Why Wedding Videographers Are Essential for Every Marriage

June 7, 2020
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June 7, 2020 Dreamcraft

Why Wedding Videographers Are Essential for Every Marriage

Planning a wedding is a lot like doing an obstacle course where you jump from one logistical requirement to another. After you’ve reserved the venue, booked the catering service, and ordered a custom wedding cake, you’ll eventually reach the bottom item on your list: making the decision to choose between a photographer or a videographer.

“Why choose either a photographer or a videographer?”

A typical response to not hiring a wedding videographer is that the couple has already hired a dedicated photographer to cover the event. Though the same memories can indeed be captured either on a photo, the craftsmanship of a skilled videographer can make the memory of the event more personalized and creative, as they can curate personal montages, gather wedding guest testimonials, and overall give you a scenic perspective of your own wedding.

In this article, we’ll give you three convincing reasons why you need a wedding videographer for your wedding:

1. To see a new perspective

Old married couples will tell you that the grand event of walking up the aisle and sharing vows with their partners is definitely one of the most important milestones of their lives. However, they will also let you know how fast things fly by while they’re in the moment. Experiencing the surge of emotions in that one moment makes them lose track of the other exciting things that are happening around them.

Over time, their recollection of the event can be misremembered. Plus, rings can get lost, and photo albums can lose their impact. A video recording of your wedding is a concrete memento that will last for years to come.

2. To give the event the formality it deserves

Wedding videography back then was more similar to amateur documentaries compared to the storyboarded, multiple-angled, fully-designed coverage videos of today. Wedding videographers are professionals who work not just throughout the day of the event itself but also through the weeks leading to your wedding.

Nothing ruins a ceremony more than having a bunch of guests ruining shots by taking photos with their own phones and tablets. Unfortunately, with the development of more powerful phone cameras, people feel that they’re entitled to snap every moment to post on their social media accounts. Having a reliable and dedicated videography team present at your wedding can give your event the formality it deserves.

3. To relive and share the moment

Reliving the moment is what a wedding video is all about. One practical reason why people refused to avail of wedding videographers back then was because the media format was inaccessible to the public. Not everyone had the patience to go through multiple VHS tapes and CDs to go through an entire wedding in one sitting.

Archiving wedding tapes used to be a hassle, with these older formats requiring delicate care to survive long after your wedding day. However, thanks to modern technology, the recording, archiving, and sharing of digital media has never been easier. Having a digital copy of your wedding allows you to share your precious moments online with people who couldn’t be present at the event. You can share this video with your friends, family, and even with your future kids.


A marriage is a goal that you achieve not just for yourself, but with someone special you want to share a life with. When it comes to milestones in your life, it’s always best to look at things in the long term. Hiring a videographer to have a digital copy of one of the most important chapters of your life is a purchase that’s guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment.

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