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How to Look Skinny in Your Wedding Photos

It’s no surprise that everyone wants to look good in photos. With that in mind, prepping up for wedding pictures can be a daunting thought, especially for camera-shy brides who want to be captured as they are on the big day – blooming in love and happiness.

A bad angle or awkward posing can ruin the entire shot, which can also ruin the magical moment as brides all over the world spend months on end preparing to make their dream wedding a reality down to the last detail.

If you’re looking to have a set of photos that is effortlessly Instagram-worthy, all it takes is some picture-posing know-how to look flattering in front of the camera. With that in mind, the tips below should guide and give confidence to brides-to-be, no matter the angles.

Tip #1: Keep the Hands Busy

A bride’s hands will be naturally full in more ways than one in their big day, which makes for the perfect set-up for dynamic poses. On that note, the best prop to keep the hands busy is one that brides will keep in the first place – bouquets! In addition to adding a relaxed impression to the shot, it is also the ideal accessory to use to hide any imperfections – from love handles, an unsightly crinkle on the dress, or to slim down the arms.

Tip #2: Play Around with Different Angles

Facing the camera head-on will not only result in flat portraits but also put emphasis on certain parts of the body, which will make it look wider than it actually is. To have a visually interesting and slimming photo, don’t face the lens directly and angle the shoulders instead. Add an appealing curve by putting weight on the back foot, while the other foot is placed in front to create a T-shape for an understated, elegant look.

Adding movement to the body also enriches the photo with a more compelling look, so don’t be afraid to play around with different angles.

Tip #3: Lengthen the Neck

Having a close-up portrait is crucial to any wedding albums, but it can also put many brides in uneasy scenarios as it tends to bring out the bane of everyone’s existence: double chin. On that note, brides can easily tuck away the less-than-loved spots by dropping the shoulders and raising the chin a notch higher than normal.

While it may feel uncomfortable, it’s a pose that will look natural and relaxed. Meanwhile, putting the tongue on the roof of the mouth when smiling will add definition to the jaw, giving an illusion of a soft, long neck that creates a regal impression.

In Conclusion

Many brides freeze up in front of the camera with the pressure to look the best they can be in all possible angles and lighting. Every bride is charming in their own way, all it takes is knowing the right poses to help enhance their natural beauty. With that in mind, the tips above should help ease worries and make brides look blooming from head-to-toe.

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