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4 Tips to Achieve a Disney-Inspired Wedding – What to Know

Many women grow up watching Disney movies and dream about having a Disney-inspired wedding one day. There are a lot of romantic Disney films that are perfect for a wedding theme, such as “Sleeping Beauty,” “Snow White,” and “Beauty and the Beast.” With striking landscapes, beautiful costumes, and great official soundtracks, many Disney elements can be adapted in a wedding set-up. Surely, they will be great components of the couple’s wedding videos and photos.

For those who want to bring the ambience of Disney movies to their wedding, here are the top four tips:

“Beauty and the Beast”-Inspired Centerpieces

“Beauty and the Beast” is a classic Disney movie that is set in a lovely castle. The setting has a lot of elegant details, such as the famous candelabra and magic rose. You can recreate the look in the movie with a set of golden candelabra and the magic rose, which can be put together to form an exquisite centrepiece. The magic rose can be assembled by putting a standing red rose inside a glass jar or dome. To make it more magical, add fairy lights inside the jar or dome to create an enchanting vibe. This creates a grand centrepiece that will make all the guests relive the romance between Belle and the Beast.

Disney Princess-Inspired Wedding Gown and Shoes

All the Disney princesses have their own trademark look. While Cinderella is known for her silver and blue dress, Belle is known for her yellow off-shoulder dress with rose accents. Sleeping Beauty is the most popular princess with a fluffy fuchsia and pink dress.

The bride can choose her favourite Disney princess dress as a wedding gown that will make her every woman’s envy. The bride can also recreate Cinderella’s glass slippers to take things a step further. Wearing a princess-inspired gown and shoes is the perfect way to channel the bride’s inner Disney princess.

“Alice in Wonderland”-Themed Cake Table

“Alice in Wonderland” is one of the most visually appealing Disney films ever produced. With many whimsical elements, there are a ton of design ideas that can be incorporated from the movie. To emphasize the popular mad hatter tea party scenes, you can design a cake table with an “Alice and Wonderland” feel. The tea-party-inspired table can have a range of beautifully crafted teapots and teacups. It can also be decorated with multi-tiered platters for pastries as well as antique gold plates.

“Tangled”-Inspired Lighting Fixtures and Decorations

The addition of lighting fixtures and decorations will make the wedding venue more magical. The Disney movie “Tangled” is a good inspiration for beautiful lighting. In the film, trees were decorated with glowing lanterns that guided the pathways. This can be implemented in the wedding venue by putting some trees on each side of the walkway and hanging lights on them to highlight the walkway. A set of ornamental lights can also be decorated to illuminate the stage. This will make the wedding venue look and feel more like a fairy-tale.


For a Disney-lover bride, a themed wedding is a perfect way to celebrate one of the most special days of her life. With a dreamy fairy-tale wedding, every moment must be captured. Find an experienced film production company that can document every detail of a Disney-inspired wedding.

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