you have to take good materials right there and then.

If the exposure starts going over or under, you’ll have to compensate by trying different angles. Keep shooting at different angles, then cut out bad parts during the editing process.

4. Have the groom wear a wireless microphone

Though this one is important for indoor filming too, it’s more vital when it comes to shooting outdoor weddings. There are more factors that can contribute to the creation of noise outdoors, which could ruin the important speeches during the wedding, especially the vows.

You can’t ask the couple to repeat their vows, so make sure you catch everything by asking the groom to wear a wireless microphone. Plus, the quality will significantly be improved, leaving your clients with an amazing finished product.

5. Scope the location and discuss potential problems

Don’t just accept projects right away without telling your clients any potential challenge you might have during the day of filming. People prefer honest creatives as they show that they care about the project, not just for the money.

Explain what they need to expect with regard to any problem that may arise. Also, visit the venue to visualize and determine how you want your approach to be. There’s a high chance that your clients will cooperate when they understand what’s possible or not. After all, this is a special moment in their lives, and they’re trusting you to preserve it in time.

If you are in Melbourne and are looking to hire a professional wedding videographer for your wedding day, get in touch with us and let us know how we can help!

Wedding Photographer or Videographer – 4 Reason to Hire a Professional for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it’s one of the most important days of your life. Having something to remember it by is important, and only professional wedding videographers or photographers are more than capable of preserving all the heartwarming moments and raw emotions on your big day in quality photos and videos.

You may think that hiring professionals are unnecessary and asking a friend or a family member instead to take photos or videos on your wedding day is already enough to save you significant amounts of money. However, you should keep in mind that not working with these experienced professionals on the most special day of your life may leave you with regrets later on.

If you need more convincing about why you should hire a professional wedding photographer or videographer, here are four reasons you should reconsider your initial thought:

They are skilled individuals

Anyone can take nice photos, but only experienced professionals who have trained their eyes from their many hours of shooting can truly unleash a camera’s full potential.

If you’re tying the knot and considering hiring professional wedding videographers in Melbourne, we can help you. Our team consists of skilled photographers and videographers who have mastered the camera know-hows in taking memorable photos and videos, even in tricky lighting and different conditions.

They have professional equipment

Professional wedding videographers and photographers are equipped with a wide variety of lenses, cameras, and other tools that allow them to produce quality wedding photos and videos. In case something goes wrong with their equipment, know that they always carry back up gear with them, so you are assured that they won’t miss capturing the special moments on your big day.

They deliver high-quality photographs and videos

When you hire a professional, documenting an entire wedding day would be a breeze. They know the ins and outs of a camera, so they are skilled in producing different shots beautifully and doing various styles that suit your taste to deliver the kind of photos and videos you desire.

They have years of experience

Professional photographers and videographers are familiar with how the wedding day runs, and they are experienced in dealing with the raw emotions of a wedding day. Just when everyone’s emotions are sky-high, they know how to remain calm if ever nothing goes as planned.

Whether you need a wedding videographer for your big day or are looking for a professional wedding photographer that you can recommend to your friend, you can rely on us! Our trustworthy photographers and videographers will help you relive your once-in-a-lifetime moment with high-quality wedding photos and videos that you’ll surely treasure for your lifetime.


Planning your dream wedding is more than just choosing the perfect dress, venue, or cake. Documenting the entire wedding proper is important as well, and professional wedding photographers and videographers and can help you capture the best wedding photos and videos that encapsulate memories you will cherish throughout your life.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer or videographer in Melbourne, consider hiring Dreamcraft Films for your big day! We produce extraordinary films that capture your precious memories. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we offer!

3 Wedding Video Styles to Choose for Your Special Day – What to Know

From the dawn of marriage to modern ceremonies, couples have always found ways to commemorate their special day through various forms of imagery. Today, brides and grooms welcome an array of wedding photos to capture the special highlights, but some aren’t afraid to go the distance by integrating videography into the wedding.

Wedding videos are becoming a necessity as it allows couples to look back on their big day and see the moments in-between – from the stunning time the bride walks down the aisle, to the tear-jerking exchange of vows, down to the very last dance at the reception party filled with family and friends.

Conversely, understanding that there are different ways to capture a wedding video is critical to matching the visuals of your dreams for your wedding album. To that end, the list below should introduce you to different video styles you need to know:

Style #1: Cinematic Style

The name itself hints that this style of the video focuses on capturing the special moments of your wedding in a cinematic angle. It adds a dramatic flair to the visuals by taking inspirations from indie to Hollywood films in terms of the colors, angles, lighting, and even transitions.

The style often produces striking results, while the powerful mix of storytelling and visual elements can do wonders in evoking emotions from guests. Professional videographers can also go the extra mile by incorporating aerial shots, drone shots, slow-motion effects, or even enhancing the auditory features by adding voice-overs to support the story.

Style #2: Documentary Style

As the moniker suggests, this form of the video focuses on embracing the raw elements of a documentary style. This means that it leans on capturing unstaged moments in your special day – from the hidden tears of your parents as you exchange vows, to the supportive smiles of your best friends in the background.

It’s the perfect choice for couples who prefer to keep things simple and natural as documentary style wedding videos provide an unfiltered glimpse of the many instances in a wedding. Naturally, most follow a same-day-edit format in this style.

Style #3: Short-Form Style

Short-form wedding videos focus on letting couples and guests keep track of the magical happenings of the day through a four-minute highlight of the wedding. It focuses on updating the audience with an energizing editing format, which means it jumps from behind-the-scenes to the exchange of vows, down to the reception party in various jumpstarts.

It isn’t the best choice for telling the love story of the couple, but it’s perfect for sharing bite-sized visual nuggets that you can post in various social media channels.

The Bottom Line: How Wedding Videos Capture Your Special Moment Forever

Wedding photography allows you to have some momentos of your wedding highlights, but a video allows you to capture the big day in full sequences. It provides a dynamic take on your wedding album, but the best part is that you can integrate your colourful personality by choosing a style that suits you as a couple.

With that in mind, the guide above should clue you in on different styles to choose for your wedding video. If you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Melbourne, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

3 Tips on How to Properly Use a Drone to Film Your Wedding – Our Guide

Drones are an excellent way to capture an event in a whole new way, adding unique and stunning scenes to the final video. Weddings are one of the most important and beautiful events to ever happen in anyone’s life. What better way to capture this beautiful moment than with drones that float above the sky snapping pictures in incredible angles and reaching places no one can reach? Well, that’s a lot easier said than done. They might end up becoming more of a headache to get right if you aren’t prepared to use them.

Because of this, we’re here to give you three tips on how you can use your drone properly to tape your wedding:

1. Drones Are Flying Objects

Remember, drones aren’t invisible objects that can phase through matter. They’re physical objects that produce a lot of noise as well as cause substantial damage if rammed into other things. In other words, you don’t want to ruin your wedding’s quiet moment with a loud buzzing sound from the device, let alone ruin the wedding by crashing the drone into the wedding cake.

If you want to use drones, plan. Implement as many precautions as possible and identify how you can adequately use the drone to capture the most amazing shots without disrupting the ceremony too much.

2. Capture the Beautiful Environment

Drones offer plenty of beautiful angles in which you can tape your weddings, especially if the ceremony is held in a stunning venue.

While most might opt for a top-down angle most of the time, it is better if you choose for multi-angled shots. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, rather than having a top-down shot of everyone’s head, angle it in a way that will capture the bride walking down the aisle with the stunning sea as the background. Angles like these can truly change the feel of the video, allowing for more emotion and detail to be captured with each shot. Just be sure to do plenty of planning of how the drones should take the wedding. Often, if you leave this as a last-minute resort, the shots it will take will be decent at best.

3. Plan Your Wedding in a Large, Open Venue

Whatever you do, do not pair a drone with a small, enclosed wedding venue. That’s just asking for trouble, and you won’t be able to utilise the drone to the fullest of its abilities.

Remember, safety is number one. The last, last, and last thing you want to happen is to crash the drone into an object and watch it hurling down towards one of the guests. Not only is the drone costly, but you’ll get in serious trouble for injuring people.

That said, ensure that the venue for the wedding is large and open. Vineyards, beaches, hillsides—weddings at places like these not only allow the drones to fly freely but surrounds the special event with the stunning beauty of nature. In other words, the drone can get to flying, and the surroundings can get to creating an unforgettable wedding.

Final Thoughts

When using drones for a wedding, remember these tips and keep them in your heart. That way, not only will you stay out of trouble, but it’ll ensure that you make the most out of the drone’s capabilities. Have it capture the wonders of the ceremony and the aesthetics of the surroundings, all in fantastic video shots that’ll help you relive the day and fill you with the emotions you felt when you finally got together with the love of your life.

If you are looking for a wedding videography service in Melbourne, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

Essential Elements of a Good Wedding Video – What to Know

One of the greatest milestones in a person’s life is their wedding day. You spend months planning everything from the bridal entourage to the venue, reception, photography, videography, among other things.

Wedding videos used to be simple—with one of the guests holding a camcorder, walking around, interviewing guests, and making their best wishes to the newlyweds. Times have changed and wedding videos have evolved. They have become more bespoke, more modern, and more personalised for a design-driven crowd. Social media has also made a huge influence on how a wedding video is made, with so many styles and themes to choose from, such as:



Traditional or Conventional



The Blended Package

The question is, what makes a good wedding video? How do videographers create high-quality wedding videos? What makes their videos different? Here are some key elements that make wedding videos amazing:

Good angles

Back in the days, a wedding videographer would have a camcorder in hand or a tripod standing in the aisle strictly following the bride and the groom. Those days are over. Most videographers will have a team covering every angle and everyone at the event. You might even notice that the shots would jump from one angle to another a lot. One moment, it will be a close-up shot of the bride, the next a wide shot featuring all the guests at the reception area. Having a minimum of two videographers can make a difference to the final output and guarantee that no special moments are missed.

Professional audio

Considered the queen in the wedding film industry, audio is a crucial element in creating a high-quality video—it can truly make or break the film. No matter how stunning the shots are, it will be pretty useless if the vows are unclear and garbled, or if the toasts are blown out, the music sounds chaotic, or you cannot hear the officiant. When you are looking for a wedding videographer in Melbourne, pay close attention to their audio.


Proper gears are essential to achieve high-quality coverage at your wedding, and yes, they can be pretty expensive. Cameras, lenses, tripods, headphones, microphones, and lighting are the most basic gears videographers need to have. Skilled professionals will have the best models and state-of-the-art gadgets to ensure that quality is at its maximum level.

Cohesive storyline

Have you ever seen a movie where the plot does not make sense at all? It’s not good, right? The same concept applies to a wedding video. If the story seems to jump from one point to another without any connection at all, and the shots don’t seem to flow seamlessly, then the video will be pretty worthless.

Most of the time, the bride and groom would inform the videographer of the storyline they have in mind. However, the real storytelling work normally takes place in the editing—long hours post-wedding, checking every bit of the footage, and thoroughly piercing them altogether.

There are so many processes involved in creating an amazing wedding video. Just remember that the videographer should be able to tell your love story to the audience. Everything will be about you—the newlyweds. For professional wedding videography in Melbourne, contact Dreamcraft Films.

4 Benefits of Having Videographer at Your Wedding – Our Guide

Weddings are one of the most significant milestones in a couple’s life. That’s why brides and grooms spend months of preparation to create a magical experience for families, friends, and each other. Part of what contributes to a memorable celebration is hiring a team of professional videographers, though many couples believe wedding videography is more of a luxury than a necessity.

Most settle for photography, but the best an image can do is snapshots of passing moments. Video, on the other hand, can capture the full sequence of moments in technicolour. It serves as a heart-warming memento that allows everyone to relive the special day – from the reaction of the groom as the bride walks the aisle, to laughter exchanged in between.

Benefit #1: Capture Movement and Sound to Create a Rich Wedding Album

Photos allow couples to look back to a moment in time, but wedding videos can capture your special day for what it is – full of laughter and love with families and friends. A wedding video transports you back to a magical period where you can hear the groom gasp during his first look on the bride, or chuckle along with the best man’s speech.

Photos can provide beautiful stills of grand moments, but videos reveal every little detail that you may have missed. Not to mention, the craftsmanship, style, and artistry poured in every frame and colour can enhance the sense of romance and magic of the big day.

Benefit #2: Encapsulate the Emotions of the Day

Wedding videos don’t just put memories into a series of sequences. A professional videographer can mix and match to create an emotional narrative of the couple’s story – encapsulating every emotion by adding music, a storyline, and top-notch cinematography.

With a cohesive and consistent style and story, a wedding video becomes the closest thing to going back memory lane in crisp quality. This ensures that your memories will never fade, making a wedding film a priceless addition to your big day.

Benefit #3: Easily Share the Video to Friends or Family Members Far Away

People can be busy and there are plenty of factors that force some family members or friends to miss out on your special day – be it due to illness, distance, or age. With that in mind, having a wedding film allows you to share your celebration with your loved ones from start to finish – giving them a front-row seat to the couple’s love story.

Benefit #4: Videos Capture Every Moment

Photography primarily focuses on taking snaps of important highlights in your wedding – the bride walking down the aisle, the first kiss, first dance, and more. However, there are plenty of tear-jerking moments in between that a photo can’t relay.

This includes the toast, or even capturing the laughter and tears of your family as the bride and groom exchanges vow. This lets couples see private moments that you were unable to during the day, while the music, editing style, and colour grading enhances the experience in full frames.

Wrapping Up

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but films can tell a story in a single second. Wedding video reveals emotions – from the reaction of the groom to the crowd responding to a meaningful ceremony speech. It’s an enriching way to capture moments in time, allowing couples to relive cherished memories for years to come.

If you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Melbourne, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Wedding Video Tips for Inspiring Interview Questions for Wedding Guests

The goal of the interview questions for a wedding video is to provide inspirational insights. Incorporating great footage of the wedding guests and exciting stories about the couple certainly adds more charm to the wedding video output. Different people have distinct personalities, and it is quite a challenge to conduct the interviews and attain the goal within a short period. Unfortunately, with the busy schedule of the wedding, sometimes an interview has the tendency to go sideways. To avoid the little mishaps, here are some tips to help you interview wedding guests:

Learn about the guest’s relationship with the bride and groom

Many guests have a story or two about the bride and groom, but the most moving stories usually come from those closest to the couple. In choosing the people to interview, it’s best to seek recommendations from the bride and groom and ask them how they are related. Focus on the relationship between the bride and groom to make them feel more comfortable about talking about more personal stories.

Always highlight the bride and groom

Before starting the interview, give an overview of the gist of the wedding video. It’s best to start by telling the guests that the bride and groom requested their insights about their marriage. Explain to the wedding guests that the video is meant to highlight the love story of the bride and groom. Other stories about a spontaneous trip or a funny anecdote about friendship may come up along the way. However, it’s best not to stray away from the central theme of the video.

Prepare the interview questions in advance

Interviewers must know that there is more to asking questions than the basic who, what, where, when, and how. The key to making a great inspirational wedding video is to ask the right questions to lead up to the main story of the video. Instead of asking for some comments or well wishes, try to ask more specific questions that reveal exciting and exciting memories about the bride and groom.

Take care of the technical aspect of recording the audio

A wedding video is more than a visual treat to the audience. To complete the experience, it must have great audio as well. Prepare for the interview session by foreseeing the places where the interviews are held.

For example, if the interview is likely to take place in a loud reception room, it is best to use a handheld mic to make sure the voice quality is clear. To achieve optimum results, set up an interview area outside of the main reception room where the background noise is more manageable.


A wedding video must highlight all the special moments of the bride and groom. Choose a cinematography service company that understands the importance of every moment at a wedding celebration.

Dreamcraft Films is a film production company based in Melbourne that specialises in crafting wedding cinematography. We offer a variety of wedding packages, which include cinematic wedding trailers, romantic wedding highlight videos, and exceptional same-day edit videos that aim to exceed your expectations.

4 Tips to Achieve a Disney-Inspired Wedding – What to Know

Many women grow up watching Disney movies and dream about having a Disney-inspired wedding one day. There are a lot of romantic Disney films that are perfect for a wedding theme, such as “Sleeping Beauty,” “Snow White,” and “Beauty and the Beast.” With striking landscapes, beautiful costumes, and great official soundtracks, many Disney elements can be adapted in a wedding set-up. Surely, they will be great components of the couple’s wedding videos and photos.

For those who want to bring the ambience of Disney movies to their wedding, here are the top four tips:

“Beauty and the Beast”-Inspired Centerpieces

“Beauty and the Beast” is a classic Disney movie that is set in a lovely castle. The setting has a lot of elegant details, such as the famous candelabra and magic rose. You can recreate the look in the movie with a set of golden candelabra and the magic rose, which can be put together to form an exquisite centrepiece. The magic rose can be assembled by putting a standing red rose inside a glass jar or dome. To make it more magical, add fairy lights inside the jar or dome to create an enchanting vibe. This creates a grand centrepiece that will make all the guests relive the romance between Belle and the Beast.

Disney Princess-Inspired Wedding Gown and Shoes

All the Disney princesses have their own trademark look. While Cinderella is known for her silver and blue dress, Belle is known for her yellow off-shoulder dress with rose accents. Sleeping Beauty is the most popular princess with a fluffy fuchsia and pink dress.

The bride can choose her favourite Disney princess dress as a wedding gown that will make her every woman’s envy. The bride can also recreate Cinderella’s glass slippers to take things a step further. Wearing a princess-inspired gown and shoes is the perfect way to channel the bride’s inner Disney princess.

“Alice in Wonderland”-Themed Cake Table

“Alice in Wonderland” is one of the most visually appealing Disney films ever produced. With many whimsical elements, there are a ton of design ideas that can be incorporated from the movie. To emphasize the popular mad hatter tea party scenes, you can design a cake table with an “Alice and Wonderland” feel. The tea-party-inspired table can have a range of beautifully crafted teapots and teacups. It can also be decorated with multi-tiered platters for pastries as well as antique gold plates.

“Tangled”-Inspired Lighting Fixtures and Decorations

The addition of lighting fixtures and decorations will make the wedding venue more magical. The Disney movie “Tangled” is a good inspiration for beautiful lighting. In the film, trees were decorated with glowing lanterns that guided the pathways. This can be implemented in the wedding venue by putting some trees on each side of the walkway and hanging lights on them to highlight the walkway. A set of ornamental lights can also be decorated to illuminate the stage. This will make the wedding venue look and feel more like a fairy-tale.


For a Disney-lover bride, a themed wedding is a perfect way to celebrate one of the most special days of her life. With a dreamy fairy-tale wedding, every moment must be captured. Find an experienced film production company that can document every detail of a Disney-inspired wedding.

If you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Melbourne, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

Reasons Why Every Couple Should Do a ‘First Look’ – What to Know

Every to-be-married couple decides whether or not to have a ‘first look’ on their wedding day. Before we get started on the merits of whether or not to do it, let’s make one thing clear: there is no right or wrong answer. Now, let’s start by discussing some reasons you may not want to do a first look.

First Look – Why You May Not Want to Do It

There are many reasons behind not wanting to have a first look. Some of the practical ones include dedicating the whole time to dressing up as best as possible before the ceremony begins. The biggest reason a couple may want to avoid the first look is to maintain the tradition. They want to see each other for the first time at opposite ends of the aisle. That’s something unexplainable about the moment when a couple looks at each other that is treasured forever. To the couple, this may very well be what the ceremony is all about. Sharing this moment with the wedding guests can undoubtedly feel very special as well. These are all valid points to why you would want to avoid the first look.

Why You Should Do It Anyway

If you think a first look is going to ruin the wedding, it isn’t. There are still many brides and grooms that get teary-eyed during the ceremony even when they’ve spent the whole day together. Both the first look and the march down the aisle are unique in itself. The ceremony is for you, and nothing is ever going to change that. With that said, here are two reasons why the first look is an excellent idea:

1. It Allows You to Spend Precious Time Together

For you and your loved one, the time between the start and finish of the wedding will be hectic. Simply getting to see each other for a few minutes before the ceremony will allow for a precious moment before the big event begins. If your wedding is held in the evening and you don’t have a first look, you may even end up spending the whole day without your spouse-to-be.

By doing a first look, you’ll get to spend more time during the day with your love. The best memories you can have is the peaceful moments spent together.

2. It Offers an Opportunity to Capture the Best Footage

During the wedding, photographers and videographers are tasked with capturing beautiful moments that include you and your significant other. To achieve this, the professionals have to evaluate every possibility and minimise the chances of things going wrong. Some can even face the dilemma of where they can stand because a church environment may restrict movement. Because of that, much pre-planning is done to capture the best moments.

With a first look, not only will you get to spend precious time with your soon-to-be spouse, but your videographer and photographer will be able to do their jobs without the hassle! First looks allow for greater control of the photo outcome than weddings, providing you with footage that is at the best possible quality.

If you’re still aren’t sold on the idea of the first look, try to do something different. Why not schedule something along the lines of ‘first touch’? In the end, it is totally up to you. It’s your wedding, so it’s your decision!

If you’re looking for a professional wedding videographer in Melbourne to capture your ‘first look’, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

How Editing & Visual Effects Make a Wedding Video More Special – What to Know

You should never underestimate the power of video editing. Even terribly shot footage can look significantly better when it gets edited well. Editing plays an important part in enhancing video recordings, and it can improve your wedding movie too.

Whether you want a romantic video or a fun, cheesy film, editing can translate the mood of your special day into the film. Good editing will make it seem like the camera was never there, allowing the viewers to relive your wedding day from home.

The Importance of Editing

The structure of a wedding celebration is very similar in countries all over the world. There is the ceremony, a reception, and guests celebrating the special day. What differs between different videos are the personalities, reactions, and emotions of everyone attending the event. It is the job of the video editor to edit the footage in such a way to reflect that atmosphere and ensure that the wedding video has its own uniqueness.

A well-edited video will be no longer than 50 minutes and has the appropriate pace, music, and effects to suit the romantic day. Emotional and enjoyable, you want a wedding video that you are proud of and is re-watchable. Your wedding video will keep you interested throughout its entire duration. This can be achieved with quality editing.

Effects Can Enhance The Footage

If you prefer your video to have specific effects, you can make a special request, and your video will be edited to suit your taste. Transition effects help to give your wedding video a particular style or pace. Good editors will utilize specific transitions to tell a story about the special day, making the video flow smoothly.

Colour Correction Makes a Difference

Colour correction is also significant. When you use multiple cameras in various locations, the colours can differ dramatically. This is especially relevant if your wedding day starts in the morning and ends at night; the vast change in lighting will require a professional editor to adjust the colour schemes and make them blend better together. Another issue with wedding day filming is that due to the rapid nature of the day, some footage will be underexposed while others will be overexposed. Colour correction will fix these and correct the exposure of each clip. You will know your video was edited by a professional when the footage moves from scene to scene without a sudden change in colour or tone. This is a long and time-consuming process, so make sure your editor has experience and good attention to detail.

Audio is Equally Important

So far we’ve only discussed the visual aspects of the wedding video. However, sound also plays a vital role in making your wedding video special. Make sure the sound equipment your videographer uses is sufficient to record high-quality audio. Your editor should be able to reduce the effects of unwanted sounds like wind or static and adjust the volume to the perfect level. You want to be able to listen to the murmur of an excited crowd but also hear the bride and groom’s vows. A good editor will edit the sound clips accordingly and ensure the sound is in sync with the visuals.

There’s no better way to reminisce about the beautiful memories of your wedding day than with a well-made video. With proper editing, your video can go from great to spectacular! If you are looking for a wedding videographer service in Melbourne, consider working with experts like those at Dreamcraft Films so that the final results are as professional as possible.

3 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Memories – What to Know

Every moment on your wedding day is a sight that should last forever. You deserve to look back on your first few moments as a married couple, even after years of being together. Years after your wedding, you can let your kids and even grandkids experience the magical wedding night with you.

To enlighten you with creative ideas, we listed below three awesome ways to preserve wedding memories.

Create a complete photo album

An essential part of your wedding is keeping a photo album complete with all the details of your wedding. It is a simple and old-school way to preserve memories. However, it is one of the most dependable ways of saving your memories. You can customize your photo album by writing little captions of each photo. A personal touch on the photo can help you remember tidbits of information that you can smile about even after decades.

To keep the photos safe, look for a leather-bound cover to protect its value. Keep in mind that photos can fade. It is best to store them in a cool, dry place that is far from any chance of getting wet.

Produce video footage

Your wedding will be extra special if you know that every step of your wedding journey is documented with video footage. No detail is wasted if you can capture the sequence of your wedding event through video. Although photographs can capture snapshots of your wedding, watching video coverage of your wedding is the only way to relive the moments as if it was just yesterday. It is also a great way to remember the special bonding you made with your family and friends during the wedding.

Keep important wedding memorabilia

Every detail in your wedding contains a beautiful story behind it. Every item, whether big or small, has a corresponding sentimental value. After your big day, don’t forget to keep all the important wedding items, such as your shoes, bag, or veil. You can place them inside a box together with your other wedding memorabilia.

One of the most important items on your wedding is your wedding gown. Some people keep them in a big box to maintain the pristine condition. Imagine handing it down to the generation after you, such as your kids or grandkids. They can make use of it as is, or they can alter it according to their own taste. You can also keep your bridal flowers, dry and press them so that you can put them inside a jar or box. You can also glue the dried flowers on a piece of paper and hang them on the wall.


Your wedding day need not be over as soon as the day ends. There are many ways to preserve the happy memories of your wedding. By creating a photo album of the event and producing video footage, you can happily stroll down memory lane with your loved one, as well as with your growing family. You can also keep important memorabilia inside a special box so that you can relive precious memories. These awesome ways can make you feel like your wedding just happened yesterday, even after your golden wedding anniversary.

If you’re looking for a professional wedding videographer in Melbourne to help you capture your wedding memories. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

3 Videography Styles Recommended by Wedding Experts – What to Know

If your wedding is coming up soon, you might be stuck trying to decide the videography style you want for your wedding video. Know that deciding on a particular style is not an easy task. You can’t completely delegate the task of deciding to your videographer because it should match both your and your partner’s personality and style. To that end, it should be your decision as a couple.

To give you a glance at the different styles, here are three of the best videography styles that are recommended by wedding experts.

Traditional concept

This concept is primarily about covering most of the events of your wedding in a strictly chronological sequence. It is a good basic option that does not rely much on filming or editing. Without any alterations in the video, your videographer can easily release the final output. However, the final output will most likely be a very long video, which won’t be appropriate to share with friends.

It is a simple video concept with the sole purpose of documenting the entire event. It will be good to have a copy of the whole wedding coverage, but if you prefer something more fun and eye-catching, this style may not be the best option for you.

Music video concept

In a music video concept, the main focus is the music. This type of videography style is a more creative and amusing option because you can choose one music that will serve as your wedding theme song. You can also stitch together multiple pieces of music that each have a distinct feel to represent the different stages of the wedding.

The video can run for as short as three to five minutes on average. It will only feature the highlight events of the wedding. Let’s face it, you don’t have to show everyone all the details of the wedding right? The best part of this style is that you can easily share the video with your close friends and family who will want to relive the moments with you.

Story-driven concept

A story-driven concept highlights the emotional parts of the wedding. The aim of this videography style is to take the viewer on the dramatic journey of the couple. Unlike a music video concept, this style includes a more substantial dialogue, which includes the speeches, interviews, or reading of vows.

The story build-up may also include how the bride and groom met, and how they arrived at the moment where they are finally announced as husband and wife. With many story points of view, the video can last from 6 minutes up to 25 minutes, depending on the preference of the couple.

Many couples prefer this concept as it can capture all the most significant moments of the wedding while bringing out the surge of emotions. It is a timeless wedding memorabilia that newly married couples will want to watch as many times as possible.


Your wedding videography style should reflect your personality as a couple. It will be great to share your story in a fun and creative way. To make sure that all your best moments are captured, get in touch with our wedding videographer in Melbourne to make your ideas become a reality.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer – Our Guide

The wedding video may seem like an indispensable part of a wedding, but not everyone may enjoy its benefits. Filming a wedding event is not so common in the early ’80s or ’90s. Even when video equipment became accessible, many people prefer wedding photos instead of videos. Some people prefer an intimate wedding without distraction. Others don’t feel comfortable in front of a video camera. It’s completely normal to question the need to hire a wedding videographer and ponder its practicality.

Before you hire a videographer, read ahead to find out the things to consider:

It Will Entail Additional Costs

Hiring a videographer will entail additional costs on top of the other wedding details. Many people think it’s a worthy investment, while some question its practicality. The popular concept is that its a worthy investment because of the bulk of memories that you can preserve through a wedding video. Without it, you will have no memories to look back to that will allow you to watch the series of events that happened. It’s also a great way to document speeches from your parents, guardians, or sponsors.

On the other side of the spectrum, it may not be practical because you can also keep memories through photos. If you’re someone who appreciates photos more than videos, you may want to press hold on booking a wedding videographer. However, if you want documentation that can cover everything in your wedding, then a wedding video is for you. After all, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you can never repeat what happens at your wedding.

It Can Cause Distractions During the Event

If you prefer a more intimate wedding, then you might have limited space in your venue. You may think that hiring a set of videographers will only cause the venue to be overly crowded. Their presence can cause a distraction for you, as they can block you from guests. It might also get in the way during important conversations with family or friends.

Instead of creating candid moments with your loved ones, a videographer can make you feel stiff and conscious. If your dilemma is the possible distraction of a videographer, you can hire one who will take extra precautions about causing distractions. Don’t let minor issues keep you from recording essential life memories. Instead, it would help if you briefed your videographer about all the dos and don’ts of your event. Make sure they understand their boundaries and remind them to respect your personal space.


The disadvantages of a wedding video can be avoided by hiring a good videographer. The problems brought about in filming the video may not be attributed to the video itself but the services of the videographer. To make sure that you are comfortable with filming your wedding video, find a videographer that is professional in dealing with his clients.

A great videographer will encourage you to act naturally in front of the camera, instead of feeling conscious of your every move. If money is your concern, various package options can fit your wedding video budget. To help with your budget concerns, feel free to talk to your videographer to customize a package that is affordable yet can cover the essential highlights of your special day.

If you’re looking for a professional wedding videographer in Melbourne, get in touch with us today and see how we can help.

What to Look For When Hiring a Wedding Videographer – Our Guide

A wedding day is one of the most memorable moments in a couple’s life. Because of this, you will want to make sure that the event will be well documented through videos.

During the planning stage, you’ll have many aspects to worry about – venue, gowns, reception, food, music, and photography, among many others. As much as you want to remember every single moment of that day, you just can’t. That is why wedding videographers are also a must on your wedding checklist.

From that breath-taking moment when you walk down the aisle to the after-dinner party, having all these moments captured in a video will allow you to relive this day in all its glory.

With so many options available in the market, you will want to hire a wedding videographer who can document even the tiniest and simplest moment on your wedding day. With varying personality types, video styles, and work ethics, this is why you need to find a wedding videographer who can make your vision into a reality.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when in the process of hiring a wedding videographer:

Know your desired style

Although wedding videos can be documented in different ways, here are the three most popular categories:

Minimalist/candid – this style is more of the informal styled. It highlights candid moments that are mostly shot with a more handheld style. It is also a style that focuses more on guests having fun, speeches, and interactions between guests. The video will have a more organic feel with romantic instrumental music driven by dialogue.

Music video – this video style focuses on cinematic shots and has little to no audio, such as speeches, vows, or any other voice-over dialogue. This is more of a visually driven film that shifts through parts of the day with music, lyrics, and special effects.

Cinematic story-telling – this video style offers the best of both categories. Cinematic story-telling has the visual production quality of the music video but the emotion and feel of the candid style.

Go through the reviews

When hiring a professional videographer, don’t merely look at their portfolios. Although they may have an excellent portfolio, their actual work process may be a different matter. This is why you need to check out reviews about the work they have done because professionals have consistent delivery and quality output. This means that the wedding photographer can still produce a memorable film that captures the best moments at your wedding, even on days when it seems to not go perfectly well, such as bad weather and lighting.

Quality delivery

Keep in mind that there are different delivery methods to consider when choosing your videographer. They may deliver the final video through:

Online File DropCD-ROMUSB StickExternal Hardrive

Make sure that you communicate with the wedding videographer so that they will deliver the final video on time, as scheduled. Know that it must be stated in the contract what to expect and when you can receive the output. Likewise, ask the videographer to make the film available for viewing online so that you can share it with others easily.

With the tips given above, you now know how to find a wedding videographer who can document every moment of your wedding. Remember to find one who understands what you want and has visions that are aligned with yours.

If you’re looking for wedding videography and photography services in Melbourne, get in touch with us today and see how we can help.

Traditional vs, Photojournalistic Wedding Photography – Which One to Choose

Weddings are an extraordinary occasion in any individual’s life. It is an event filled with happiness, laughter, and joyous tears, accompanied by hundreds of opportunities that can be beautifully captured on camera. From the groom’s striking outfit to the bride’s breath-taking beauty, there are so many moments photographers have to keep their eyes peeled out to make sure they don’t miss one at all.

With all that said, if you’re planning a wedding, you should be expecting to have it captured on camera as well. However, it is essential to note that there are two ways most weddings are captured: the traditional method and the photojournalistic method.

What are the differences? Which one should you choose? Read on to find out.

Photojournalistic Photography – The Candid Method

Let’s start with the most complicated-sounding one. Photojournalistic photography is oriented to be candid, meaning that what is captured on camera is true to what is going on at the wedding. As a result, then, the photographers do not intrude in the wedding in any way. This allows them to capture the expressions and emotions felt at the scene as genuinely as possible.

In a sense, the pictures compiled later on acts more like a storybook than a photo album. Gear-wise, the photojournalistic method only requires a highly-skilled professional photographer and his camera along with his equipment. This ensures that everyone in the wedding can entirely focus on the main event itself.

Traditional Photography – The Formal Method

Remember when your friends, uncles, aunties, and anyone else instruct you on how to stand before a photo is taken? That’s the conventional way of taking pictures. Traditional photography heavily emphasizes on controlled environments, leaving next to no room for any candid shots. With this method, the quality of the photographs is more controlled—lighting, backgrounds, and other different elements carefully planned out. There is no way of mistaking a photo taken traditionally. Just look at pictures where an individual stands straight, looking at the camera seemingly rigid. Unlike the photojournalistic method, images captured this way are similar to those studio-made pictures.

The Best Choice for You

Your choice of either the traditional or photojournalistic method will depend entirely on your needs. If you want pictures that are life-like and capture the emotions of the wedding, choose the photojournalistic approach. If you want something more controlled and more crisp and clean in terms of quality, opt for the traditional method.

Of course, you aren’t limited to either choice. Many people out there utilize both ways for a balance of candid and formal photos. For example, you’d be utilizing the traditional methods for family photos or pictures with friends before or after the wedding. During the wedding itself, you’d be using the photojournalistic approach to avoid distracting anyone attending the wedding while still capturing special moments that are to be remembered forever.

In conclusion, the choice between traditional and photojournalistic method is up to you. However, we still recommend that you divide the time for both ways, as this will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for wedding videography and photography services in Melbourne, get in touch with us today and see how we can help.

5 Creative & Easy Wedding Photo Backdrop Ideas – Our Guide

Beautiful moments during weddings should be captured and last a lifetime through wedding photos. It is one of the most significant images that the bride and groom will cherish forever. Because of this, it’s essential to capture these moments in official wedding photos that will be worth reminiscing with family and friends.

Aside from all the stress in the pre-wedding activities, there are the high costs of setting up the event to think about. Thankfully, there are ways to enhance your wedding photos without spending on additional expenses.

To help you in your photo preparations, here are five easy, creative, and attractive wedding photo ideas for the backdrop that will result in beautiful effects.

Commemorative sacred spaces

Make your wedding photos extra special when you capture them within your sacred space. These sacred spaces may be in an altar in a church, synagogue, mosque, or any other place in front of a spiritual authority such as a priest, pastor, or imam. Getting married in front of an authority commemorates the spiritual bond between the husband and wife. Since these spaces are originally decorated with flowers and other ornaments, there’s not much effort needed to make this backdrop possible.

Beautiful floral trellis

A floral trellis will make a sophisticated background for your photos. A view of hanging flowers and greenery coming down from a trellis will make every bride’s dream come true. Contrary to what many people may think, flowers are not entirely budget heavy. Several different companies have various styles and flower selection for your choosing. To make sure that they are fresh, choose a local flower shop. It will be easy to decorate flowers that fit your style.

Wedding venue exterior and details

Most of the wedding venues have intricate exteriors with fine details. It will be ideal for the bride and groom to make use of their venue exteriors, especially since they paid a hefty amount of money to make a deposit. Wedding venues such as churches and other religious sites have beautiful wall exteriors that are usually made of stone and graphite. Wrought iron gates should also be considered since it would set the perfect mood for elegance and style.

Natural lighting and landscape

To create dramatic effects in your photos, use the natural outdoor lighting with the landscape as the backdrop. A natural setting such as the garden, the beach, or up at the mountains will prove to be an idyllic background. You can make use of the greenery such as the leaves, flowers, or stems to create a dramatic silhouette. You can also take advantage of the natural lighting that will make your photos come to life with excitement and joy.

The busy wedding scene

Weddings should be focused on the bride and groom, but what makes it enjoyable is to have your family and friends with you during the most important day of your life. A creative and fun idea for a backdrop is the busy wedding scene with all the guests having a party, whether chatting, smiling, or hugging. With the party lights on and a colourful crowd behind, it will create a stunning scene that the newlywed couple will want to keep looking back to.


You can create creative and attractive backdrops with almost no additional cost. You only need to make use of what you already have to capture those gorgeous moments that you rightfully deserve.

If you’re looking for wedding videography and photography services in Melbourne, get in touch with us today and see how we can help.

How to Look Skinny in Your Wedding Photos

It’s no surprise that everyone wants to look good in photos. With that in mind, prepping up for wedding pictures can be a daunting thought, especially for camera-shy brides who want to be captured as they are on the big day – blooming in love and happiness.

A bad angle or awkward posing can ruin the entire shot, which can also ruin the magical moment as brides all over the world spend months on end preparing to make their dream wedding a reality down to the last detail.

If you’re looking to have a set of photos that is effortlessly Instagram-worthy, all it takes is some picture-posing know-how to look flattering in front of the camera. With that in mind, the tips below should guide and give confidence to brides-to-be, no matter the angles.

Tip #1: Keep the Hands Busy

A bride’s hands will be naturally full in more ways than one in their big day, which makes for the perfect set-up for dynamic poses. On that note, the best prop to keep the hands busy is one that brides will keep in the first place – bouquets! In addition to adding a relaxed impression to the shot, it is also the ideal accessory to use to hide any imperfections – from love handles, an unsightly crinkle on the dress, or to slim down the arms.

Tip #2: Play Around with Different Angles

Facing the camera head-on will not only result in flat portraits but also put emphasis on certain parts of the body, which will make it look wider than it actually is. To have a visually interesting and slimming photo, don’t face the lens directly and angle the shoulders instead. Add an appealing curve by putting weight on the back foot, while the other foot is placed in front to create a T-shape for an understated, elegant look.

Adding movement to the body also enriches the photo with a more compelling look, so don’t be afraid to play around with different angles.

Tip #3: Lengthen the Neck

Having a close-up portrait is crucial to any wedding albums, but it can also put many brides in uneasy scenarios as it tends to bring out the bane of everyone’s existence: double chin. On that note, brides can easily tuck away the less-than-loved spots by dropping the shoulders and raising the chin a notch higher than normal.

While it may feel uncomfortable, it’s a pose that will look natural and relaxed. Meanwhile, putting the tongue on the roof of the mouth when smiling will add definition to the jaw, giving an illusion of a soft, long neck that creates a regal impression.

In Conclusion

Many brides freeze up in front of the camera with the pressure to look the best they can be in all possible angles and lighting. Every bride is charming in their own way, all it takes is knowing the right poses to help enhance their natural beauty. With that in mind, the tips above should help ease worries and make brides look blooming from head-to-toe.

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer and videographer in Melbourne, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Sunshine or Rain – Tips to Make Most of Your Outdoor Wedding Photography

When it comes to wedding photography, there’s nothing quite as romantic and charming as tying the knot in the great outdoors where the afternoon sun can bask the couple in soft, golden light. As much as outdoor weddings are beautiful, it also comes with its caveats and pitfalls as the lighting and weather are often unreliable.

Whether it’s a winter, spring, summer, or fall ceremony, each season poses its risks. While there are potential disasters that can happen, working with professional wedding photographers should give couples peace of mind. They have the expertise, experience, and equipment to capture the big day as it should be: dramatic, magical, and full of love rain or shine.

Tip #1: Plan Your Shooting Locations Ahead of Time

When you’re on a mission to make the most of the natural light outdoors, couples will need to take the extra mile of planning for the shooting locations as early as possible. After all, when the bridal, groom party, as well as the photographers, are dealing with unpredictable weather, having a smooth flow is crucial.

A plan ensures that the photo session will go by quicker, which will help you avoid keeping anyone uncomfortable in case it’s too hot or cold outside. It’s also good to know about how the area looks like after a rainy day, so you can avoid scrambling with your photographer on how to avoid muddy areas in the event of rain.

To that end, being prepared for the location ahead of time ease any potential worries, allowing you to have plenty of time to relax before or after the wedding ceremony.

Tip #2: Embrace the Unique and Creative Elements Rain Can Offer

A good portrait doesn’t always have to be under the light – a little rain can enhance the ambiance of your image too, with its semi-foggy atmosphere and striking skies. Be it under a deep blue, cloudy sky or a dark one, and the right photographer will have ways to utilize the dramatic background and produce elegant portraits. You can also experiment with other elements that are only available after a drizzle, such as reflection shots for a uniquely romantic couple photos.

Tip #3: Be sure to that Your Make-Up Makes You Glow, Not Shine

Photographers will have tools that will help highlight the impressive silhouette and details of your bridal gown. However, you will need to touch-up on your make-up with the weather in mind. If it’s a hot afternoon, be sure to prepare by bringing some blotting paper and light mineral powder. This will keep you from becoming too shiny but encourage a more radiant glow meant for blushing brides.

Tip #4: Shoot According to the Direction of the Sun

You can’t control the sun, nor can you tell where it will be exactly, but you can move the whole party and find the best direction for optimal lighting. This will allow the photographer to capture people with the light shining on their faces, which means you can get optimal lighting that will not overexpose or underexpose the subjects.

Shooting outdoors for your wedding photography can be exciting yet challenging, but rolling with the punches and knowing what to prepare for will help you produce one of the most compelling and theatrical portraits. The main issue will be the unpredictability of the weather, but with the right photographer by your side, you can rest assured that your outdoor wedding photography will be captured all in good light – rain or shine!

If you are in Melbourne and are looking to hire a professional wedding videographer & photographer for your big day, get in touch with Dreamcraft Films to see how we can help!

3 Reasons Wedding Videographers Are Worthy Investments

Reliving important moments through videos is one of the benefits of technological advancements that you should afford for yourself, especially on your wedding day. Not hiring a wedding videographer on the biggest day of your life can be something you may regret later on. While some might argue that videographers are unnecessary, there are specific reasons you shouldn’t skip their services.The promises of forever that were exchanged between you and your spouse are good, especially if you remember

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Getting to Know Difference Between Filmmakers vs. Videographers

Filmmakers are not the same as videographers. Filmmakers are storytellers who often create movies out of nothing. Because they’re really good at their craft, they can make unforgettable films. Filmmakers make excellent wedding videos, and it’s often effortless for them to enhance love stories that are already there. However, videographers can’t easily transition into making movies, much so films. Most try but only the best succeed.Moreover, videographers earn more than filmmakers do. Filmmakers

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have A First Look At Your Wedding

No matter how prepared you may be during the wedding planning process, it’s possible for stress to still come on the big day itself. Fortunately, there are various ways that you can overcome the stress and anxiety as you hope for everything to go according to plan with the help of your wedding videographer.The idea of having your wedding videographer—out of all people—ease your wedding day stress may sound far-fetched, but planning a first look with them can help tremendously. It can take a

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Where to Source Activity Ideas for Your Engagement Session – What to Know

Engagement sessions are organized to take a snapshot of who you are and how much you have grown in love with each other. While it’s challenging to answer who you are, capturing that aspect in a photograph is even harder. You can rely on your friends to capture photos for you, but they may not capture the perfect moments. This is where a professional engagement photographer comes into play.The common perception of engagement photography involves couples wearing matching attire while walking hand

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How to Have the Best Wedding Photos & Enjoy Your Big Day!

Choosing the right photographer to capture your big day is one of the most crucial parts when planning for your wedding. Wedding photos capture memories of your most special day and preserve them to last for the rest of your life. Good wedding photographers not only take shots of big-picture moments, but they also notice the candid details that tell your wedding story. While wedding photographers are trained to observe and capture these moments, you can help them take the best photos by

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4 Creative Themes for your Wedding Video

Weddings are often similar to a movie. You are the star of the movie while the entourages are the supporting actors. Much like the films you’ve watched, you want to narrate this highlight of your life dramatically. Here are some creative story themes that can explore to make your special day more meaningful.1. Romantic and traditional themeTraditional wedding videos focus on the most important moments of the ceremony and the reception, which includes the wedding march, exchange of vows, wedding

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Why it Pays to Capture Wedding Photos During the Golden Hour

Wedding photos must be perfect because they immortalize an important day in the bride and groom’s life. While shots can be retaken, there are uncontrollable elements that can beautify or ruin an image. Natural lighting is one of the aspects that professional photographers deal with, for better or worse. The fabulous bride can look dull if the light becomes a distraction.In order to keep the above scenario from occurring, wedding photographers often prefer to shoot during the “golden hour”

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Pre-Wedding Video Tips and Ideas

With all your wedding preparations and activities in full swing, it can be overwhelming and daunting for you. At this juncture, chances are you’re sweating out at the small details and toiling hard at the bigger ones. You only have to push through to the end because you want your wedding day to be perfect.Before heading off to the big day, don’t forget the pre-wedding video. You might want to consider having a pre-wedding video as a perfect way to capture the essence of both of you as a couple.

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4 Ways to Look Natural in Front of the Camera on Your Big Day

When it comes to capturing the perfect photo of yourself at your wedding, the authenticity of your poses will play a significant role. Any feeling of being too cramped, rigid, or forced will affect the outcome of your photo. If you envy a friend or relative who always looks great in any photo they have, you must be wondering how they do it. The truth is, there’s no secret, as it’s only about how you carry yourself in front of the camera similar to how professional models do so. Here are some

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Why is Wedding Videography Popular in 2019 // Here’s What to Know

Nowadays, a growing number of couples are choosing to have video coverage for their wedding ceremonies. This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise—after all, there are countless wedding videography services available in the market for every budget. From the 2000s, countless weddings have been covered with the services of a wedding videographer. Long gone are the days of cheesy wedding footage that looks like it was shot with a toaster because getting a professional wedding videographer was near

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Your Questions Answered // How Long Should A Wedding Video Be

“Where should the wedding video be shot?”“Are there several references that can be followed?”“How much time is there to do everything?”“What should the theme of the wedding video be?”Whether you’re a wedding videographer trying to polish their craft, or a couple trying to get everything right, you should know that you’ll have to answer a lot of questions when putting a wedding video together. Like any other creative project, wedding videos are all about the details that go into putting them

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3 Reason Why You Should Capture Your Wedding on Video

Remember the days when wedding videos were blurry, sometimes shakey? Those days are over! If you’re planning to get married and want to capture it on video, fortunately for you, with modern equipment, wedding videos now come out with higher quality than ever before. Forget about those VHS cams propped on tripods or asking for someone’s vertical footage. Today, $5,000 cameras can do just as well or even better than 2002’s $70k cameras. Now, ordinary people can capture high-quality footage. Turn

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Our Wedding Tips // How to Ask Your Guests to Ditch Their Phones

While preparing for your big day, we bet you hired professional photographers to capture all the best moments of your wedding on celluloid. Since you want the ceremony and reception to go as smoothly as possible, you and your spouse-to-be decided to implement a “no cellphones allowed” policy. That’s where the biggest challenge comes in.Chances are your wedding guests may be itching to take photos themselves. Your family, friends, and colleagues are sure to take out their smartphones and do

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How to Create a Great Wedding Timeline – Our Guide

t’s a thrilling moment whenever a couple decides to get married. Reality sets in, accompanied by pressure and stress, and a plan is needed to run the program smoothly. For the couple, a timeline is vital to create the best experience not only for themselves but for everyone who will attend the wedding. Say, you decide to get married. What tips should you keep in mind when building your wedding day timeline? Read on more to find out!Keep Location in MindThis aspect depends on the wedding. Do you

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What to Know About Wedding Music – Our Guide

When couples hire a professional wedding videographer to record their big day, some of them wonder if they can pick the music they want to have in the video. Some couples mistakenly think that only professionals have the right to decide which music to use when filming. Others aren’t that confident in their preferences. However, at the end of the ceremony, your wedding film is still your keepsakes, and you paid for the service. Thus, there is no reason why you should hold back on your favourite

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4 Things That Will Make Your Wedding Film Extra Special

Hiring a professional videographer for your wedding film ensures that every special moment is captured, allowing you to watch everything again to relive the moments. It is your videographer’s priority to make the film as artistic and cinematic as possible. However, aside from the expertise of the videographer, some other elements make every wedding film unique and personal. After all, every couple has a different story to tell. There are some things that your videographer might need from you to

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4 Services That Should be Offered in Every Wedding Video Package

If you’re a professional videographer, one of the biggest pieces of advice that can help when raising funds for passion projects, trying to live comfortably, or reaching your financial goals is to try doing weddings. The reason is simple: weddings are big money makers. Whether you’re a videography newbie or an industry professional, wedding videography is definitely an option in your client range or area that has a higher demand compared to any other type of work on the market. That being said,

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5 Wedding Photography Tips to Enhancing Night Portraits

Every budding photographer will have tapped on night photography at some point – it’s a great way to exercise the creative juices as starry landscapes or wisps of light-painted shots from sparklers dominate most of what beginners learn to explore. Wedding portraits, however, are something you won’t commonly associate with night photography. Photographing anything in low light can be difficult, especially when you throw in a wedding where everything feels fast-paced. However, there’s no need to

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What to Consider When Shooting a Wedding Video

Shooting a wedding video appears very straightforward: you open the camera, make some adjustments to the settings, and press the record button. Unfortunately, it is far more complicated than that. You have to deal with people moving around and changing lighting intensities while you move from place to place. Moreover, you have to gather the sounds that come with the event as well. In this regard, here are the things you need to have in mind in regards to recording audio for the wedding video:1.

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4 Tips to Help You Make Your Videography Look More Professional

Creating a professional and polished-looking video doesn’t mean having to break the bank. What needs refinement isn’t your expensive set of tools, but your technique and skill. That means that if you want to produce videos that are engaging and visually impressive, the only fortune you’ll be dropping is the time you need to invest on to practice your craft. Whether you’re setting up for a high-end production or shooting a simple vlog for your viewers, standing behind the lens may be easier than

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Using Cinematic Storytelling to Master Being a Wedding Videographer

With a massive influence from movies, wedding videographers are now going for cinematic storytelling to better compel audiences and clients with a certain appeal of emotions that only their work can bring to the table. Could this style of work be a trend that helps you satisfy the needs of your customers while boosting the quality of your portfolio’s content?Once regarded to be a style reserved for Hollywood film studios and high-bracket directors, cinematic storytelling is a visual creation

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6 of the Year’s Hottest Wedding Photography Trends – What to Know

The only thing that is inevitable is change. What may have been fashionable for wedding photography two decades ago may be outdated now, although some photography elements of yesteryears may prove to be timeless. If you are one half of a soon-to-be-married couple, you must be conscious of what the modern trends are so that your event remains relevant with the times, if not timeless. If you plan to settle down this 2019, here are some of the global trends in wedding photography that you should be

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How to Save Money on Wedding Photography

Weddings are costly these days. Setting aside a huge amount of money and maximizing your financial resources is imperative if you want to save money without compromising when it comes to your big day. If you’re getting married, we bet that you might have been worried about all the expenses—from the venue, to the food, to the arrangements, even the payments for the wedding planners, make-up artists, florists, the DJ, and even the wedding photographer.Speaking of your wedding photographer, you

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How Wedding Photographers Choose Their Top Picks for Your Final Album

Ask any recent bride or groom how they felt on their wedding day, and they will most likely “show, not tell” you through photos. When it comes to wedding photography, hiring a professional wedding photographer is now considered a staple requirement in the planning checklist. The lensmen and women capture these precious moments that you, as the bride or groom, may be too busy to notice while you are in the moment. The photographers also weave together pockets of moments frozen in time that tell a

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3 Types of Wedding Photographers You Shouldn’t Hire – Our Guide

Finding the right photographer to capture the priceless memories of your wedding day is no easy feat. It often ends up being a hit or a miss. You understandably don’t want to have your big day ruined with poor pictures. After all, you will be hoping that this will be the last one you ever have. The fact of the matter is that you don’t get married every day. Marriage is a big step in your life, so it is reasonable that you want the moments to be captured beautifully. If you want to prevent chaos

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7 Tips on How to Look More Photogenic at Your Wedding

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so it’s crucial that you look your best for all the photoshoots so that you can have a beautiful memento to look back on years from now. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure that you make yourself as photogenic as possible so you can be proud of every picture you pose for on your big day.Here are seven tips on making sure your wedding pictures turn out great:1. Take a trial shoot before the wedding dayWeddings are incredibly hectic and you’ll most

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How to Avoid Cringeworthy Wedding Photos on Your Big Day

Wedding photos can be a source of present and future embarrassment. One wrong pose or expression can make you a laughingstock for online news feeds and the future generation. Chances are that your knowledge of this fact is further fueling your anxiety as you await the coming of the big day. Fortunately, there is no need to panic as there are a few simple things that you can do to look fabulous, yet dignified in those wedding photos. Let’s take a look.Practice for the big day with an engagement

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What to Consider Before Hiring a Luxury Wedding Photographer

Getting married is a huge chapter in many people’s lives. When people arrange a wedding, they do not expect to do it more than once. This is why it’s crucial for you to get a photographer for your wedding. Some people choose to work with low-cost photographers in order to save some money. However, this may be a mistake. Remember – once the moments pass, they will be gone forever. Your wedding will be one of the biggest days of your life. Why not invest and pay for a luxury wedding

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Making Your Collection of Wedding Photos Unique – Our Guide

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life. There is no need for you to go around with a smartphone camera in tow when you can freeze the event in memory of your special day with professional wedding photography. This is a time when you and your partner will be looking your best. If you don’t want your wedding album to be full of typical photos where you and your beloved are put in the same old poses, there are ways to tweak your wedding photos and make them look special.

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What Not to do When Hiring Professional Photographer in Melbourne

Hiring a professional photographer for special events is an excellent way to capture all of the special moments for you to look back on. That being said when you work with a photographer, no matter the occasion, there are some things that you should not do in order to respect them and their work. Some people neglect to adhere to proper etiquette, doing things that can be seen as rude and disrespectful toward their photographer without even realising. To make your next experience as positive for

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5 Reasons Why a Wedding Photographer is Worth The Money

If you are planning a wedding, one question that may pop into your head is: why is wedding photography so expensive? After you know how much you have to pay for a wedding photographer, you may even go as far as to wonder why you need to hire one at all. You may even be tempted to ask for your friend who has a camera to take your wedding photos. However, the hard truth is that your wedding is supposed to be the most memorable day of your life, and every moment of that day should be captured as

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5 Ways To Avoid a Bad Wedding Video

On the biggest day in your life, you want everything to run smoothly and turn out perfectly. Who doesn’t? A wedding video is one of the most important things that you want to keep from going downhill. You can never experience the moment of slicing the cake or dancing with your new spouse for the first time again.However, you can look back on those significant moments by watching your wedding video. This is the reason why you need to make sure that your wedding film comes out flawlessly. To avoid

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4 Things to Ask Yourself Before Booking a Wedding Videographer

Your wedding can be considered one of the most significant moments in your life. Despite hiring a photographer for wedding photos, some people also hire videographers to put together wedding videos for them. Before you decide to do that, however, you should ask yourself whether you really want to get a wedding video or whether you can do without. If the answer is no, due to whatever reason, hiring a photographer should be enough. On the other hand, if you don’t mind being on camera and want to

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Is It Worth Hiring a Wedding Videographer For a Small Wedding

Not everyone wants a grand wedding, and that is perfectly fine. When you are planning to have a small wedding with only close friends and family, other decisions are also taken into consideration. One of these decisions is whether or not you should hire a videographer just for this small wedding. There will be a lot of conflicting thoughts going through your head. You may think it is a waste of money for such a small event, but at the same time, you may also be curious to see how the video will

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How To Keep Your Wedding Guests Busy

So your wedding is coming, and you want people to have the time of their lives. In order to keep people engaged and active at your wedding, you will want to add some features that will encourage guests to get involved while they’re at your wedding. Here are some things you can do to give your guests something to engage on at your wedding:Create a wedding hashtagYou should allow your guests to use their phones while they are at your wedding ceremony or even during the reception. Start a wedding

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Why You Should Hire A Wedding Cinematographer in Melbourne

On a special day such as your wedding, you’ll certainly want a permanent and visual record of the whole event so that you can watch it again and again in the distant future. Although photographs are able to capture a snapshot of moments throughout the day, a wedding video will capture every single second of your special occasion. With the benefits of sound and real-time motion, hiring a wedding cinematographer can enhance the wedding video through a professional camera operator, high-quality

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Why You Don’t Need Raw Footage Of Your Wedding

When you hire a wedding videographer for your wedding day, you are hiring someone who will record practically every single second of your whole wedding day, from the wedding ceremony to the reception. With so much footage being captured, many newlywed couples often ask for a copy of the raw footage. After all, that is what they believe they paid a videographer to do. However, the raw footage captured of your wedding may not be as important as you’d think. This article will discuss what raw video

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How To Prepare Your Cinematic Wedding Film

A cinematic wedding film is able to capture the most important scenes throughout your wedding day by replicating the emotions and feelings experienced in your big day. By using the best lighting, focus, angle, and tone, you can rest assured that the end result will be something that you can treasure forever. If you’ve already hired a wedding videographer, good on you! This means that you’re on the right track.As your wedding day approaches, you might worry about a million different things. On

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How To Get Good Footage Of The Guests At Your Wedding

Getting good footage of the groom and bride are important for your wedding video, of course, but you can’t forget the faces of your friends and family who traveled far and wide to attend this special day of union. Guest messages can be a great way to enhance a wedding video, making it more personal and intimate. Here are some ideas for shooting guest messages:TestimonialsThe best guests to get some shots of are the ones that were there during the meeting of the bride and groom. You want to get

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Modern Versus Traditional Wedding Videography

You only get married once, which is why you want to make sure that the commemorative wedding video comes out as you dreamed. After all, you’ll be watching it over and over again for the rest of your life. Remember your special day with a well-edited film. Depending on what kind of style you are hoping for, you will want to find a videographer who excels at creating what you want. Most of the time, couples choose their videographers based on whether they’re looking for someone well-versed in

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Wedding Videography Styles To Consider in 2019

You’ve seen these on YouTube – the corny wedding videos with the soppy music. Wedding videos can be a lot more interesting these days with the help and expertise of modern videographers. Here are some trends, ideas, and styles of videography for weddings that are sure to spice up your wedding video:Family and FriendsSure, a wedding is all about the bride and the groom, but how about the family members and close friends that came to be a part of your special day? You don’t just want to capture

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Videography Styles You Can Choose From For Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, you’ll surely want to make sure to get a couple photoshoot in, but preserving memories by getting your special day on video is a great idea too. Many couples nowadays hire a videographer to be on site on the day of the wedding to capture these important moments for you to relive over and over again. Here are some different styles of videography you can choose from:ArtisticThis style will not follow a specific format but will be up to the videographer and the couple. It is

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Finding The Right Song For Your Wedding Video

We’ve all been there; it’s the middle of the night, and YouTube recommends you a wedding video. For some reason you watch it, and now you’re crying. There’s just something about watching a genuinely happy couple come together with sappy love songs in the background. The first dance is when the waterworks come in. If you’re sobbing right about now, their videographer did their job right. They captured the best part of the wedding while capturing the couples’ love and happiness through the lens of

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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Wedding Videography Skills

Every wedding should be remembered. If you’re a wedding videographer, you know what it’s like to be under the pressure of capturing someone’s special day and putting it together into a film that they can watch over and over again. It’s always a good idea to further your skills and become better at what you do. That’s why you should read through this article to learn four ways to upgrade your wedding videography skills! 1. Know the Basics of Audio QualityAudio quality is one of the most crucial

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Why You Need To Hire A Wedding Videographer

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. If you’re like the majority of people, you will definitely want to document this incredible day. However, a photographer may not be enough. Here are some reasons why you need to hire a wedding videographer: Replay The MemoryYour wedding day will be busy and hectic through your eyes. You will be paying attention to yourself, how you look, and of course, your new spouse. With a wedding videographer, you can see the event from

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How Do You Choose The Right One?

A wedding is an important event in a person’s life, the memories of which one wants to capture and treasure for the rest of their days. Photographers and videographers can help you with that. But how do you choose the right one? Well, there are a lot of things you have to take into consideration. But first and foremost, you need to decide why exactly you need a videographer. Do you want him to capture only the wedding ceremony or the entire event? Do you prefer a cinematic experience or a

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Why You Need To Hire A Wedding Filmmaker

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. If you’re like the majority of people, you will definitely want to document this incredible day. However, a photographer may not be enough. Here are some reasons why you need to hire a wedding videographer: Replay The MemoryYour wedding day will be busy and hectic through your eyes. You will be paying attention to yourself, how you look, and of course, your new spouse. With a wedding videographer, you can see the event from

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