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Dreamcraft – 3 Ways to Make Your Rehearsal Dinner Truly Unforgettable – Our Guide

Most wedding videos will centre around the ceremony and the reception because it’s a beautiful way to encapsulate one of the most magical milestones of your life. Having this media option is also an excellent way to remind you of the exciting and romantic moments of your wedding day years into the future.

During your actual wedding day, you and your partner might be too busy attending to your guests and ensuring that everything goes smoothly that you may forget to enjoy the moment. This is why having a wedding film will ensure that every moment is captured for posterity.

At the same time, do you remember the last rehearsal dinner you attended? Were the speeches more jovial and honest, because everyone in the room truly knew each other? If so, then you should spend a little bit more time planning your rehearsal dinner.

In this article, we will share three ways to make your rehearsal dinner truly unforgettable:

1. Keep the guest list short

The rehearsal dinner is not the wedding reception, so it makes sense to keep the rehearsal dinner only for your immediate families and your closest friends. It’s a time for you to celebrate this momentous occasion without all the frills of the big day, but with the warmth and affection brought about by the people closest to you.

2. Capture it on film

What most people don’t realise is that rehearsal dinners are often the first time that all your loved ones get together in the same room and truly realise the joy of the occasion. Guests are more comfortable, and many will share the stories and jokes that are likely too personal for the big reception.

You’ll also want to capture the tears that your mother shed as she first contemplated that you were really getting married. These are events that will likely happen only once, and you’ll want to have them captured on the video to remind you of how precious these moments can be.

3. Show a great video

The rehearsal dinner is the perfect time to whip out the old photos of you and your partner and make a slideshow. Choose your best photos from your childhood and even the photos of you and your partner from when you began dating, and include pictures with your friends. You can even show footage of your wedding proposal to cap off a nice journey told in a series of photos and videos.

Pop in a good song that tells the story well, and you’ll have the perfect rehearsal dinner video. Just make sure to keep the video short and sweet (at most three minutes), and have a box of tissues handy for the inevitable tears to come.


Despite its humble name, the rehearsal dinner is not just a time to practice for your actual wedding day. It often sets the tone of your wedding and lets your guests know what can be expected. Capturing these intimate moments will make produce a much richer story that will make your final wedding video personal and real. The rehearsal dinner video will be less about making the perfect wedding, but it will be about the people you love.

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