What to Do With Your Wedding’s Raw Footage – What to Know

April 1, 2020
April 1, 2020 Dreamcraft

What to Do With Your Wedding’s Raw Footage – What to Know

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When you’re doing wedding videography research, you may come across the term “raw footage” multiple times. A lot of videographers offer raw footage in their package, but there might be some confusion as to what it is and what one can do with it upon receipt. If you’re wondering what raw footage is with regard to wedding videography, read on.

What is raw footage?

Raw footage is essentially a collection of clips taken by your wedding videographer throughout the whole event. It could include clips from the entire father-daughter dance, toasts from your friends and family, after-party shenanigans, and more. Anything that was not included in the final edited video would be included in your raw footage.

Contrary to popular belief, raw footage isn’t one, long, continuous video of your wedding day, taken from start to finish. Raw footage is raw—full stop. The clips are not stitched together. Since a new file is created every time your videographer clicks the camera, the clips vary in length. Some may last only a few seconds while some may last minutes.

More often than not, you receive the raw footage in chronological order. You may find misplaced clips here and there, but it may be because the videographer had to switch memory cards throughout the day.

Do I need raw footage?

Whether you want to keep raw footage or not is entirely up to you. The best thing about keeping them in your possession is having the option to edit the clips down the line, say, an anniversary. If you don’t collect your raw footage from your videographer from the get-go and suddenly want to get them a few years after, there’s a huge chance that the videographer won’t be able to supply it for you. Videographers usually delete them months after the event or even after they’ve edited the final video.

Another advantage of collecting raw footage is having the option to take it to a video editor in the event that you’re not satisfied with the output of the original editor. If you received a video back from your original videographer and didn’t love the end result, you can take the raw footage to someone else to edit. You may also want to edit it yourself.

What can I do with raw footage?

When you have access to your raw footage, the possibilities are endless. You have a massive pool of video clips to tell a story from different perspectives. If you’re keen on video editing, you can experiment with putting together various clips and incorporating background music, fun effects, and unique transitions. You can make it as funny or as sentimental as you wish. You and your spouse can partake in a creative bonding activity and edit videos of your favourite moments from the wedding. If you want, you can also take the funny outtakes and share them on social media for your friends and family to enjoy. Whatever you do with your raw footage is entirely up to you.

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