Dreamcraft Films – Include These 5 Element for an Extraordinary Wedding Video

August 27, 2020
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August 27, 2020 Dreamcraft

Dreamcraft Films – Include These 5 Element for an Extraordinary Wedding Video

Include these 5 Elements for an Extraordinary Wedding Video

A film is a great way to commemorate your wedding, which is one of the most special days of your life. However, it is also prone to cliches and can come across as shallow or dated. The key to creating a timeless proof of the couple’s love for each other is by showcasing their personalities, and  here are five things to incorporate in a wedding video to make it unique.

Read a letter out loud

Have a letter as a highlight of your wedding film. Whether as narration over b-roll or part of a program, reading letters to each other is a romantic way to profess your love. It is also a neat solution for couples who shy away from spontaneous speeches.

A handwritten note is a personal, intimate way of sharing your thoughts with someone. Letting others know your feelings by putting them on paper is easier than speaking in front of a crowd. Some people even prefer to write their thoughts down and read that aloud as a speech.

Personalise your vows

Custom wedding vows allow guests a glimpse into your dynamic as a couple. Your promises to each other will reflect your values, shared passions, and wishes for the future, and your wedding ceremony is the best place for you to recommit to those. Vows can create emotional resonance in your film, and become a fond reminder of why you chose to marry each other.

Don’t forget your favourite music

Most films use music to drive the narrative. Wedding films should have a mix of the wedding videographer’s and the client’s picks. The couple could include music that is meaningful to their relationship or songs that correspond to important dates in their time together.

Suppose the couple is not that particular about the music. In that case, the filmmaker could give them a questionnaire or interview them to know more about their personality, which he can use in choosing tracks.

Select your speakers carefully

One thing that sets speeches apart from letters or vows is that it is a window into how other people view the relationship. The personality of the speaker will also lend itself to the final film. If the father of the bride makes a goofy speech, it can make the video lighthearted.

Similarly, an emotional tribute from another relative could give the film a poignant turn. Whoever you choose as a speaker should be someone who knows your journey together, and who can speak about their hopes for your future as a married couple.

Include your proposal video

Some couples do not have a proposal video, and that’s alright. For those that do, however, including it in the film for the wedding ceremony is an excellent way to come full circle. If you have a skilled filmmaker, he can even call back to some elements in the proposal film, to highlight how far the relationship has come.


Every couple’s love story is unique. Although the parts are roughly equivalent—meeting, falling in love, and staying together—the details are what makes each story special. A video of the wedding is a great way to preserve the romance and magic of making a lifelong promise.

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