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3 Wedding Video Styles to Choose for Your Special Day – What to Know

From the dawn of marriage to modern ceremonies, couples have always found ways to commemorate their special day through various forms of imagery. Today, brides and grooms welcome an array of wedding photos to capture the special highlights, but some aren’t afraid to go the distance by integrating videography into the wedding.

Wedding videos are becoming a necessity as it allows couples to look back on their big day and see the moments in-between – from the stunning time the bride walks down the aisle, to the tear-jerking exchange of vows, down to the very last dance at the reception party filled with family and friends.

Conversely, understanding that there are different ways to capture a wedding video is critical to matching the visuals of your dreams for your wedding album. To that end, the list below should introduce you to different video styles you need to know:

Style #1: Cinematic Style

The name itself hints that this style of the video focuses on capturing the special moments of your wedding in a cinematic angle. It adds a dramatic flair to the visuals by taking inspirations from indie to Hollywood films in terms of the colors, angles, lighting, and even transitions.

The style often produces striking results, while the powerful mix of storytelling and visual elements can do wonders in evoking emotions from guests. Professional videographers can also go the extra mile by incorporating aerial shots, drone shots, slow-motion effects, or even enhancing the auditory features by adding voice-overs to support the story.

Style #2: Documentary Style

As the moniker suggests, this form of the video focuses on embracing the raw elements of a documentary style. This means that it leans on capturing unstaged moments in your special day – from the hidden tears of your parents as you exchange vows, to the supportive smiles of your best friends in the background.

It’s the perfect choice for couples who prefer to keep things simple and natural as documentary style wedding videos provide an unfiltered glimpse of the many instances in a wedding. Naturally, most follow a same-day-edit format in this style.

Style #3: Short-Form Style

Short-form wedding videos focus on letting couples and guests keep track of the magical happenings of the day through a four-minute highlight of the wedding. It focuses on updating the audience with an energizing editing format, which means it jumps from behind-the-scenes to the exchange of vows, down to the reception party in various jumpstarts.

It isn’t the best choice for telling the love story of the couple, but it’s perfect for sharing bite-sized visual nuggets that you can post in various social media channels.

The Bottom Line: How Wedding Videos Capture Your Special Moment Forever

Wedding photography allows you to have some momentos of your wedding highlights, but a video allows you to capture the big day in full sequences. It provides a dynamic take on your wedding album, but the best part is that you can integrate your colourful personality by choosing a style that suits you as a couple.

With that in mind, the guide above should clue you in on different styles to choose for your wedding video. If you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Melbourne, get in touch with us to see how we can help.


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