February 7, 2020 Dreamcraft

Wedding Video Tips for Inspiring Interview Questions for Wedding Guests

The goal of the interview questions for a wedding video is to provide inspirational insights. Incorporating great footage of the wedding guests and exciting stories about the couple certainly adds more charm to the wedding video output. Different people have distinct personalities, and it is quite a challenge to conduct the interviews and attain the goal within a short period. Unfortunately, with the busy schedule of the wedding, sometimes an interview has the tendency to go sideways. To avoid the little mishaps, here are some tips to help you interview wedding guests:

Learn about the guest’s relationship with the bride and groom

Many guests have a story or two about the bride and groom, but the most moving stories usually come from those closest to the couple. In choosing the people to interview, it’s best to seek recommendations from the bride and groom and ask them how they are related. Focus on the relationship between the bride and groom to make them feel more comfortable about talking about more personal stories.

Always highlight the bride and groom

Before starting the interview, give an overview of the gist of the wedding video. It’s best to start by telling the guests that the bride and groom requested their insights about their marriage. Explain to the wedding guests that the video is meant to highlight the love story of the bride and groom. Other stories about a spontaneous trip or a funny anecdote about friendship may come up along the way. However, it’s best not to stray away from the central theme of the video.

Prepare the interview questions in advance

Interviewers must know that there is more to asking questions than the basic who, what, where, when, and how. The key to making a great inspirational wedding video is to ask the right questions to lead up to the main story of the video. Instead of asking for some comments or well wishes, try to ask more specific questions that reveal exciting and exciting memories about the bride and groom.

Take care of the technical aspect of recording the audio

A wedding video is more than a visual treat to the audience. To complete the experience, it must have great audio as well. Prepare for the interview session by foreseeing the places where the interviews are held.

For example, if the interview is likely to take place in a loud reception room, it is best to use a handheld mic to make sure the voice quality is clear. To achieve optimum results, set up an interview area outside of the main reception room where the background noise is more manageable.


A wedding video must highlight all the special moments of the bride and groom. Choose a cinematography service company that understands the importance of every moment at a wedding celebration.

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