Dreamcraft Films – 3 Reasons Why Hiring a Wedding Videographer Is Worth It

September 5, 2020
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September 5, 2020 Dreamcraft

Dreamcraft Films – 3 Reasons Why Hiring a Wedding Videographer Is Worth It

Hiring a wedding videographer may seem like an unnecessary expense on your already long list of vendors. After all, you already have a photographer, right? While it may seem like practically the same thing—they both document your wedding, after all—their contributions to taking stock of your day are incredibly different.

That being said, we have definitely had our share of couples who have come to us and expressed regret at not hiring us for their own weddings. After all, when all is said and done, it’s the documentation of your big day that’s going to stay with you. When that time comes, you might wish you had a professionally-done wedding video to accompany your photos as well.

If you’re thinking of doing away with videographers for your wedding, here are three reasons that we hope will convince you otherwise.

  • Wedding videographers can be discreet

Many people dislike wedding videographers because some people think they interfere with the moment. Many people are less agreeable to videographers blocking the view of a couple’s first kiss as man and wife or other important moments, such as the wearing of the wedding rings and exchanging of vows.

While there is some truth to this concern, most videographers have found ways to fully document an event without having to block an audience’s view. This is particularly true for videographers who prefer a more documentary style of shooting. This means for most of the time, you may not even notice the videographer’s presence until you see the finished video.

  • Photos capture moments, but videos depict life

When it comes to shooting your big day, videographers and photographers form a great team to make sure you get to relive the magical experience. That being said, photos and videos do very different things!

Photos capture moments and freeze them in time, making your big day seem timeless. The best wedding photographers capture the essence of important moments and can evoke emotions that you didn’t know were there.

Meanwhile, videos bring you right back to that exact moment when you and your spouse first spent time together as a married couple. Your wedding video will depict moments that would otherwise not have been possible with static images, such as your father struggling to hold back his tears as he gave you away, or your best friend’s close-to-incriminating, but highly memorable, wedding toast.

These are precious moments that you can relive exactly as if the wedding was yesterday if you hire a wedding videographer for your big day.

  • You can have your wedding video finished on the same day as your wedding

You’d think digital photography was going to be as fast as it gets when it comes to capturing and displaying your wedding’s moments. However, even with the magic of digital photography, your photos will take a few weeks to be ready. This is because photographers will have to sort through thousands of photos taken that day and choose only the best-looking ones, subjecting them to laborious post-processing after that.

Meanwhile, with wedding videographers finding ways to streamline their creative process, and the powerful portable computers available in the market today, same-day edits have become one of the highlights in wedding receptions.

Your wedding videographers can capture all the important moments and highlights of the day, like your wedding ceremony in the morning and all the intimate moments between friends and family. Before the night ends, they’ll then edit and create a five-minute montage with their footage that can be shown to your guests at the wedding dinner.

Your guests will love seeing themselves in the moments that lead up to your wedding, allowing them to take part in the joyous occasion.


Having a wedding video will let you relive the magic and thrill of your wedding day, several years down the road. Time gets us all in the end, and things may change for better or for worse. However, you’ll always have your wedding video to remind you how it felt to get married to your partner again.

Are you looking for a wedding videographer in Australia to document your wedding day? Dreamcraft Films offers wedding video services in Melbourne, Australia. Our team of award-winning photographers and videographers will capture all the precious moments for you to enjoy. Contact us today to learn more!


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