Dreamcraft Films – Farewell, Traditions_ 3 Rules You Need to Break

August 13, 2020
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August 13, 2020 Dreamcraft

Dreamcraft Films – Farewell, Traditions_ 3 Rules You Need to Break

Announcing your engagement will likely have left everyone in tears—unfortunately, that’s where the questions came pouring in. With monstrous planning to do, people will likely have stepped in in an attempt to help you. There will be flowers, your princess white gown, matching bridesmaids gowns, and so much more other things, most of which you do not desire at all.

Your wedding plan to-do list will be undeniably long, but having to work with “wedding rules” you do not fancy can quickly leave things out of hand, and you’ll find yourself unable to breathe throughout the chaos.

Before trying to figure out where to get borrowed, blue, old, and new, take a step back and go through each wedding tradition. Get rid of those you’re pressured to take, especially if they don’t mean anything to you. Modern weddings have become akin to a spectacle—always to impress and scrutinize, rarely ever to enjoy.

Your wedding is the happiest moment of your life, so any wedding rule-breaking will be most welcome. With that being said, here are some of the oldest tricks in the book, better left yellowing in the pages of history. It’s time to put a stamp into your celebration—and fast:

1 – Your outfit needs to be white and a dress

Your mother will have worn a dazzling white gown reminiscent of a Disney princess, but binding yourself to such shades will not make you feel like a bride. Go for colours that speak to your soul, such as a blush mermaid gown, or perhaps an embroidered bohemian dress. If blue gowns bring out the best colours in your eyes, what’s stopping you from doing so?

And if gowns aren’t your cup of tea, you have the liberty to wear whatever you wish. Wedding coordinates pieces are available today, as with chic jumpsuits perfect for the powerful woman that you are. So long as you feel most yourself, you’re the perfect bride.

2 – You must walk down the aisle to that immortal tune

While “Here Comes The Bride” fully personifies just what a wedding should be like, times are changing. Traditions work for others, but if the tune isn’t just working for you, choose an entrance song that’s magical for you and your groom.

You can choose Mozart, Harry Styles, and even classics like Queen and David Bowie. The idea here is to celebrate your special moment, and since music is a huge part of that, the immortal tune wedding rule will need to be broken.

3 – Your wedding must be expensive to be beautiful

Social media continues to cover grand weddings and celebrations, making planning ruthless and more often than not, expensive. People now regard weddings as some sort of competition to flaunt, with hydrangeas covering the dance floor and towering cakes to admire. Spending a bulk of your money on throwing a wedding party may be understandable, but splurging too much is completely unnecessary—stick to what makes you feel you’re most comfortable.

If it’s simple flowers with more leaves and a two-tier cake, then so be it. The idea is to have fun, have a grand time, and revisit your videos and photos when all of it is over. When you look over the footage, you’ll remember how the entire day felt like, not how the carpet looked or how the flowers dominated the scene.

Capturing Your Best Moments—Even With Rules Broken

As the world continues to progress further, the age of social media continues to pressure brides and grooms to throw weddings of the century. While this depends entirely on the couple’s wishes, the idea of a wedding should be a reflection of your love and matrimony. It should be meaningful, and if a grand wedding cannot give that, it’s time to break the rules.

We’re all about breaking wedding rules, but one thing’s for sure: you’ll want to get the best documentation of your wedding. Fret not, Dreamcraft Films knows exactly what you need. As a wedding video service in Melbourne, we’ll help you craft the perfect wedding video, highlighting your best moments for the years to come. Reach out to our talented team today!


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