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What to Look For When Hiring a Wedding Videographer – Our Guide

A wedding day is one of the most memorable moments in a couple’s life. Because of this, you will want to make sure that the event will be well documented through videos.

During the planning stage, you’ll have many aspects to worry about – venue, gowns, reception, food, music, and photography, among many others. As much as you want to remember every single moment of that day, you just can’t. That is why wedding videographers are also a must on your wedding checklist.

From that breath-taking moment when you walk down the aisle to the after-dinner party, having all these moments captured in a video will allow you to relive this day in all its glory.

With so many options available in the market, you will want to hire a wedding videographer who can document even the tiniest and simplest moment on your wedding day. With varying personality types, video styles, and work ethics, this is why you need to find a wedding videographer who can make your vision into a reality.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when in the process of hiring a wedding videographer:

Know your desired style

Although wedding videos can be documented in different ways, here are the three most popular categories:

Minimalist/candid – this style is more of the informal styled. It highlights candid moments that are mostly shot with a more handheld style. It is also a style that focuses more on guests having fun, speeches, and interactions between guests. The video will have a more organic feel with romantic instrumental music driven by dialogue.

Music video – this video style focuses on cinematic shots and has little to no audio, such as speeches, vows, or any other voice-over dialogue. This is more of a visually driven film that shifts through parts of the day with music, lyrics, and special effects.

Cinematic story-telling – this video style offers the best of both categories. Cinematic story-telling has the visual production quality of the music video but the emotion and feel of the candid style.

Go through the reviews

When hiring a professional videographer, don’t merely look at their portfolios. Although they may have an excellent portfolio, their actual work process may be a different matter. This is why you need to check out reviews about the work they have done because professionals have consistent delivery and quality output. This means that the wedding photographer can still produce a memorable film that captures the best moments at your wedding, even on days when it seems to not go perfectly well, such as bad weather and lighting.

Quality delivery

Keep in mind that there are different delivery methods to consider when choosing your videographer. They may deliver the final video through:

Online File DropCD-ROMUSB StickExternal Hardrive

Make sure that you communicate with the wedding videographer so that they will deliver the final video on time, as scheduled. Know that it must be stated in the contract what to expect and when you can receive the output. Likewise, ask the videographer to make the film available for viewing online so that you can share it with others easily.

With the tips given above, you now know how to find a wedding videographer who can document every moment of your wedding. Remember to find one who understands what you want and has visions that are aligned with yours.

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